Totalbiscuit says only vanu knew the Ultimate Empire Showdown would be on Amerish (VERY WRONG) lol

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Exoz, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. dragondrop

    "But for some reason it seemed that the VS pretty much knew the continent".
    He was clearly unaware of the post. Obviously there was different communication regarding that matter to him. He is not calling anyone a cheater, he is merely expressing his observations using his best judgment given the facts we know he had. And it is a fact that the VS had people warpgated.

    Yes, he didn't read that announcement. That doesn't make him an evil villain who cries about vanu cheating their way on the score sheet.

    If you want to nitpick, consider that he never actually said that the other factions definitely didn't know about it.
  2. GhostAvatar

    To inform people of YOUR VERSION of the truth. Simple fact is you was not there, you do not know all the details (same as TB), and you sure don't know what every other person involved worldwide knew about the event before hand (same as TB). He made a simple speculation based on the facts he hand at hand. Man you really do love the VS and actually think the show meant something, don't you. Kinda sad really.
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  3. Exoz

    Because at 5:03 he says, for some reason, the VS knew it would take place on amerish. It wasn't just the vs, the post could be read by everyone, even people who weren't even playing the game.

    Yes, I actually do know that the VS weren't the only ones who knew about amerish because I was one of the people who read it in the SOE post they made on this exact page, that was available to everyone (worldwide).
  4. mazopanda

    Because nerdrage.

    Seriously though I have a feeling Exoz has something against TB (go read the first post). I watched the vid and nowhere do I hear resentment towards the VS. TotalBiscuit sounded pretty fair in his opinions.
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  5. Nepau

    The fact that anyone believes a Twitter vote is a useful result is kind of sad as is. It's not like it cant be manipulated by one side or another or anything.....

    I just hate how all this aftermath of this "event" seems to be focused on one faction or person (TB for getting the award which was badly done, VS for various reasons). It seems that all this event really has done is increase the Hatred of the current players rather then amp up the enjoyment of everyone.

    In the end the Event was a failure, we can only hope that they have learned hard lessions from it and that the resulting damage is not too perment for anyone involved.
  6. Fox Reinhold

    Obviously what TB was acknowledging was that the other two factions are full of illiterate morons. This is also an explanation of why the Vanu dominated, we can read. :p
  7. riker

    i lol'd so hard when they reset the maps on connory cuz we were taking an NC amp station and we were halfway down the NC ownership bar and it reset to zero and it made it super easy to capture
    but seriously this whole thing was a waste of time, it was all just a publicity stunt
    if they were serious then it would have been levelcap holding a trophy that was awarded due to winning the actual event and TB holding one for the popular vote
  8. GhostAvatar

    And here we go, the actual purpose behind this whole tread, nothing but a simple troll trying to make people mad. Have a nice day.
  9. dragondrop

    The thing is, Exoz, we all know that TB didn't have all the facts and therefore that particular statement was factually flawed.

    We also know that he doesn't blame anyone for using any information, whereever it may have come from - he blamed the lack of a territory reset.

    It's ok to make people aware of that. It is NOT ok to accuse TB of doing it with harmful intent. That is just badmouthing him, and something I cannot view as reasonable.
  10. MiZrY

    You people seriously still talking about this? :rolleyes:
  11. iWarsaw

    If we don't it will just happen again.

    Total Biscuit is trying to save face. He'll say anything to make himself look good right now. What else can he do?

    We all know the event was a PR event.

    But why did they only have a trophy for who was the most popular commander? They knew before hand they were only giving away an award for the popularity vote. I can't wrap my ahead around it. Who planned this event? They should be fired.
  12. Aractain

    So you don't want new players in the game? Twitter, however dumb, is a marketing stratergy. That means more people to fill your servers and money to pay developers to work on the game. The more we have the better, whoever the empire (balanced perferably).

    Next time, if they don't screw up again, you can try and win for real! And we wont even take your throphy away next time.
  13. Aerius

    Big conspiracy helping Vanu, TR still win because the battle was on Twitter and not in game. Is he mentally deficient?
  14. Nepau

    Never said it wasnt a Marketing tool, but I am against people using it as something they believe has accuracy. As I said in my post, People are using the results of this PR campain as an excuse to go after other be it on balance issues or just plain to attack a person.
  15. mazopanda

    Save face? What? I'm not really getting why there's so much hate on TotalBiscuit right now. If anything the hate should be poured on SOE and the handling of the event. It just seems to me like TB is just trying to calm people down by explaining what he thought was going on in the event.
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  16. MiZrY

    I believe the point has been made.... then made again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again...........

    YOU even had a thread about it, with everyone and their mother creating threads saying the same thing. Ever heard of "beating a dead horse"?

    The entire community has heard your rants, hell even people you know who don't play the game have heard of this Jerry Springer soup opera moment that's been blown out of proportion and turned into a melodramatic pre-high school puberty neckbeard ragefest.
  17. Rippy

    There was talk in my outfit (VS) 2 days before the event that Amerish would be the continent the event would take place.

    Now I'm going by my logic here but If we knew then other VS outfits on the server knew that it would take place on Amerish. There is no logical way in hell that if we where prevy to this information and it was discused openly in our outfit chat, that it would not "leak" to other factions.

    I do respect TB a lot but I think he might have a bit of "aliens guy syndrome" with this one.

    The reasoning behind it is that Planetside 2 has 3 continents. Indar is always the most populated on all servers, Esamir a close second and Amerish is a ghost town on most servers (even if in my openion it is an awsome place to fight). If you where SOE where would you host the event? There where very few good fights on Amerish for the people that where not in beta.

    There is no conspiracy on this one...just people thinking in a logical way.
  18. xxJackallxx

    I fail to see why anyone even cares...

    I was playing that night and did not even care that the event was going on.I simply logged in to play the game as I always do and did not give two ***** about the event or who won what etc etc...and neither should any of you either.
    Hell of the 3 "faction leaders" I only ever heard of and am a big follower of TotalBiscuit due to his videos I have been watching long before PS2 ever came out.The other two I never heard of and still have no clue who the hell they are as I cannot be bothered to look up people I did not care about then and still do not care about now.

    Just play the damn game and stop ******** about something that means absolutely squat to and has no effect on you as a player.
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  19. dragondrop

    Jackall, if you don't care about the UES, why does it bother you that other people care about it?
  20. Zorlox

    "Help your empire dominate to claim total victory!"
    i think this is the more important sentence in that article ;)
    oh yes that was necessary bwaha :).
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