TR Colossus helm visor camo fixed. :D

Discussion in 'MAX' started by MaxDamage, May 10, 2013.

  1. MaxDamage

    Thanks devs. Now I can see out of mein helmut!
  2. Vadimir

    While you TR will never have the dress sense of us Vanu, I must say that the Colossus + TR Ogre does now look pretty bad ***.

    They've also fixed the Xenoxus Helmet:


    Now if only they would fix the clipping bug with the VS MAX's new arms :rolleyes:
  3. Phrygen

    that helm with normal armor composite max armor looks great too.
  4. Vanus Aran

    I thought it was cooler when the carmo covered the "Glass" too.
    Gave the Maxes a flair of being more robotic.
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  5. exLupo

    Yea, I preferred the camo coating. Rolling Giraffe gave this really great gold tone. Not that the blood red isn't sexy but I like the variety more.
  6. MaxDamage

    Giraffe was pretty much the only camo that did look good on it, and giraffe looks ugly on everything.