[BUG] TR Claymores Recently

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by SupaFlea, May 10, 2017.

  1. SupaFlea


    Normally I'm LA but I'm grinding for the Shuriken. Any ways recently I've been seeing a lot of problems with my claymores with people running through them and them not going off. I've always been pretty good with them compensating for door sprinters etc but they don't seem to be triggering at all even when they clearing crossed the front.
  2. Demigan

    They gave claymores an actual delay, similar to the one the other two mines have. Previously it would go off instantly, unless lag was a factor.

    This has made the claymore more fair. No more insta-deaths from mines you couldnt possibly detect in advance. But for those used to the pevious far more effective claymores its a blow.
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  3. SupaFlea

    ahh lovely so the only advantage the giant and visible claymores had was putting them left n right of doorways to hide them since their 10x more visible that betties or tripmines and now ppl can just sprint past them lol
  4. Eternaloptimist

    Now I just place claymores the same way I place betties and prox - I never left any in easy places to spot - so I just have to allow for the same trigger time for all of them. I must admit, my success rate with claymores is no better than the others now. A shame for my TR avatars...............but fair.
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  5. IcEzEbRa

    I have sat and watched my claymores as stalker infil, watched sooo many people just run by them and they don't go off, or they do go off after the player is already way gone. Since they are directionally triggered, can't just throw em like bettys or AI mines. Only real success I've had with them in current iteration requires much more tricky placement, and most of those are out the "lanes" I would like to use, and can with other faction mines.
  6. LordKrelas

    Welcome to NC & VS landmine problems, for opponents missing them entirely.

    Claymores still go through walls.
    And the only change was a delay, which is shared by NC & VS.
    Previously, the moment a TR mine was triggered... was the moment the discoverer died.

    The directional placement does has flaws.
    As does a pad-of-a-landmine with glow-lights on top.

    At least now, the Claymores aren't vastly superior in effectiveness, given they don't instantly detonate.
    Since you can't reliably slowly walk, toss EMPs every few feet, and pray that it ain't detecting you through a wall.
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  7. Demigan

    Claymores are far less visible than the other two. Its lights are often not rendered, the tiny dull green glow is hardly noticeable and its color scheme fits in with most backgrounds. Compare that to the other two, which have lights that flikker which is more noticeable, the lights are brighter and shine to all directions and what they lack in height they make up in width, making them harder to place in or on small areas.

    So the only real disadvantage in visibility is because its height sticks out more. A small disadvatage considering how the other two work.
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  8. Demigan

    I thought this was already fixed. I dont seem to get killed by clipping claymores anymore and there was supposed to be an update that stopped it.
  9. BrbImAFK

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  10. ALTRego

    Yea time to kill the delay with the new implant system inplace.
  11. LordKrelas

    Oh, then I just have bad luck.

    You do realize that detecting it (and pray the implant works), is only half of it right?
    The old claymore was an instant death if you were in-range.
    Even with detection (which did exist then as well), it ain't like it was the easiest thing to defuse.
    Unlike the other two land mines, which even if not seen, are able to be walked over long before the detonation...
    And usually survive even if you didn't clear the full blast radius.
    Not to mention, as Demigan said, the Claymore isn't a pad of lights (with VS having bloody purple on theirs and then green lights)
    It's a small little box on a stick.

    Do recall how significantly the claymores out-preformed both NC & VS mines.
    And we still had a detection system before there was a delay.
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  12. BadCoding

    Typical PS2 design decision:
    Instead of a positive balance for everyone it's a negative balance for everyone. Never understood why mines had models and textures that made them easy to spot.
    Imo all anti infantry mines should have 360° coverage, damage based on distance and a delay that kills someone walking right into one but allows survival for someone stopping or gaining distance, along with a line of sight check for damage and trigger to have that through the wall damage issue covered (if other games handle that right it can't be that hard to do it).

    Other useless ideas:
    -better bullet resistance for MAX units (including headshot modifier; excluding Archer on all of this) or reduced nanites costs (somewhere between Sunderer and Lightning costs)
    -jetpacks that actually increase the movespeed in their direction, counter falling more effectively and continue to replenish even when 100% drained instead of having a dead timer for a while then; eventually active jetpack + crouch key = pushes down to get out of line of fire faster than by falling
    -camouflage being drained depending on movespeed and standing / crouching -> slower drain if crouched, slower drain if moving slower instead of neither affecting the drain rate
    -medic area heal gaining charges back for each ally in range being healed by it; medic shield bubble more effective on targets with no to little shields than on targets with more than 50% shields but also causes a very minor healing aura to targets with >= 50% shields if they haven't taken damage within the last few seconds (same time as with regen implant until bubble starts the very minor heal effect and only ticks while not taking damage, else downtime again); 2-3s cooldown between medic rezzes to reduce rezz spamming; secondary firemode on medic's heal tool also usable on targets alive (but will focus on dead ones first if in range and in focus) and will auto-select the target in range and focus with the lowest health for healing, even skipping from target to target automatically that way, if necessary
    -lock-on button for RPGs to have the RPG no longer jump targets if many enemies are close by (bridge) but instead keep locked on or try to lock on to the lock-on button selected target and starting the lock-on if the usual lock-on rules apply (could also call it anti target jump button)
    -binoculars with 4x/8x/12x zoom (goes to weapon slot as selectable item; toggle firemode for zoom modes) with nightvision (reselecting the already selected binoculars toggles night vision on / off), capable of analyzing what kind of equip an opponent (infantry / vehicle / aircraft) uses, if spotted while using them
    -ballistics implant showing the ballistic arc of the last fired projectile(s), fading depending on rate of fire of the selected weapon (2s to 0.1s; drawn line fades as the projectile taveled from start to finish instead of drawing a whole line that then fades as a whole; should also work inside turrets; meant to get used to better aiming with new weapons and to learn when a certain weapon becomes inaccurate at what range)
    -upgradeable tires / tracks for vehicles to make them slide and bounce less and add some grip uphill as well as downhill
    -engineer turret fix to allow them placing one facing uphill where it's possible to place on facing downhill instead of not allowing the uphill facing one but allowing the downhill facing one
    -falling through world fix by checking if the exit point's ground level is a valid value and if that's not the case pick another exit point or message the user that there's no valid exit point available
    -more damage for the engineer's stationary anti infantry turret as it has a number of downsides already and isn't much better than a generic weapon with it's only upside being the cover it grants
    -cert system redesign: instead of global, everlasting certs no matter where the character has been certs would be continent-specific data per character along with the chosen unlocks/upgrades; each continent unlock resets all character's certs there, starting a fresh, new race for unlocks/upgrades much like a techtree; swapping continents is made possible by keeping track of the average amound of certs gained by all characters of all actions on a continent during that round (even those now offline but earlier having played that round) and granting players joining there that average amount of certs as minimum if their cert amount is below that value; much increased cert gain speed compared to now; would create a more interesting round based dynamic and I think it'd improve the game overall
    -actual session stats showing everything done and achieved (yes, my client would handle that so the server doesn't have to)
    -ui customization made possible to remove garbage and add functionality (garbage: facility taken/lost + com guys yaddayadda about it; continent locked permanent popup; functionality: infil's hacking icon belongs in his HUD, not as floating icon in the world where no one can see it anyways, same for engineer's repairs going on; I want a radius drawn for allied motion spotters to know what area they actually cover instead of having no clue because it could be anything from rank 1 to max rank etc.)
    -no more auto-selection of spawn points against the user's will and selection for basically no good reason: it's currently very annoying whenever the system decides to just pick another spawn because new spawn(s) are available while to previous one's are still perfectly fine and still my prefered choice, yet the system keeps reselecting the other spawns over and over, forcing me to constantly reselect my spawn because I cannot stop that rêtarded system from living up to it's rêtardation (example: biolab teleporter > any Sunderer parked anywhere non-related to the biolab but closer to wherever the system thinks I should go)
    -% modificators for certs gained shouldn't just conside faction strength but also zone presence so that people facing major odds in one zone at least gain some better points for the struggle instead of the generic faction value no matter how the values are in that specific area
    -map redesigns to have bases that aren't completely one-sided and full of forced paths because everything else is blocked off or impassable
  13. LordKrelas

    That's a text wall.

    Maxes have their Nanite cost, due to firepower.

    If Medics got energy back for every ally in range, medics would become more effective based on number of allies.
    Aka encourage mobbing with medics, wouldn't it?
    So an auto-targeting heal for the secondary? Whom would use the primary then?

    So Lock-on rockets that don't attempt to acquire whatever aimed at, but the first thing aimed at?

    Binoculars, have been requested before, as handy.

    Ballistic implant sounds fancy, I assume only your own projectile arcs? As well, we do have a range finder & VR.

    I think there is a cert line on vehicles that handles traction: Rival Chassis.

    Certs based on continent... wiped per continent lock... the hell?
    So basically everyone starts with a cert count, picks their weaponry, and levels up for & only for that 'match'
    Isn't this a persistent'ish war-game not a match-based game?
    What about directive weapons? Would those always bloody wipe?
    Why in hell make the entire game, use a round dynamic? This isn't a match-based shooter.
    We aren't capping the objective for a round, and blasting opponents on the next.
    This is a large-scale war; Not a "New round started, Heros, Pick your champion & gear"

    UI edits sound practical'ish.
    This is why people manually spawn, but yeah it's annoying.
    % modifiers are complicated.
  14. BadCoding

    Firepower isn't worth a damn if the MAX lacks survivability.

    Medic heal replenish: Depends on the value set and the area damage taken. Might as well have a lower or no return on healing other medics.

    Auto-targeting heal tool & primary: That person locking on to an ally with the heal beam from cover as secondary mode requires line of sight and focus, primary doesn't.

    Almost understood what I meant for lock-ons. It's not about the first target. It's about having a button to assign the current target as the only valid one to start the lock-on process if it's in range, line of sight, no countermeasures are active (usual lock-on rules apply). Currently with many enemies close by on a bridge the lock-on jumps from target to target and can't be used while enemies constantly move while they're close by.

    Ballistics: Yes, only own projectiles. Range finder isn't good enough because it's only for what's in the crosshair and thus doesn't work on ballistic weapons you have to aim above the target with.

    Rival Chassis: Not good enough. Sunderers feel driving a fridge on wheels underwater. Flashes spin and bounce like crazy on slightly uneven terrain while the camera doesn't allow to look up & down well enough and turns far too slow left and right. Tanks are drifting too much, their weight is only being adressed for the inertia but not for the grip. Also vehicle movement has a bug: Driving up too steep terrain + hitting reverse = strange upwards inertia once wheels touch the ground again while hitting the "drive back" button. I don't know where that comes from as all inertia was lost and the driver is in reverse there should be nothing pushing me forward again.

    Except for everyone starts with a cert count, true. Cert count only for those joining in if other players already have earned any certs to determine the average minimum granted which players receive if their value is below that average when joining.

    Not match based ? Meh. I don't think anyone really cares as it's the same over and over anyway.

    Directive weapons aren't affected as I was suggesting a cert reset per continent, not a directive and stats reset.

    Not a match based shooter ? There's not much difference.

    The main intend is to close the gap between old players and new players when the continent is available again. Unlike you might have understood there are no initial certs granted once a continent unlocks. Other players will have to earn certs to determine the world population average cert amount first and only if your personal value falls below that it'll become your new personal value, the amount of certs you have. So a just unlocked continent starts with no unlocks/upgrades but due to certs being earned faster successful individuals might be ahead of less successful others. Basically nothing changes except for the continent unlock-based and continent saved cert & unlock/upgrade data per character. This is more friendly for new players and feels less one-sided towards older players and I think that's what this game would need. It'd also be a better selling argument for boosters if they're more constantly relevant than people sitting atop their cert mountain with nothing to spend that on anymore, also helping the game to stay alive.
    Now I don't know why you're stating "New round started, Heros, Pick your champion & gear" as something negative as it's always been like that in the game for new players. The large-scale war doesn't really fit in here. It's meant to be but it isn't as there's no terrain manipulation, limited variety for traps and strategic points (which is basically determined by the terrain mainly, less by the players), there's no real artillery or worthy siege due to structures beign indestructible etc.; It's just meant to be but basically just infantry running around, vehicles driving around, random air units and some bases to cap / VP to gain. It just lacks all major weapon systems and defensive as well as offensive things a real large-scale war would have, like enhanced logistics issues etc.

    But do not fear. This was just my idea dump for people to pick up what they think is worth a damn and ignore whatever they feel is garbage. No one reads this forum anyways, especially not the devs. It's essentially worthless to cover the pros and cons as nothing written here will ever affect anything. It's just the "I've got some time to post." forum. To me it's some enjoyment to come up with ideas at some time and talk about what others think about that and how they'd do it and especially why but I don't even think by slightest bit that it's any more than that ever at any point by any chance.

    Also new ideas:
    -height map -> toggleable world map overlay; height-colored terrain; helping to navigate on Hossin where the top-down view of the map otherwise just shows the trees but not the terrain below (but usable anywhere, not just on Hossin)
    -construction map -> toggleable world map overlay; showing the Ant-like view of the map where construction is allowed
    -deploy map -> toggleable world map overlay; showing the Sunderer-like view where no-deploy zones are
  15. SupaFlea

    Perhaps its just me then cos i rarely see enemy mines cause im not looking for things that are almost textures on the ground im more worried about HA's, i its very rare i spot a mine before the tick. most times they are on stairs before you get to eye level they go boom. ours stick out like a smoke alarm. I didnt even know they had lights lol
  16. Moz

    Nope they do more damage, 1350 for the claymore 1000 for the other two factions.

    You just need to be clever with your placement, you need to remember the detection and explosion range is a cone in front. If you place them so that people can run over the thin end of the cone you will miss. Try to place them so people are running through the think end of the cone (basically just further away) OR where people will go for cover NOT where they will run through a door.
  17. wolfexy

    So the directional lost suitcase now has the same trigger as the non directional AP mines that don't look like someone left their luggage in the middle of the battlefield, that sound fair.

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