Totalbiscuit says only vanu knew the Ultimate Empire Showdown would be on Amerish (VERY WRONG) lol

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Exoz, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. dragondrop

    "disgusting tbh" sounds like judging to me.

    And if you want to display the whole truth, please also include that the actual point he made was that there was no territory reset.

    Also, stop bringing up that announcement in every post you make. By now everyone here is aware of that.
  2. Exoz

    Umad? or just TB fanboy?

    Also, I agree that there should have been a territory reset, if you read my previous post, me and my outfit were waiting for it. But are we to blame we went there before the event started, and that the TR and NC didnt organize before the announcement flashed on their screens? And then be called cheaters?
  3. Zanduh

    In the end, he is an influencial person and should have known better.

    I watch a lot of his videos but for the amount of time that he bashes the media and improper journalism, you would think that he would take a moment and research a situation before accusing people of basically cheating.

    In the end, it's no one's fault but SOE's. They should have wiped the slate before each round.
  4. Ranik

    If you are relying on "Umad" then it's time to stop before you embarrass yourself :rolleyes:
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  5. dragondrop

    Just someone with common sense who gives people the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Exoz

    You should read the rest of the post. Also, it was just a pun, guess you must be actually mad then or? =)
  7. Ranik

    Then by all means don't post "Umad" and then edit your post :rolleyes:

    And sorry dude but you are still using the internet equivalent of "I don't have an argument or anything worthwhile to say" in an internet discussion.

    So please stop embarrassing yourself on the fora.
  8. Stew360

    it was true on many servers ive saw many VS youtube video where you can see peoples saying in the background thats only amwerish was important this day and i did not see anymore in NC rushing Amerish at any point most NC on matherson for a exemple was playing in indar as usual low pops on amerish low pops on esamir

    so yeah but i dont know whats true whats not but i saw multiples vs video provving VS was using liberator with the autorepair cheat and also was all about amerish this day so yeah
  9. Exoz

    Don't think it's embarassing to set the record straight when TB states VS was cheating on like 9 Servers. Defending such a statement, on the other hand, might be embarassing.
  10. Ranik

    I have defended little. Only questioning why you are acting so childishly. :D
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  11. Pat Cleburne

    So 4 VS outfits on your server coordinate in command chat go to Amerish to "Warpgate" everyone before the event starts.
    TB points out that this happened on multiple servers and questioned why, while also stating that continent resets should have happened.

    And your mad at him for saying it?

    Sorry man, I still don't get your point. In fact, your replies only fuel his argument.
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  12. Truehunter

    Aside from the fact I couldnt give a damn about the whole thing, it was rather silly just to go "oh btw guys its showdown time" if your empire on a server was winning at the point it started then it (in the most part) carried on doing so. would it have been impossible to beam everyone back to their respective warpgates and reset all territories to neutral?
  13. dragondrop

    Seriously, you bang on him for saying something incorrect on his video and then you utterly misquote him yourself? What the f?

    He said that the challenges were supposed to be secret as well as the continent and that the VS somehow knew them beforehand, he then went on criticizing that there was no territory reset. AT NO POINT he accused anyone of cheating. You, sir, are embarassing.
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  14. Exoz

    We went on Amerish to FIGHT and make sure WE WOULDN'T BE WARP-GATED, we had no intention to warp gate them? Although most of us thought there would be a Territory reset, IT NEVER HAPPENED. It isn't our fault, that the TR and NC didn't put up enough of a fight? Really, is everyone so stupid?

    That announcement was on the front page saying the fighting was on amerish. Can ANYONE be surprised that there were people who went to amerish BEFORE the event started? Is everyone actually freaking ignorant?

    And TB doesn't point out that it happened on multiple servers, he points out that: THE VS IS THE ONLY ONE WHO KNEW.

    When he says we intentionally used a piece of information that was only available to us, it means we cheated, which we did not.
  15. Hashi

    This thread needs to die.
  16. Dudster4

    Same old SOE tricks. They did this on the Planetside Day event, NC and TR had to start in WG, VS got to start inside of a Dropship Center that happened to be the hardest base on cont to take.
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  17. Exoz

    Yet you're bumping it, I see what you did there :p
  18. Xae

    TR on Mattherson had 300+ people defending the Ascent on Amerish because they believed it would be an objective. NC was ready to roll on Amerish as well.
  19. Aractain

    It would seem some VS are a bit unbalanced. Would Vanu smile upon you for that?

    The point is, the information was not where it needed to be (either everyone or noone). They thought it was secret, some people knew it all, some info was edited.

    The point is, the results are meaningless because of all the stupid screw ups. Nothing that happened other than the twitter vote can be taken as a useful result for any kind of in game challenge.
  20. Pat Cleburne

    OK, so he was wrong for thinking and mentioning that "only the VS knew" (which was his opinion) as it was searchable I guess. But he was not wrong pointing out that the VS got the upperhand on most servers prior to the event starting by already controlling most of the territory like the VS did on your server by your own admission.

    I think everyone agrees there should have been a reset.
    I still don't see why you felt like you needed to call him out when the most of what he said was correct, and the rest was an opinion.
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