[Suggestion] Toxic Behavior

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by So_Long, Feb 5, 2021.

  1. So_Long

    And Hello again, now we talk about HATE xD

    This post not about game, more about streams and ppl around.

    Twich good platform for streams, but politics not equal, thanks LGBT ****, what i mean:
    when i lsee streams with LGBT tag, like adequate natural, i am dont look this
    but LGBT look normal sreamers and complain this.

    Some streamers use ubnormal lexicon, this norm in real life, just emotions. But, thx lgbt friends (not), some get ban.

    In summary, lgbt gamer no good, sad look streams from this community, but they ban adequate gamers. pacefic

    My goal, DBG and RG need cover our good streamer, who good play, f.e. fbmarder on twich
  2. Scatterblak

    Well said.
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  3. Demigan

    Can anyone translate? Is he saying that LGBT's are bad? Or is he saying that the excessive politization of twitch channels catering to LGBT communities makes for bad gameplay? Or something else entirely?
  4. RabidIBM

    Back in my army days we got an angry note left at the armoury of similar literary quality about our pistol range being noisy. We framed it and hung it in the mess.
  5. So_Long

    I'm talking about the lgbt community banning normal streamers without offering good gameplay in return
  6. So_Long

    Experience shows that the experience gained in the army is useful only in the army
  7. DarkQuark

    It's intolerant to not tolerate others unless you disagree with those you tolerate which then makes them intolerable.
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  8. Thalestr

    Speaking as an LGBT person - what the hell are you talking about?

    And what does it have to do with PS2?
  9. DarkQuark

    Speaking as a straight person , I am not at all sure what that means either nor why which genitalia you prefer has anything to do with PS2. I am assuming there is a legit question here but maybe it just got lost in translation to English?
  10. FLHuk

  11. NotsiMadz

    maybe he used google translate, maybe he's trolling, who knows :)
  12. So_Long

    you're right, only you have to be tolerant of communities that are not tolerant
  13. So_Long

    Different content - some stream games / gameplay, while others themselves - to those guys from a different camp, there are questions
  14. So_Long

    may be or not, lol, i am know, surprize
  15. NotsiMadz

    I think not troll but bad english :)

    So .... what questions?
  16. So_Long

    Try mix Google Translate\Me, may be be better

    as an example, look at the streams of people with disabilities, respect people, at least in ps2, many are very cheerfully and productively

    and then watch the streams of people from the "other side" and the game is just a showcase for them. At the same time, instead of playing, they rise hate and dump ... and this is sad.

    questions: for what u here, why u here, why do you watch streams of people with views different from you and complain, why u dont play in planetside 2, why is there no warning that you have "other" content...
  17. vonRichtschuetz

    So, did I get this right.
    You dislike LGBT+ streamers for no apparent reason.
    You want to support fbmarder, the streamer with the high latency who has names like "PikaJew" and insults people ingame.
    And you claim there is a problem with toxic behaviour.
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  18. NotsiMadz

    why do you want to know?