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Discussion in 'MAX' started by Mr. Troffleops, May 6, 2013.

  1. Mr. Troffleops

    Hey folks! After the recent Mercy nerf, I've found that they just don't cut it in CQC situations anymore. Sure they are serviceable, but I can't help but look at the Mutilator/Onslaught and wonder if perhaps they would be better up close. I'm not really considering getting the Fracture, because I'm pretty sure its going to get nerfed, and I honestly didn't like it for infantry use in the VR.

    So. I have saved up mah certs and can get an onslaught or a mutilator. Now, I will probably keep my Mercy on the other arm, so keep that in mind. What are your thoughts? Is one Ons/Mut going to help in CQC, or should I just save up for 2? and which one do you prefer? I've heard good things about Mercy/Mutilator combo.
  2. DiveXx

    Never played Max but i would suggest the Ons because of the higher RPM and it's just the best when you want a more CQB style weapon, Mut is pretty much a Heavy cycler (i think they are stat wise equal). The Mercy+ Onslaught seems a good overall choice, you got the mercy for longer ranges and the onslaughts for CQB.

    EDIT: you thought about the fracture for CQB? i would forget it, equipping a AV wpn for AI is always a bad choice because it will get fixed most time.
  3. Dreadnaught Wrex

    Sorry but why the actual **** would you consider the fracture for AI? That's like considering the burster for AI. It's just enough to get by. That line of thinking is what's going to bring it an unneeded nerf.

    But anyways, the mutilator is more versatile than the onslaughts or mercies. Do to the damage. The mercies have a better CoF and the onslaughts have better CQB DPS. But due to the high fire rate the max CoF will be reached faster. And with the onslaughts without extended mags you will need to reload to kill a KA5 MAX unless you aim for the head. Given you already have the mercies, and if you don't mind switching. Go for the onslaughts.
  4. Kristan

    My vote is for the Onslaught. Most of times I use AI MAX in close combat, where Mercy aint that effective. High rate of fire does its job at point blank range like Scatter MAX, but it's pretty decent at further distance too, not as much as Mercy or Mutilator, but still.
  5. OldMaster

    It will be probably nerfed against infantry. It will surely be when the "anchor ability" will be implemented.
    For the rest I agree with you: I tried in the VR and the Onslaught is now more effective at close range. ;)
  6. darthfate

    vote for fracture,you don't need anything else。just have my best day in planetside 2 ever. with fracture and auto repair lv 5 killing 8 vehicle 40 infantry in close combat without even one death
  7. Steelpoint

    For AI you should look at Mercies, in my opinion they are the better AI weapon to use. Don't forget to try out all the MAX weapons in the VR Training so you can get a feel.

    On the fracture issue, the reason why I personally have been using them has been mainly due to the freedom they offer. Mainly that I can actually engage armored targets and the like. They are usable in an AI role and can do so quite well.
  8. Lagavulin

    On which character?
  9. Makora

    My max has a Mercy/Onslaught loadout. I thought about going back for the standard cycler instead of the mercy (a bit less accurate but does more damage up close) but because the mercy has a higher fire-rate (for reasons not bestowed upon us mortal men) it'd probably out-damage the heavy cycler.

    I just can't wrap my head around why an accuracy oriented chaingun fires faster then a standard med-close range oriented chaingun.

    IN my second "Hybrid" loadout I have a Mercy/Pounder. Don't diss the pounder! This thing is like a mortar cannon! If ONLY It had a larger blast radius. And it does enough damage to armor to make even a vanny run for cover.