Total Recoil (TXR)

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by Pattyfathead1, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Pattyfathead1

    We do recruit new players that are just learning the ropes of PS2. Toss in an app either on the in game feature. Or on our website at
  2. Pattyfathead1

    No alerts. Interesting play. Reminds me of the old days.
  3. Pattyfathead1

    Happy Holidays and welcome to our recent new recruits.
  4. Jace Nevada

    Do you have a recruitment representative or some other officer type I could ask some questions before submitting an application?
  5. Pattyfathead1

    Absolutely. You can find Pattyfathead in game to chat with. You can log onto our teamspeak server, the information is linked on our website. Or you can even e-mail me. Its my in game handle
  6. Pattyfathead1

    bump for old videos
  7. Pattyfathead1

    Bump for front page updates!
  8. travdoty

    Played PS1 & PS2 and betas for both, come back to the game for a while every so often but I'm loving the game all over again and want to stick around for a while this time. The construction system is new since the last stint I had playing PS2, do you guys include construction in your strategies? Looking for an outfit that does :)
  9. CupofFriedGold

    TxR doesn't exist anymore as far as I know. They merged with MERC, which is where you can find Pattyfathead. Not sure why he's still bumping the TxR recruitment page.

    They're probably what you looking for tbh, decently sized outfit that I've seen do infantry, vehicles and I'm pretty sure some bases/base busting.

    I would also check out which is the server specific subreddit for the connery server.
  10. Pattyfathead1

    All good tips by cupoffriedfold.

    I bumped the TXR thread, just because it is a known entity on Connery, especially to older players, that might be swinging back. For anyone that reads the first page, you will notice it is now a MERC outfit plug, as TXR is part of MERC. :) Just like letting people know all the familiar faces are still here, albeit in a different spot sometimes.