TotalBiscuit has died.

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  1. Jac70

    Though I knew he had a serious illness and the prognosis was not good, it still came as a shock to learn today that John Bain had lost his battle with cancer. I can't remember when I first started watching his videos but I'm pretty sure it was back in the noughties. I remember his rips on iJustine and others which were released under an alternate name and were hilarious.

    John did some promotions work on Planetside 2 whilst the game was in alpha and I'm pretty sure it was this video......

    that first introduced me to the game. After this I was in the beta and signed up for Alpha Squad. I also remember him doing some casting with the Vanu Queen (Luperza) back in the day. Very sad to hear that he's no longer with us - a young man of 33 who leaves behind a young family.
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  2. Ballto21

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  3. Liewec123

    a comforting fact that i like to remember when death comes knocking is that energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred,
    when we die our energy returns to become one with the earth once more, as it was before our birth.
    in a way we are all one giant entity!

    Edit: BALTO! :eek::D
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  4. Metalsheep

    The devs have made the Total Biscuit decal available again for all players. For 1 Cert or 1 DBC,
  5. Armcross

  6. CaptCran

    What would have been nice is charge regular price for the decal and have all proceeds go to the widow.... I would have paid it...
  7. pnkdth

    There is a fundraiser called "John Bain Memorial" at gofundme for those who want to show support.
  8. Metalsheep

    According to Wrel, they cant do something like that without getting other departments or devs involved. Same with making it free, so they lowered it to the lowest value the engine allowed, 1.
  9. Bojangles02

    I didn't know he played ps2, I used to watch his wtf, about Gotham city imposters. Rip from a fellow Brit.
  10. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    The way the Depot is set up we are unable to set the value of an item to 0 certs or 0 DBC, so we made it available for 1 of either currency (as close to free as possible). We thought this would be a simple way to honor his legacy in-game as a small token of our appreciation for everything he did for the community over the years.

    Rest well, TotalBiscuit. o7
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  11. Jbeasty

    Used to click his videos before anything else when searching a game way back when. "The Cynical Brit" always stood out and his content was good. I remember it being more to the point without the added nonsense fluff we see so much today. He had respectable opinions and didn't seem afraid to call out any BS.

    RIP Totalbiscuit.