TR: Anyone actually still use 3.4x and up optics?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TheBloodEagle, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Giggily

    None of the guns in this game are really accurate enough to justify 3.4x scopes, outside of infiltrator rifles.
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  2. Ghosty11

    Yet I saw an Infiltrator running around with a 3.4x on his Sirius. >.>
  3. LowTechKiller

    Never did use anything other than Reflex sights on anything except sniper rifles.
    Oh, I bought some, but I quickly found that nothing is better than a Reflex on most infantry weapons.
  4. Hicksimus

    I'd use them BUT.
    When it isn't prime time all the battles are in bases and you don't need them there.
    When it is prime time and you're in a field where magnification would be useful the enemy infantry aren't rendering until they're in your face.
  5. Kyouki

    1x and 2x reflex sights. Tried to use the 3.4x, it just doesn't work.
  6. nobooty4u

    The 6x scope for Godsaw was just worthless last night. Was a foot zerg coming up a ridge so figure i swap scopes and kill a few. Even with the crosshair right on them or even a max it just wasn't hitting. About 1 in 4 what looked like perfect hits on still targets didn't register. Swapped back to the 1x and first shot never missed everytime. Just tap,tap,tap,tap dead TR. 6x scope was worthless for some reason.

    Guess thats why i used 1-2x for ever, just cover them with dot and fire, with 6x its a huge recoil to adjust for in comparison.
  7. Flashtirade

    I mainly stick to irons/1x/2x nowadays. There are very few guns that can make use of the higher magnifications while still being decent weapons, and all of them are very specialized. Burst variants are still not good enough.
  8. Morpholine

    I have a 3.4x on my Solstice Burst, but to be honest, that weapon has collected a lot of dust.

    As VS we're really spoiled in the reflex sight category, and IRNV is the same for everyone. There are times where a higher magnification would be useful, but the 2x reflex usually performs adequately enough there. At least, well enough to prevent me from unlocking another option.

    Frankly, if you're in a situation where there's enough range between you and a target to justify the higher magnification optics (and you aren't sniping), there's plenty of time to play hunt-the-pixel anyway.
  9. TheBloodEagle

    I was hoping someone could say they were doing great with even a 4x. Maybe medium-towards-long range infantry combat is kinda dead overall in that respect or the others optics just do a better job anyway at those ranges, specially for TR. Plus I think the current weapon tracers do this: so it's not worth sitting back & trying to plink targets unless the battle is super chaotic.
  10. Revanmug

    On NC, it's the only reason the 3.4 on some of my guns. I wish there was more of those thin and simple crosshair rather than oversize red dot.
  11. FendleyFire

    I use the HDS 3.4x on pretty much every gun. Wish the dot was smaller but other than that I do absolutely fine with it.
  12. ViXeN

    I actually just use NV all the time, even during the day. :eek:
  13. Tristan

    I have an 'inside' and 'outside' loadout for each class, and the outside ones normally have 3.4x on them.
  14. vulkkan

    I tried to like scopes above 1x, I really did. I just can't stand anything other than a 1x or irons on the majority of my guns.
  15. Bill Hicks

    This is what you get when your weapons designer never fired a gun, and copy and pasted from wiki pedia.
  16. Jezs

    I use the 3.4x on the msw-r for some reason, dealwithit
  17. Lucidius134

    TR have some god awful scopes.

    I use the 4x box on my NC cause of the not ****e FOV. TR have nothing but pigeon hole scopes that are narrower than most of the VS ones for no real reason. Even if it's just a 1-3mm difference in radius, it's really noticable for me because i dont have much peripheral vision in the first place. I'm out.
  18. Van Dax

    As a VS I've only used a 3.4x scope on one gun:the lasher.
    everything else is reflex sight + piece of tape.
  19. hansgrosse

    Both actually. HDS on things I expect to carry into close and medium-range combat, and DMO on things I expect to use at medium to long-range.
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  20. Vorxil

    Before the 6x-sway my loadouts were 1x/2x, 3.4x/4x, 6x i.e. short, mid and long. But since then, the 6x has been replaced by class-specific loadouts such as tankbusting or the rare BR loadout. 6x scope has practically become worthless due to the pathetic damage output from plinking combined with sway.
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