TR are cheaters

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by wigsplitter, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. wigsplitter

    yea that's y vs has the best shields on ps4 and yu see so many heavies with smg so they can cheat with their better shields
  2. EPIC389

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  3. DCWarHound

    Why not both?
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  4. Jacques Cayton II

    Guys this guy is just special this video sums it up
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  5. Wind_Walker

    Dude, this is comedy gold.

    Is this a regular thing on the PS4 or is this just the special cookie of the bunch?
  6. stalkish

    Firstly let me say, great troll thread, you've actually managed to get me to reply again, kudos.

    1. TR has a MAX, the same as NC has a MAX, the same as VS has a MAX. You saying otherwise doesnt make it true. The moon is made of cheese, it isnt, but because i said so it must be, right?
    2. Why are you posting in the planetside 2 PC section, and moaning about the PS4 game?
      You have your own forum section, seriously you called me stupid earlier in the thread.......:rolleyes:
    3. No any rocket isnt a bazooker, think you need to have a read up on what a bazooker is. Hint; its a specific type of rocket launcher, just like the shrike is a specific rocket launcher, and the S1 is a specific rocket launcher, and the ML-7 is a specific launcher, and the Hawk is get the point. Learn the names of the weapons, makes discussion (or in your case whinning ) about them easier. That word comes to mind again.....
    4. My bad, read cycler as carv.
    5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ok heres an excersize for you, tell me all the VS guns that have .75 ADS, list them for me. You do know the Orion has had it removed yes? that badwagon left the party a long time ago your a little late on that one. Dont worry tho, the latest whine of the month is about the GK, just hop over on to that wagon and you'll be fine. All HA shields are the same, all players aiming ability isnt, not hard to see which one you can influence is it?
    My advice would be to put some more owness on yourself and your ability and decision making skills, from your complaints id say your making the wrong choices 99% of the time and blaming everything else you can, no matter how abstract the complaint is.
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  7. Plastikfrosch

    no no, vs shields are better because those emerald and purple shields accentuates the spandex butt so that the enemy is not able to shoot back because he is hypnotised by all the fabulousness.
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  8. AxiomInsanity87

    Regular thing and on Ceres, especially from VS.

    Pc it's hackusations

    Ps4 it's people btching for not playing how they want you to play
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  9. AxiomInsanity87

    We kill VS to get a good look at that butt.
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  10. Jacques Cayton II

    Special cookie
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  11. Orakel

    TR always crying when we **** them :D maybe you should QQmoar to get VS nerfed by your DB friends :D :D
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  12. Klypto

    TR is obviously my main character
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  13. Goldmonk

    My current mood after reading all of OP's postings:

    Have a lovely day........***wipe
  14. wigsplitter

    1. Max means fully armored characters. So TR and VS have meks
    2.This says general discussion. Dumby
    3. All launchers are bazookers. It dont matter that the game calls the atv a flash it's still a atv. A launcher is still a bazooker.
    4. Dumby
    5. I'm talking about PS4. I owned you now go to your corner and cry.
  15. EPIC389

    The only thing that's truly OP in the game is the VS infiltrator fem- butt. As TR, they are hot
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  16. Jubikus

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  17. Goldmonk

    1) Good try, troll. But we all have Maxes, not Meks....which is actually correctly spelled Mechs. Dummy.
    2) Well there is a specific discussion forum for PS4 players, so please allow us PC players to have a specific forum for our discussions. Also, correctly spelled dummy.
    3) Correctly spelled bazookas. Additionally, the bazooka is actually a nickname for the recoilless rocket launcher that was used by the U.S. Army during WWII.
    4) Correctly spelled dummy, again. Pot calling the kettle black here, bud
    5) Well, then go to your special, little PS4 forum.
  18. jampie

    ignoring all the crap above me.
    i'm solely interested on the title. i've seen nothing to support the tr as cheaters..........
    all i'm seeing is a whining kid.
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  19. stalkish

    Man your reply was comical, you're a wierd, strange kid, who is probably liable to suicide once you reach puberty (please do us all a favour). But at least your funny to laugh at, like a blind monkey.
    Warning adult content below - go and check with mommy if its ok to watch.

    I dont feel i need to reply to your points since this guy had it covered:
    ...or to put it in the adolescent tounge 'he owned you, now go and cry in the corner'.
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  20. Goldmonk

    Thank you, kind sir. I feel it is my masterpiece.
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