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  1. cgudemon26

    CGUGaming Recruitment Thread

    CGUGaming is an online gaming community that strives to offer a brand that is recognized worldwide as being professional, active, and enjoyable with a community that is focused on having fun. We have been on hiatus due to the founder, myself, expanding my family with two boys in the last few years.

    Why CGUGaming?

    We value:

    • Loyalty: continuously be active, supportive, and motivated in the community
    • Integrity: be honest, moral, ethical, and legal in everything one does
    • Professionalism: show maturity, courtesy, and respect to leaders and members alike


    CGUGaming is always open and actively recruiting. We are looking for people who want to play with seasoned players and cause some damage.

    Methods of Contact

    The best way to contact us is on our discord.

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  2. vainscript

    Friendly guys, amuzing commentary.
    Willing to help people get better at the game too.
    Worth it.
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  3. cgudemon26

    I updated our post, and added a few things. I am working on making this post pop. thanks - CGUdemon
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  4. cgudemon26

    We are still recruiting ! please feel free to leave a reply !
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  5. cgudemon26

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  6. Chinchy

    :/ Is there a reason you guys use Vent? Its dated and has a voice codec on par with a CB radio. I'm a returning player and looking for an outfit, however this is a huge turnoff for me.
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  7. cgudemon26

    we have updated some info
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  8. noname7777

    Is a mic required?
  9. cgudemon26

    yes it is to use our teamspeak.
  10. cgudemon26

    our information on this recruitment posting has changed
  11. cgudemon26

    I like to post a bump up with some new information in hopes to bring some fresh faces to team up with.