Totalbiscuit says only vanu knew the Ultimate Empire Showdown would be on Amerish (VERY WRONG) lol

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Exoz, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. Sharmanti

    It was leaked. You cheated. Noone else did.
  2. Sinoby

    I never really cared about the event itself. But the TB video is more about SOE failures at organization of the event properly. He might have done a mistake with the whole VS thing, but the issue is more about no continent resets and not Vanu "spies".
  3. orthus2

    he came off like the vanu were the ones that let out it was amerish and thus that was why they were capping it ahead of time. kinda like an excuse to why the tr lost the event(in-game). when in reality the tr could have gone to cap amerish ahead of time, or even the nc since SOE let it out that amerish would be the comp location 2 days prior.

    edit: he even stated they were not told till 6 hrs before the event and told not to tell anyone... yet soe told everyone 2 days before
  4. Sinoby

    How does it invalidated the statement, that competitions need clear rules? Like continent reset after every competition on all servers involved.
  5. Xasapis

    It was leaked by SOE on these forums for everybody to read.

    "Everyone can be involved in this battle between Empires and servers. Join us on Connery to play alongside LevelCap, SeaNanners and Total Biscuit, or play on other servers to show your Empire's complete superiority. All three challenges take place on Amerish."
  6. The King

    Comprehension : you failed.
  7. cennsor

    he was wrong, as everybody happens to be from time to time.

    just like the OP naming a "conspiracy theory" twice, while what he actually means is "conspiracy".
  8. Jex =TE=

    This guy is showing what a dick he is more and more each day lol
  9. Loegi

    I was going to say that you are terribly wrong, since he doesn't say anything about that from around 5:13 and on, but he says it at about 5:00.

    But yeah, that's pretty stupid of him.

    Still, the other factions should've been more active on Amerish. I tried to help on Amerish prior to the event (since I couldn't help at 1AM) but all I could see were VS. Whether they were more stubborn and just wanted to farm on Indar, or were didn't read that news post or something, I don't know.

    EDIT: Also, why didn't they reset the continents? That would've been fair at least.
  10. PLZ0080

    They are complaining even after winning? Good for them.
  11. Sharmanti

    I don't give a ****. When the event started, amerish were swarmed with vanu since hours before the challenge. Vanu saw an oppurtunity to cheat their way to victory and they did.

    It's like hearing about where a race is taking place, go there 4 hours before the actual race, drive and then claim victory. That's how ******** your argument is.

    I don't have a clue which team was better, but I know vanu cheated.
  12. Xasapis

    You have no clue all right.

    SOE announced the event location including the continents. Anyone that read the official SOE announcement on these very forums I quoted was aware both of the time and the place the events would take place. The logical thing would be for organised outfits and people in general to fill Amerish prior to the event and fool around until the continent resets happen and the event started.

    What exactly did you expect, for the people that moved to Amerish to sit in the warpgate doing nothing until the event started, or just have some fun in between until the continent resets?

    If you have any grievance, that should be towards SOE that did not reset the continent. Claiming that VS somehow cheated, but having no real argument to back it up besides "I don't have a clue", doesn't paint you as an intelligent person.
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  13. stalkish

    ^^ lol tell me about it, more to the point, did these people actualy care in the first place?? Dont know whats worse, caring about some ****** event or arguing over the result afterwards. o_O
  14. Kalmageddon

    Ok, I knew that us VS were the technologically advanced and intellectually superior faction here, what I didn't know was that basic reading comprehension counted as a feat of superior intellect.
    Yes, indeed Vanu shows us the way. By TEACHING US HOW TO READ.

    NC, TR, you are embarassing yourselves once more. Please go back to banging rocks together in a corner.
  15. gunshooter

    He's awful, who cares

    This whole thing was a joke anyway, I mean how do you get emotionally invested in some ****** gigantic zerg battles just because some ps2 youtube personalities tell you so?
  16. Duff_Chimp

    The debate is irrelevant, everybody knows TR are the best faction. Really apart from the comment about fixing, TB was extremely critical of how the whole event was handled.

    Really I use these forums on a regular basis and I missed out on this information. They should of made the it clear to the whole community about the UES. I wasn't even aware that the competition was including any other servers than the one with TB and others on.

    The fact VS dominated the cross server event could be some statistical anomaly, but most people are inclined to think something deeper is at play. Even the most die hard VS can't really believe in a 'even and fair fight' that one faction would come out on top with such a large majority. Just imagine the QQ if that faction was NC or TR.

    A real long hard look needs to be made at how this whole event was conducted.
  17. dimitrii anghelov

    Totalzerobit doesn't know what he's talking about, he's lost it already like. He's still in denial after losing against VS
  18. Xasapis

    The abnormality only happened in Europe.If you check the US results, you'll find them a lot more balanced.
    Briggs = 2x NC, 1x TR
    Connery = 2x VS, 1x TR
    Genudine = 3x NC
    Helios = 1x VS, 2x NC
    Jaeger = 1x NC, 2x VS
    Mattherson = 3x VS
    Soltech = 2x TR, 2x VS, 1x NC
    Waterson = 2x TR, 1x VS
    Total = 9x NC, 9x TR, 11x VS

    Ceres = 3x VS
    Cobalt = 3x VS
    Lithcorp = 3x VS
    Mallory = 3x VS
    Miller = 3x VS
    Woodman = 1x NC, 2x TR
    Total = 15x VS, 1xNC, 2xTR
  19. Sharmanti

    There was no reset on most servers I heard. Which resulted in that VS held almost every hex on amerish before the fight even started.
  20. Sharmanti

    Isn't these the european results we're discussing? where VS won with 25/9/7?
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