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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by MajorZbug, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Pella

    Nah its 12v12 so anything can happen.

    Awsome Video though. But you killed me more times that night than any of the NC :p
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  2. Dotz0r

    "Tunnel tunnel tunnel" - that max crash at the end - win :)
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  3. MajorZbug

    Yeah I had a look at the footage to understand how I f'ed up so badly with grenades. I'm using stickies, first TK is when one of you guys walks in front of me, and gets the grenade stickied on his back. Second TK there's a bunch of NC on top of the stairs, I aim properly, but you wipe them and rush in before my grenade explodes :D

    That Mekala resecure was insane. We start with the base entirely open, every generator down, 20 v 80. First resecure we manage to get the point up enough to have SCU shields back. I tell my guys to suicide deploy engies on the SCU to get it back. They get it back. Then that MAX crash gets all the way to the point despite the tunnels being camped by magriders and bulldogs. Then the harasser swarm to clean up the rest while you guys take care of the main building. At the end we still have only 39. And on top of that we manage to take Tumas and wipe out two different resecure attempts, including that ZOE swarm from the tunnels. It's a tech plant alert. Epic win.
  4. MajorZbug

  5. Dotz0r

    I watched that for longer then i really should have.

    Bump to a great outfit to work alongside, always a pleasure - keep those mossi swarms coming - saved my guys bacon / plan more times then i can count!. Every time i see a platoon of mossis on the map i think "DEIM". :)
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  6. MajorZbug

    It's his little cute ears flapping, it's hypnotic
  7. Surt

    Interesting to see from the other side.

    Everytime nice fights against Deim. :)
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  8. MajorZbug

    Yesterday at west pass was funny. "Let's cap B and C and see how long we hold." Fighting against you guys was great, until RPS came and zerged everything making us redeploy but otherwise cool stuff.
  9. MajorZbug

    Also out of 140 members only 8 could be arsed to download the PTS client so apparently it's not something the average DEIM member wants. As a result the proposition to do matches on the PTS is cancelled, and I'm running out of ideas to find good fights. Fortunately Rome II and Arma 3 are around the corner.
  10. LordMondando

    Amusing evening tonight gents. GG.
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  11. MajorZbug

  12. Dotz0r

    Well i am happy i did not come across this obviously suspicious NC outfit.... Those guys look like some people i know in TR who are really good players and people.

    I hope you all scrubbed yourself afterwards.

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  13. SirIBON

    Nice, i thought i had hear my name.
    Hey that me at 15:35, awfully on the false side of the gun. I had rezed Gornn in the second before the bullets hit me. Artorius revenged me.
    And again me, someone tries to drop on "my" tower at 16:08. This time i am on the right side of the gun.
    Very funny how long [IVRI] Rick anoys you in "your" Room, at least for me :)

    Yesterday, 2013-09-01 we had again a very good fight at the Biolab Outposts, TI Alloys and the area around.
    Thanks for this good fights, even if this round goes to us.

    What AOE does you rez grens have? 100m?
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  14. MajorZbug

    Yesterday you guys were a welcome island of good fights in a sea of zerglings. The back and forth on the lettuce farm at Allatum was nice. We were so busy celebrating that 5 secondes resecure that 2 squads out of 3 (not my squad haha) didn't assume lockdown positions to deal with your squad deploy steel rain, and your flash grenade resulted in loads of teamkills. Funny stuff.

    We have 12 revive grenade per squad. The recent bandolier change was welcome for us :]

    Anyway looking forward for the next good fight. We learn from every defeat. Victory teaches only arrogance ;)
  15. MajorZbug

    Big thanks to JNJ for posting this, we always wonder how it looks like from below, and this one from yesterday wastn't even useful/efficient/massive (only 2 squads, end of op)

    The fight at Howling Pass just before was also great, and pretty much the only highlight for the whole evening for us.
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  16. MajorZbug

    TIL :
    - When NC outfits have trouble to wipe 2 squads with 3 they call a whole platoon of backup (why not) and call it a goodfight (what - 68 v 32 = good fight?)
    - NC outfits will ***** out of an arranged 2 squad v 2 squad on an empty map because there's a chance they could lose (50 v 50)

    A concentrate of what's wrong with this game. But at least we can have a good laugh at them.
  17. MajorZbug

    We are now reducing our activity to 2 official ops a week, on Thursday and Sunday evenings. We are trying to bring our level of activity more in line with the amounts of fun and new content the game is able to provide at the moment.

    Less corporate : the game is boring, people are burning out, we're going to play Arma 3 for a while.

    Outside of that we'll have a squad here and there, open for coop and joint platoons. INI and GOON that's a wink wink in your direction.
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  18. SirIBON

    Bad to hear, that you lost the fun of the game a bit. There will be fewer hard and good fights with such special enemies.
    I was excited about the rez. Grenate tactic, as you had already read.
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  19. MajorZbug

    Thanks for the kind words. There's not much we can do except slow down a bit so we have less attrition, and wait for the game to get better hopefully.

    The revive spam tactic is nothing fancy really. Usually medics have only one of these and use it as a last ditch effort to save a situation when it's generally too late. We spam them as soon as people start dying to keep the pressure on and hide the medics further away than if they had to do everything by hand. It just works, so we use it. Obvious downside, it doesn't help much with MAXes and MAXes are the most powerful zerg control tool available so ... hard choices :)
  20. MajorZbug

    Entire op from 12/08, hd quality, with a soothing SL (I'm rather annoying usually)

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