[TR] Black Widow Company: military-style, veteran-owned

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Degrifter, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Cpmartins

    I've been in a lot of guilds, groups, corporations in a myriad of MMOGs for the last 15 years, but BWC has been, by far, the best experience I've had in both organization and helping out people when they join in. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a start in Planetside 2, or simply a change in perspective in how the game is played.
  2. Needin

    BWC was a great outfit for me since it's my first FPS. Supportive, organized, awesome.
  3. Valiant Viet

    Keep up the good work BWC! I enjoy your videos and fighting you guys. You always bring the heat and make me a better player for it.
  4. SparrowTail

    This is what I told BWC the first week I joined them .. I still agree with my post 100%

    "Where do I start?

    After several months of frustration at the lack of teamwork within other squads and outfits, I was at the verge of pretty much quitting PS2. Then I found BWC.

    At first, I thought that this group was gonna be some people who stuck together, and that's it. I felt that my rank and previous experience would be enough to gain the respect of everyone. But I see now that I was so wrong! In fact, I'm so happy to be wrong..
    I'm still amazed that every single person in the squad follows the word of the SL without hesitation or complaints. Just today I had a moment where I was asked to spawn a sundy, and [less than] 5 minutes later to redeploy somewhere else and leave the sundy behind [enemy lines].

    If I'd been playing with some other people, there was no way I would have done that... But boy do the leaders here know what they're doing. 100% of the time I'm playing with you guys it's pure pleasure.

    In my old outfits I'd submit plans for taking on an amp station, or tech plant and people would agree that it was good. And then nothing would happen. It would never be implemented, and it would rot away at the bottom of some forum.

    But THIS.. ..

    Suffice it to say I'm feeling like a wide eyed little girl standing in front of an army of well trained and hardened soldiers.

    I love it!"
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  5. [NNG]WillTerry

  6. Degrifter

    Thanks Will. We like engaging you guys in QRY.
  7. EliteEskimo

    I've rolled with just about every organized TR outfit on Mattherson and I find BWC is the best when it comes to combined arms tactics. I actually feel like I'm fighting for a professional military faction now that I'm with them. Does our tank Task force need air support? Then we call in an air strike or to clear the air space above. Does our infantry task force need armor to combat enemy armor or pin down enemy infantry so that our infantry can flank them? Then they call in our Armor task force! BWC is truly a credit to the TR Lore.:cool:
  8. Gadamlu

    i..um... *cough* well, its tempting to leave my VS main and outfit to join up with you guys...

    keep up the good work!
  9. Rectorol

    We had an awesome operation on Friday. We had a fun time fighting the VS on SE Indar during the tech plant alert.

    Look forward to more fights with the VS and NC on Mattherson. Such a great server and so many great outfits to belong to and fight against. If you're looking for a combined operations, military style ran outfit look no further than Black Widow Company.
  10. [NNG]WillTerry

    Sure thing.
  11. Camelingo

    It is always a good engagement while fighting BWC. It's an awesome outfit. Anyone who's anyone is in BWC.

    All the Way Gentlemen.
  12. TestyVenom

    Who do I need to get hold of to talk about Star Citizen relations with BWC? Really want to get as many PlanetSide 2 players to play together in Star Citizen as possible. [unified dominance]

    Already have TRG on board for gathering everyone together to play as one group for Star Citizen. We can retain our individual Clan/Outfit/Guild identities, but I propose we play as allies. Hit me up on Twitter, these forums, YouTube, Google+, or enjin.com. I use the same name pretty much everywhere (TestyVenom or TestyVenom90)
  13. Degrifter

    Per the Commanding Officer of the Star Citizen branch of BWC, He's requested that you register on the BWC forums, and make a ambassador application.
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  14. Firefly

    We're part of the PACT alliance in Star Citizen.
  15. Degrifter

    We're also still recruiting!
  16. krayons

    If your looking for a great TR outfit hit these guys up. Always fun to fight against !
  17. Jaxxx

    Spent most of the alert last night fighting against BWC at Zurvan Amp Station, had to have been one of the best times I had in a fight in quite a while, props to Seeker and the rest of you that battle must've swung in each others favor 6-7 times before the 4th faction zerg arrived.
    These guys are great, and well organized, look no further if you're TR
  18. Soques

    Guys! Your Lib squad. Please field it more often. I just got done fighting you for about a half an hour and it was exhilarating. Please never stop.


    The Great White Whales
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  19. Deathrus

    These guys are always a fun fight. Do not know what to expect.

    If I were TR, I would join [BWC]
  20. Dreadnaut

    Quality group of gamers and always a fun fight. Keep it up gents, hope to see some of you at SOE Live!