[TR] BRTD combined forces team play

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by BigAl, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Thunderstrucks

    Ye thanks was nice to play under your command.
  2. Irathi

    I sincerely doubt that, Londo had a different yet more believable explanation
  3. dnaRIP

    It is my understanding that our lads had a fine time playing under your command as well. Thank you for the kind words. We are sorry that we couldn't get enough members interested in a 3rd go at SS and under you as FC this time. We look forward to future matches.
  4. dnaRIP

    BRTD add 3"
  5. YamiNoTenshi

    Adds 3" with the magic of high heels!
  6. dnaRIP

    Where have you been?
  7. YamiNoTenshi

    I've been here and there, I just don't enjoy the game like I used to after the resource revamp and the merge so I haven't played it since early september :/
  8. dnaRIP

    You should come home and play with us. Fun man, all about fun.
  9. Zorkos

    But you have more people to shoot at and you can throw grenades all day long! ^^
  10. YamiNoTenshi

    This is exactly what ruined all the fun for me :p
  11. TobieBrave

    I miss your voice Yami! Friendship is Magic right?
    Just to point out, I am the biggest pony nerd in the BRTD herd!

    Now I better hide before DNA finds out about this hijacking. For The Terran Republic!
  12. dnaRIP

    Someone has been slacking on the forum whoring!
  13. YamiNoTenshi

    No one can fill my shoes when it comes to whoring ;)
  14. Irathi

    This is true
  15. dnaRIP

    BRTD getting ready for this upcoming weekends SS by training with VoGu, NoD and UMVS this Thursday and Friday on Miller with NC toons. It should be a good time.
  16. dnaRIP

    1st training session today at 7 PM GMT
  17. Thunderstrucks

    Merry Christmas to whole outfit and every single auraxium soul.
    Thank You for whole year full of fun and tactic :)
  18. Juggernaut

    Hope everyone has a Happy new year :)
  19. dnaRIP

    Someone is not doing their job around here!
  20. Zorkos

    Can't we just hire Yami to bump this thread? he was doing a good job before