Totalbiscuit says only vanu knew the Ultimate Empire Showdown would be on Amerish (VERY WRONG) lol

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Exoz, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. Xasapis

    So because VS happened to have more people online at the time of the event in Europe, somehow VS cheated while SOE is not to blame?

    If you go to a football game where the referee allows the game to start with one team shooting from the penalty line, it's the team's fault?

    Seriously, get off that high horse of yours. It's smells or rubbish conspiracy theories. People saw the announcement. People moved to Amerish. People played as normal until the event started. SOE never resetted the continent. SOE failed. Game over.
  2. VSMars

    At least on Miller, the VS are very determined, pushing their goals until they are fulfilled, no matter how long it takes. The other factions less so. If this means staying up very late at night, so be it. I can't even begin to speculate about the reasons, but this is what it looks like from this lowly grunt's perspective.

    On the night of the competition, the goal was "win on Amerish", and they went and did so, even sacrificing our beloved Indar continent lock. On the next night, it was "win Indar back", and we went and did so, even though it took several hours until late in the night.
  3. Sharmanti

    Well of course it's SOE's fault. But vanu took major advantage of it and started crying when they didn't win because of it

    And I won't get down from this horse of mine. I am not a dirty peasant like some others
  4. LameFox

    That would be silly, anyone can see the vanu spend plenty of time making themselves look bad. It's their entire design philosophy!
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  5. Xasapis

    Everyone that heard the news took advantage of it. Singling VS just because they won the events does not make sense. If anything, you can only claim that VS has the most no-lifers in Europe that were willing to stay up to win the event. And while this was a game competition, it was finally won by something irrelevant, like a twitter/facebook vote. It's like watching F1 and the winner is not whoever finishes the race first, but whoever driver has more likes in his facebook page.
  6. Exoz

    Still amazing to see people trying to excuse NC and TR losing because VS already capped amerish when the announcement was made 2 days before FOR EVERYONE TO READ, that the event would take place on amerish. If NC and TR wouldn't imagine that VS would get some people on amerish before the event started, or that they themselves COULDN'T BE ARSED to move to amerish ahead of time, proves just how carefaced they are and that just that attitude in itself justifies VS winning.

    I mean seriously, tell people what the next winning lottery number will be, and EXPECT THEM NOT TO PLAY IT. <--- The logic here just disappeared into a black hole.
  7. Zilekaz

    Look, guys, mistake or not, putting everything to side, the problem is is that TB did say such. And, whether you want to admit it or not, TB's word holds a certain level of weight, be it large or small, in the community. Because he said that, he has given birth to another level of harassment. You now have the people who take what he said and interpret it as "VS cheated" and believe it, and now sit there calling VS cheaters, harassing them with false accusations stirred up by this. On top of that, you also have the trolls that are now using this to try and harass and piss off other players, getting off at the idea of setting some one off by pestering them with "Lol, whatever VS, cheater" and the like.

    Factional bias? Mistake? On purpose? It doesn't matter. It's simply something that shouldn't have happened.
  8. Draxo

    I think a guy involved and actually there knows more than a few internet message board readers.

    He has good points about the entire thing. All continents should have been reset and some vanu player shouldn't have passed around information that gave the vanu an unfair advantage. Thanks to that guy, vanu are potentially going to be nerfed due to skewed results. It certainly wasn't worth it. And going on the attack and insulting him just makes you appear immature.
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  9. DG-MOD-02

    I am going to close this down now. Conspiracy theories are never healthy....
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