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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by MajorZbug, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. MajorZbug

    Entire op from 13/08, one of our guys putting everything we do in HD quality on youtube and I'm totally cool with it

    At 2h34' how to take an alert-critical base with only 36% TR. Good thing the rest of the platoon wasn't with us, these "INI" guys are slow and weak. DL u mad ?

  2. MajorZbug

    I'll never do anything more beautiful than this. I can stop the game now :(

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  3. MajorZbug

    And the Nott Substation capture yesterday evening. Overwhelming numbers ? Terrible odds ? Who cares ! Certainly not us. As long as guns ain't empty there's hope.

  4. SirIBON

    Nice :)
    Great laughing.

    You become lazy by your huge amount of rez Grens. Move away from HE and use C4 against Maxunits.
  5. MajorZbug

    Don't worry about that ; I'll never have C4 as leader and/or medic, but others do. They had a truckload of maxes coming up those stairs, they didn't die by magic alone ;)
  6. MajorZbug

    Killed 5 IVRI dudes with one C4 yesterday while our MLG MAX was wasting everything (45 kills on that fight alone for him). Hope you have no regrets about your last post :D
    Good fights against you guys as always. "3 IVRI galdrops incoming!!" is the kind of intel I love to hear when fighting the mindless vanu zerg.
  7. SirIBON

    Ok, the Tip was for general, NOT against us :)

    We had a really good evening, as far as we get the idea to destroy a whole zerg.
    This was a bit supercilious.
    You were looking for so many, that we didnt expected that there will be such a mass of organised TRs.
    We did not see you in the begining and then there was the Maxcrash, as fast as we did not expected.
    Well done.
    At the second Try you had a lot of Antiair ready and we had a small misunderstanding.
    In Germany we have a proverb "Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall".
    This is something like "first supercilious, then failing".

    Saddly it was too fast finished. I enjoy the longer fights more, but you had destroyed your spawnbecon too :)
    Not even the Outstanding Vanus did not applaud us, or be revealing of joining the Battle.
  8. MajorZbug

    Good fights against the Vanu, and me being terrible for my first time rolling a T7 MCG

  9. AdennTM

    Hey DEIM, you guys want to 12v12 some weekend on PTS?
  10. MajorZbug

    Definitely, anytime outside of ops (thursday and sunday evening) should be ok. Just tell me when and I'll try to have 12 guys. If you play TR, we play NC.
  11. AdennTM

    We'll be TR if it's ok with you since we have never played NC in a tactical manner.

    This weekend we can't (Or rather I can't) so how about Friday 4th at around 21:30 CEST?
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  12. MajorZbug

    Deal !
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  13. MajorZbug

    We finally have our 12 players line up for friday 4th, see you there !
  14. AdennTM

    Yup we have our 12 as well ^^
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  15. MajorZbug

    Good and interesting fights all around ! Video incoming. Nerf NC ^^
  16. MajorZbug

    As promised

  17. AdennTM

    You left out the FU Max crash and the knife fight! D: :p

    Need to do this again, learnt a lot. In the 1st fight me and Hadouken had a slight misunderstanding but alas in the end we finally pulled out and weren't out :)
  18. MajorZbug

    I had to make choices because it's already 25 minutes :p The knife fight was fun for us but I'm not sure it's something other people will want to see ;)
    As for the MAX crash at the end, I was covering the back as usual, so I don't see anything. Suddenly I'm dead and there's MAXes everywhere :p Without grenades there's not much we could do ;)
  19. AdennTM

    aye, we did it for the lulz mainly :p
  20. MajorZbug

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