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    so after checking the new striker i decided to come here and post about why i think tr faction is usually bad experience for new players and lack actual impact on the game from not having any special traits i mostly play la medic and engineer and max so if anyone has something to add reply
    Why is it bad for new players :
    bad starting weapons :
    almost every faction starting weapon has to be adaptive to be all around weapon for new players or have special trait that makes the player want to use it again when he buys new weapon so lets compare starting weapons for classes then :

    assault rifle :
    nc : gauss rifle 600 rpm 167/143 kicks to the right 1.9 reload speed good for many situations
    vs : pulsar vs1 698 rpm 143/125 kicks to the right one of the fastest reload speeds good all around for many situations has almost the same ttk as gauss rifle .
    tr : t1 cycler 750 rpm 143/125 unpredictable recoil 2.7 reload speed and 40 magazine size

    the tr not only start with close to 30 m weapon but also has no special traits or any
    adaptive traits for new players before they buy new weapon that has special role and is immediately beaten by other cqc weapons that tr has rather than being something agun that has something going on for it it doesn t have any and cause tr arsenal to many medic weapons trying to fill the same role and its s variant so tr end up with trv t1 tar t1s favouring fast firing torq only one with fast reload but shouldn t average in 40 50 m encounters because it has same killing ttk as other factions because of law damage in range and saber being best long range weapon but also burst fire only causing people to hate it and switching from tr to vs for example cause people to feel like they have aimbot on

    carbines :
    nc : mercenary 600 rpm 167/125 tries to cover its unpredictable recoil with damage alonge range because carbines are mostly compete in close to 30- 40meters range is somewhat the range u make encounters with carbines overall tries to give people an idea about carbines
    vs : pulsar c 577 rpm 167/125 slight slower rpm but its traded in accuracy has same damage profile and has slightly faster reload
    tr : trac 5 again another cqc weapon 750 rpm 143/112 rpm is immedietly replaced by another weapon in tr arsenal and its variant isn t all around or special or even good introduction and does the same thing as cycler with its s variant try to add another cqc weapon which is beaten by other tr carbines

    light machine guns :
    nc : gauss saw 200/167 500 pm ranged weapon that comes with all its addons available advanced forward grip and compensator and hvr which is weird for starting weapon ( someone realy loves nc i am not going to say who )
    it maynot be good starting weapon because of its reload and horizontal kick but you get a full package weapon
    even if u get new weapon this is still afull weapon designed for range
    vs : orion 143/125 750 rpm this weapon weapon is almost cqc many hate it because of recoil but it has something special yes this .75 ads movement multiplier
    tr : t9 carve 143/125 750 rpm doesn t have .75 ads movement multiplier what it has is lower accuracy
    higher magazine with 100 rounds trading survivability for number of bullets which means its agun that has magazine size of saw but none of its properties or killing potential in magazine fires as fast as orion but doesn t reload as quickly also has no speed multiplier when ads also fires like a raging which means and have fast fire u have to reload all the time so u have to reload 5 seconds ( why re you guys complaining about saw again ) also again we have cqc weapon that doestn t have someting going for it and tr has other weapons that can replace it and it tries to tries to pollute tr arsenal with its s variant help

    Sniper rifles : This is atie between vs and tr for starting weapon also all sniper rifles are exact same
    but when u compare special rifles u have a winner (tr)

    nc : railjack sniper trades slight initial fireing time happen for bullet speed
    vs : phaseshift employs heat mechanic and charge mechanic for rogue snipers who don t have engineers nearby trades ammo need for charge time
    tr : trap wait aminute this is n t asniper rifle this a burst rifle ? has 184/167 damage and 1 2 3 burst hich means first shot multiplier its agood thing it has agood ammo clip no it doesn t at 18 means that u have has 3 targets to kill but remember its a burst weapon so if any enemy soldier is doin g the worm dance u probably should forget him ( in my time playing tr i only saw one using it guess where he is deaaaaaad )

    shotguns all shotguns are the same : tie between tr and vs but nc wins special by having tight cone of fire and 3x burst mode jackhammer and having shotguns on every thing that moves even shotguns

    pistols : vs wins this by having beamer and other vs pistols while other pistols aim to be emergancy mode vs weapons aim to be accurate but less lethal having no burst nor damge wise for pistols use and because pistols damage drop yeah have fun using this accuracy advantage

    rocket launchers :
    tr: wins world cup there weren t any players even in the other teams they were scared

    Striker : 5 ammo per magazine 100 direct and 50 indirect damage meaning that if u even surprise asniper u wont kill him has the loweeeeeest ttk for infintary and i mean it any weapon anything can kill faster than striker
    has average tennis ball speed and drop doesn t home on tanks and need 2.5 seconds to fire magazine meaning that tanks in opposite side will see a trail of balls of light leading to u also i would realy love to see u guys try to say that any other rocket launcher is worst than striker

    smgs :
    both nc and vs have high damage smg with small magazine and average dmg smg with high magazine
    vs : Eridani SX5 143/91 750 rpm right bias 25 rounds perm agazine
    Sirius SX12 125/84 845 rpm 50 round per magazine

    nc : AF-4 Cyclone 167/100 652 rpm 25 rounds per magazine
    Blitz : 125/84 845 rpm 50 round per magazine

    we go to tr and we have to smgs that perform very similar with low damage per bullet and different magazine size
    Armistice 125/84 900 rpm 30 rounds per magazine
    Hailstorm 125/84 800 rpm 60 rounds per magazine aim accuracy and other stats are too similar

    the armistice is beaten by other factions 2nd generation smg because they have 1 lower bullet fired per second but 20 more rounds per mag on the other hand hailstorm has lower rpm than second generration but has 10 bullets yeah those 10 bullets will make differance for when u enter aroom with five people holding rifles and shotguns and light machine guns in which it never happen so what we have is that tr managed to be generic when it comes making two smgs so tr wins again

    Heavy assault special weapons :
    vs : lasher area of effect weapon good for support role and not head on deals higher damage to maxes has high magazine and 4.2 reload speed which is weird consider carv has 5.2 it s an area of effect weapon again
    nc : jackhammer best shotgun in game has tight cone of fire high magazine already and can switch to 3 round burst when u want to finish someone 10 to 15 meters away also very fast reload and cool looking animation
    tr : mini gun when i say minigun what do u expect u are probably expectingarnold schwarzenegger holding minigun shooting guys left and right with his ammo belt that keeps refiling itself maybe ? or other movie cliches
    anyway the mini gun isn t something u should be excited about the mini gun has spin up time of 2.5 to 4 seconds
    and then u unleash the beast no not realy by the time u finish the spin time u get a weapon that has 800rpm 143/112 not only does it drop two tiers of damage but also has aiming circle like shotguns meaning that u can t control where the bullets are going also u spin and prepare for distruction only to get a weapon that shoots 1 bullet faster than some heavy assault other guns and a magazine of 100 which alot of heavy assault weapons have .
    tr wins yet again

    tank special ability :
    so one time when ps2 developers were probably high on baby aspirin they decided to make the tank special by adding abilities to the tanks and this happened
    developer 1 : what are vanguards design like ?
    developer 2 : they are designed to have strong armor and take alot of hits but move slowly
    developer 3 : lets give it a shield ability this will realy add to its armor
    developer 1 : so what about the magrider ?
    developer 2 : it hovers can maintain aim and lock on while moving by strafing and dodge rockets
    developer 3 : lets add magburner ability which makes it move faster i am sure will help its manuverability
    developer 1 : ok last what are prowlers best ability ?
    developer 2 : it s fast can move to strategic positions very quickly and ambush enemies like the lightning
    developer 3 : ok lets get rid of that speed its to op lets give this tank the ability to lock itself to the ground in exchange for faster reload speed
    developer 2 : this really is agood idea how do u come up those ?
    developer 3 : u know this brain is what got us here
    developer 1 : ok so what are working on next?
    developer 2 : we are going to start working on antitank weapons i really think that we should add something like lock on missles and guided ones that can hit atank 200 metres away if it doesn t move

    max special ability :
    vs : zoe yeah it was nerfed i know but guess what its still not the worst even when vs get nerfed they somehow still better than tr
    nc : again shield good for when max is a about to die or trying to taunt enemies to come closer
    tr : have u ever played fps where being unable to move is ok if it has benefits no ofcourse this what the lockdown is u stick yourself to the ground u can be killed by anything u can only look in one direction and there will be atleast 6 c4 fairies coming to visit u what is this skill realy it s useless it makes u a punching bag say what u want about zoe but atleast u have something u can use it to get from one place to other quickly when no enemy is around u don t use it will good on ya we have nothing .

    air anti infantry special weapon :
    what really frustrates me about this one is that this weapon can be mounted on main tank and harasser for example mustang has canister on main tank and harasser ppa yeah i know every one is raged when i say this word can be put on main battle tank and haraser but no not the banshee if u go around asking people what ppa is they ll probably punch you if u ask them what canister is they will talk about that one time one guy hit them with shotgun from his tank but banshee will probably think this is a pilot with amazing skills that came really close to him and just murdered him from air with precision aiming then he didn t see it for like five days because the guy has to aim like on one dude at atime really hard yeah i used to play as vs
    any way my problem as i was saying is that the banshee despite having same legacy as two above can t be mounted like them on ground vehicles meaning that when anyone attacks tr they know they are safe because tr doesn t have close canister or far ppa instead we have under performing maruder and vulcan which u need chokeholding the other tank for it to do decent damage

    and last the most worst aspect of tr :
    reloading speed : yeah tr may have bigger magazines but this has a very bad downside your are punished for reloading to get it lets say u re going room too room u find aguy u shoot him u think there are guys in next room one or two what do u do u charge with magazine half empty maybe or do u reload yes reload here were the problem comes in most of the other factions have smaller but faster to reload weapons meaning that they can get into readiness in faster time they take cover 1 2 seconds bam they are ready to fire again but in tr the extra 10rounds don t work for you its one guy probably half a guy because of how fast your weapon chews through them the problem is u re punished for reloading because your weapon has extra 10 rounds that u aren t in any life or death situation to use them making the weapons less comfortable to use because u dont want to spend some of the highest reload times seen and the more reload time the more dead time u ll be because in the heat of combat u don t want to be the one who can t looking for his missing mag enemies won t wait for 2.7 sec o 3.1 sec to attack it realy makes me uncomfortable playing tr because of how many time i have to cower in corner and wait for reload to finish

    suggestion :

    any way my suggestion is that soe adds small mags upgrade causes mag to go to 30 and slash reload time by 25 to 27 percent

    try to think in unique way to add special things to tr population so that population doesn t fall
    change starting weapons to make them similar to the starting weapons of other factions so they have something going for them or teach newcomers how to behave with weapon in many ranges before they specialize in one

    so these are some of the discussion want to have with u i really enjoy writing and drawing and i did enjoy writing this thread hope u like it
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  2. Vertabrae

    I got a massive headache trying to read this.
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  3. IamnotAmazing

    you're bad

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  4. Fellgnome

    I agree TR has some issues with bland weaponry and particularly a lack of strong versatile/accurate weapons, but then you totally lost me when you got to the T1 Cycler which is arguably the best starter AR and very versatile. Its horizontal recoil isn't great but it doesn't have the random right pull pattern the TRAC-5 has, and just by virtue of being an AR has better ranged performance. It almost feels like they screwed something up when designing the starter AR/Carbines -

    Merc: 0/0 angle, Gauss Rifle: 23/25 ->
    Solstice: 14/17 ->, Pulsar: 17/20 ->
    TRAC-5: 23/25 ->, T1 Cycler: 0/0

    For VS/NC, their starter ARs have worse angled pulls than their carbines. For TR, our carbine is worse than our AR by a large margin.

    Also, TR can't complain about pistols either. Repeater is the best starter pistol and TR really doesn't have a great reason to buy any others, all the VS pistols pretty much suck, and NC has a couple good pistols but mainly the Desperado which they have to spend 1k certs on.

    I'm with you on SMGs though, TR's SMG selection seems clearly the worst to me.
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  5. eldarfalcongravtank

    u need 2 wryte betta m8. oh and git gud
  6. cruczi

  7. FateJH

    I don't even know where to begin. All I can ask is that you stop playing the TR if you currently are. You're making the rest of us look bad.

    I wasn't going to say anything because, despite the grammar disaster and sentence structure butchery and my OCD, there's no way I can bring myself to criticize someone who wrote this much with such consistency. It's like reading William Faulkner.

    Except, when it comes to that mock developer conversation. I'll criticize him for that. Those always suck the life out of anything and make unprofessional work look even worse.
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  8. xromancex


    The problem isn't in the way that the weapon kicks it's in the recoil pattern having a weapon that kicks in one direction only is better because u can then learn how to compensate for it by pulling the mouse slowly to the left or the right to get more range accuracy but in t1 cycler case it kicks to both the left and the right meaning that u can't compensate for the recoil the way way people get around this by firing 5 rounds for example then wait for the dot to return to original position then fire again .

    Also for the professional trolls here i spent half an hour writing this i really stopped caring about grammar and wrote fast if you are not here to discuss something just leave
  9. NXR1

    TR has good AR's pretty meh LMG's really really bad carbines and snipers not even worth buying unless you are just that much of a sniper you have to do it and the MAX....hes awright
  10. NXR1

    Id say the 3peater isnt better than the beamer, they both have their purposes but they perform on the field just as effectivly
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  11. LibertyRevolution

    I tried to read it, I really tried..

    I made it down to where you said:
    "pistols: vs wins this by having beamer and other vs pistols..."

    If you are going to make a woe is TR thread and cry about how VS has the best pistols, just quit bro.. just quit..
  12. AndHellFollowed

    I.T.T bad players complaining about the most offensive weapons in the weapon. TR isn't about precision and high damage - its about sustained DPS.

    The T9-Carv was the first weapon I auraxiumed because it fit my style of play, bad recoil and all that misinformation be damned.
  13. Fellgnome

    This is a misconception, even weapons with a recoil direction kick both left and right. They just do it with a bias toward one direction - you're basically controlling for a diagonal angled pull rather than straight vertical. Of two guns with equal horizontal recoil, if one has a bias and one does not, the one without bias will be more accurate or at least much much easier to compensate for. Some recoil bias can be compensated for which if perfectly done only makes them as good as a 0/0 angled weapon of the same horizontal recoil, but many have different min/max angle bias which makes them add an extra layer of random to the recoil pattern.
  14. Vertabrae

    I wasn't trolling when I said I got a headache reading this. I was serious. Trying to read this on a smart phone is an exercise in eye torture.

    I'll read more when I get home, but kinda curious. Your comparing starter weapons, for the most part. You compare the trac-5, the mercenary, and the pulsar c. Why? Pulsar c is not a VS starter weapon, the solstice is the vs starter carbine....
  15. DatVanuMan

    Are you HONESTLY saying that the TR are UP?
    AND ARE YOU HONESTLY THINKING that ANYONE would increase Terran magazine sizes AND reload speeds by 25%? Because that's a VS trait, not a TR one, you punctuated buffoon.
  16. DatVanuMan

    Where is the dislike button?
  17. Vertabrae

    For the love of sweet sonny Jesus, Mary, and eggplants everywhere, please don't quote this gigantic wall of text any more
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  18. xromancex


    yeah my mistake when I first started playing the game I was playing as vanu . so i was trying remember the starter weapon .
    anyway the solstice is all around good starter weapon very fast reload predictable recoil 698 rpm good for new players before they start choosing weapons with pros and cons
  19. xromancex


    No I meant an upgrade that reduces ammo per mag in exchange for faster reloads. Also for the love of god don't quote my post .
    The upgrade is for giving players an edge in some situations like when you are in corridor or room and u want to kill enemies one by one .The 40 rounds per mag on the other hand will be better for large scale fight where you are trying to fire more in a short period of time .
  20. cruczi

    As a player of all factions, I find myself benefitting a lot more from the extra 10 rounds in carbines/AR's than from the faster reload speed of VS/NC weapons. What you're suggesting would be a downgrade, not an upgrade.