[TR] BRTD combined forces team play

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by BigAl, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Gurra

    Robin True hero of the TR! ;)
  2. Dotz0r

    PM myself or any of the following

    Jeffbeefjaw dnarip sharpeshooter (Sharpe) bpostal or write It up at www.BRTD.net
  3. EvilJollyT

    Spoke to Jeff the other night but he was pretty non-commital. I'll speak to another of you guys next time I'm online.
  4. Dotz0r

    Trying to get jeff motivated is like poking a dead horse.
  5. YamiNoTenshi

    Depends on what you're poking it with, I hear Jeff prefers poking stuff with a meatstick.
  6. dnaRIP

    It adds 3"
  7. dnaRIP

    I will get in touch with Sharpe. I believe Jeff has been pretty busy with work lately.
  8. huller

    This is what tactical superority looks like
  9. Dotz0r

    bumpiedee bump
  10. Evanostopal

    Hi guys,

    I killed 3 times Snowfake in less than 5 minutes today and the next time I was around, he killed me with knife while I was in the air...lol...I counted 2 knifes, while I was alone, in the air, playing Light Assault. Nice hack, mate ;) but got you the right way ;)
  11. YamiNoTenshi

    Join us if you like kicking the VS and the NC in ye olde testicle cage!
  12. dnaRIP

    Thanks for the bump, but please don't post on the BRTD recruitment thread and accuse one of our members of cheating.
  13. huller

    Who needs swag when you have tactical superiority?
  14. Arquin

    People with money get both
  15. huller

    This is what powers ZOE

  16. Arphelior

    Why does that song remind me of :confused::

    *psst* sneaky bump is sneaky..
  17. Notiz

  18. YamiNoTenshi

    Come give us a whirl, we're buttsmackingly fun to play with.
  19. Arphelior

    I endorse this propagandic post.
  20. huller

    BRTD has recently captured and reverse engineered a Vanu ZOE Module, but instead of cocaine, we power it with sheer tactical superiority, these are the results: