Total Recoil (TXR)

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by Pattyfathead1, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Goiiath

    Awesome time with you guys last night TXR, glad to see someone recorded that dominating victory, nice to work with the alliance.
  2. Talron

    Thanks Goiiath! It was awesome working with you and you're outfit last night! Looking forward to working with you guys again next week. ;)
  3. Coltorl

    Miss you patty <\3
  4. TSilver

  5. hidden8lade

    Since joining these guys my K/D has double i have been noticing myself improving in all around play and i have been astounded by the quality of the player and individuals of this outfit. Keep it up TxR
  6. Sinistersmith

    I've been with these guys since beta, and still am. They find out how to make any day an interesting day, and have grown to become a fairly large community over the year. If you are looking for an outfit that is hated by all awesome, and caters to either casual or competitive players, join this outfit immediately!
  7. Pattyfathead1

    Sorry guys I have not been keeping up with my forum siding. I recommend you check out our updated website. Lot of good info on whats going on in the PS2 community, and not just our outfit!
  8. Flickory

    Looking really really awesome, you're the web developer/designer?
  9. Pattyfathead1

    Credit for the new website goes to Changes! Lot of down time lately huh folks? Hopefully the Amerish Revamp is worth it.
  10. GoyoElGringo

    I'm new to the outfit, but so far I'm having a lot of fun playing with you guys and gals. Highly recommended.
  11. AnnPerkins

    This group is known for TKing. I've seen several sundies killed by their members and have been personally harassed for days on end by one of them for "not rezing him fast enough"
  12. Gables

    TXR has always been a pleasure to fight beside and I've never ran into any TKing issues with them.
  13. Talron

    Not sure what AnnPerkins is smoking but TXR has never killed allied sundy's and being harassed for days for not rezing them?! I actually laughed out loud Ann!

    Check out the latest Community Clash video of TXR VS B4nd on the Community Clash!

  14. Pattyfathead1

    Epic match with B4ND. They are an awesome competitor, we will be watching out for them in future match ups. For anyone looking to take their game to the next level and get involved with community clash. Please check out our website for applications. Or if you just want to watch you can search for TXR vs. on youtube, or check out the twitch feeds.
  15. FearHawk

    Been with these guys since the beginning (year and a half). Love fighting along side these guys! Super organized, great leadership, and the place to hang out.
    Come check us out at our website and look for their open platoons.
    I'll be cheering for them on March 26, 2014 for their Community Clash against Future Crew.
  16. AnnPerkins

    yeah, real funny when your buddy Decelexevi tries to TK me whenever I'm online because I didn't rez him fast enough. Real funny constantly having to watch your back from fellow TR...

    Then him and his buddy Kieldar go around TKing friendly sundys. The fact you allow these sorts of people in your outfit just makes it quite apparent just what kind of group TXR is.
  17. swatz

    Sir, Total Recoil is a casual outfit playing a game with around 200 active members in our community who are on at all times of the day. If you were seriously team killed meaning more than once intentionally by one our members or harassed I am more than happy to deal with it in a civil manor, if you are not willing to do so then I take you comments as no more than slander which is to be ignored altogether.

    We will talk to our members about these accusations but I would like evidence against them if you want more serious action taken. Feel free to contact me at and we will settle this matter in a private setting.

    Side note Talron I condone your words in this matter, that is not civil nor respectful to this person regardless of what he has said or claimed.
  18. swatz

    On a more positive note,

    For those who are looking for an outfit Total Recoil can be the one for you we don't impose any harsh standards on out players other than to get along and push themselves to play the best that they can. We are always looking for talent or personalities who will enhance our community in positive ways.

    We do have age restrictions any person under the age of 18 will be considered for membership if they are at least 17 for an verbal interview over Teamspeak 3.

    Any one under the age of 16 will not under any circumstances outside of family will be considered for membership. While we do accept the occasional 16 year old we do expect them to be more mature or competent that what would be considered a solid social standard.

    Feel free to check us out at and apply today we have a 10 question application that is designed to give us an idea of what kind of person you are.

    On a final note Welcome to Total Recoil member or not.
  19. Ice

    Are you guys excited for tonight? Because I'm excited for tonight!

    Good luck and BRING IT!
  20. TKEE

    Quick bump for my second favorite TR outfit on Connery.

    Always love seeing you guys bring some order to a fight when that unruly NC horde is breathing down our throats.