[TR] BRTD combined forces team play

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by BigAl, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. IMTasty

    Actually that max looks like the ******** (boo censor, okay, intellectually challenged!*) brother of a Protoss. :p
  2. YamiNoTenshi

    What makes you think it isn't? It's a pretty good tactic to use those extra 'special' recruits as cannonfodder in the biolabs.
    After all, the vanu are originally escapees from the 'special' schools back on earth.
  3. IMTasty

    But then if the Vanu aliens are mentally challenged Protoss who no one wanted, does that mean the TR can have Siege Tanks from SC/SC2? :D

    We already got anchor mode... which is like a fail version of siege mode. :p
  4. YamiNoTenshi

    All we need is anchor mode coupled with a dual barrel HE shot instead of the single barrel we currently have and we've got us a siege tank :D
  5. AquaKiller

    I'm terribly sorry for deconstructing my Vanguard around Esamir Munitions today around ~14 GMT. :)
    Saw a 2/2 BRTD Prowler with Vulcan that caught me offguard and was like "****, I need to bail."
  6. RWJP

    Typical NC Cowardice!

    Nah, we forgive you, just make sure you let us blow you up next time.
  7. Pig

    If I see one more person Decon their vehicle just as I'm about to blow it up... [FU] "insertnamehere" ... I'm going Thermo-Nuclear.

    You have been warned, think of the Children.
  8. IMTasty

    Cowardice, but there is a way you can redeem yourself. Call us up in game, bring your vanguard to an empty area on the map, tell us where, and we will bring a platoon worth of annihilators so the last thing you see is a wall of missiles heading your way.

    Then you will have redeemed yourself. :p
  9. pulse

    Tbh if a vhc with a [FU] Tag actually manages to disappear on purpose (without a big explosion) it is a big step forward.
    Those guys are just terribad ;) Easy prey, even by NC standards!

    <3 pulse
  10. Ulysees

    Greetings from Ulysees 2IC of WASP here and since the metagame is so **** awful at the moment I am wondering if BRTD would be interested in taking part in the first Planetside 2 - KIll The General game?


    Only 1 Platoon from WASP and 1 Platoon from BRTD can take part (you are bigger than us and as much as I like a hard fight I am not stupid enough to think 60 people will beat 100 when 100 are defending). Other members can spectate but none of the spectators should be infiltrators in case they cannot resist the tempatation to interfere. Any casualties sustainedby said spectators is probably entirely intentional and should be accepted as such.

    Each Outfit picks 1 outpost base to defend (preferably away from the main action since we don't want randoms spoiling it for both parties though if people can promise to behave they are also welcome to watch if they stumble across us) and the aim for the attackers is to cap the base and then kill all the enemy that were occupying the base including the enemy general.

    The defenders are not allowed to pull sunderers or armour or air however spawn beacons are allowed. Neither side will utilise MAX's with the exception of the enemy general who should be a MAX so they are easily identifiable and rocket launchers should be dumb fire only (lets make this about skill not have 8 HA's with annhilators on a hill).

    The attackers have 3 Sunderers only but can use spawn beacons. When the event starts they must be within 1000 meters of the nominated base at all times. Attackers are allowed to utilise GAL drops but are not allowed to use the GAL weapons offensively. Defenders using AA MAX's is fine and can shoot at and destroy incoming GALS though this gets a bit tricky in that AA MAX is actually quite good against infantry now and I don't want this to turn into NC MAX v TR MAX (which is how I would do this type of attack in the real game).

    Victory condition for the defenders is destroying the 3 Sunderers and then wiping out the enemy force including the enemy general.

    Time limit for an assualt is 30 minutes, if an outfit is unable to cap the base and destroy all the enemy infantry then the defenders win. In the case that the base is capped but there are still enemy forces alive that is a draw unless at the expiry of the time limit one of the enemy casualties is indeed the general.

    If this sounds like something you would be up for let me know and we can see if we can get it arranged, similiarily if you want to amend any of the rules then by all means make your suggestions and I will update this post.
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  11. Meraun

    Nice, woud love to fight BRTD.

    I hope Tasty told you guys about the going Medal - Hunt!
    Kill your man;) i'am eager too hunt one of you Guys down and stick my knife in his throat
  12. Ulysees

    Actually if this is any fun we can have an Outfit V Outfit leaderboard where the outfit who caps the base and kills all their enemy in the fastest time is the winner - Just need SOE to come up wth a prize for the winner at the end of each month you know since we are making the meta game for them and all, it's only fair SOE!
  13. YamiNoTenshi

    The prize will probably be a weeks suspension due to statpadding for everyone involved :p
  14. IMTasty

    Sounds like a good idea, would need to keep the time and such secret ofc, we have spandexes reading this thread. :p

    I did tell them quickly about the bounty on my head, they just laughed, I am getting the feeling they are not completely reliable. :(

    Not that it matters, I will just stay around Frantastic in order to be safe. :p
  15. IMTasty

    Official music for BRTD recruit training sessions.

    Official music for BRTD as we march off the battle.

    Official music for BRTD planning sessions. (Also the theme playing in my head) :D

  16. Pig

    Can i add a new rule?...

    Anyone that rocket spams the medal owner with lolpods is immediatly banned from winning it...

    I'm looking at you Piggy!
  17. IMTasty

    I sense a great rivalry looming, TR vs NC, bacon vs bacon, Piggy vs Pig. :D
  18. Pig

    I actually think the opposite... I think we should both sit down on the fields of the Nursery and hold hands... starting slowly, then making sweet sweet Bacon love.

    This line of thought has nothing to do with the fact he'd own me in his Mosquito
  19. IMTasty

    Mmmm bacon, who's the lucky egg?

    I've killed you once too in a mossie, you were in a flash on Amerish, was 1-2 weeks ago though. Yet you do not give me any love or attention, you racist Pig!
  20. Pig

    I can testify, you've killed me more than once im sure. I am a literal MAGNET for Rocketpods.