Top Vanu weapons for HA?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by RichRuzz, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. RichRuzz

    Got station cash to spend and was wondering what 1 or 2 good Vanu weapons were for outdoor engagements then eventually medium/close or a well balanced one for all of the above. Thanks! <3
  2. Hyllan

    Trying them out over the next few days would be my suggestion. If you just want gun advice, the Orion is best all around while all the others have distances they're better for. I prefer the flare, which is a lot like the Gauss SAW S for the NC and the TMG-50 for the TR.
  3. Tywnnvlad

    I play on Jaegar and we mostly take most of the continents especially on Easmir
  4. rubieruben

    Yea the falare is a really nice weapon and also pretty cheap with station cash. I got less RoF then the Orion and a slower reload speed but it got a 75 clip more damage and more attachements.
  5. RichRuzz

    Yeah, I heard good things about the Orion and it's the default. But it lacks choice on components to add. Flare I could invest in too but I heard it needs the compensator and grip to fully shine in effectiveness.
  6. RichRuzz

    I got about 18k station cash but I'd preferably only want to buy things I'll use and are worthy. (some weapons aren't really worth having IMO and then I'd have to burn extra certs to sight them, rather have a solid 4 add-on setup grip,scope, etc on 1 or 2 solid picks)
  7. Bogarth

    Pulsar LSW is a solid choice for outdoor engagements.
  8. rubieruben

    18000 station cash? I mean you can buy alot with that but try to trial them first before purchasing
  9. omegaflarex

    18k, wow. But still, it's a good investment; it will allow PS2 to further evolve into a better game as long Sony CEOs aren't grubbing all of the money - I would be pissed if they did.
  10. pilg0r

    Flare+Foward Grip+Compensator+Soft Point Ammunition+2x Scope= Monster
  11. Attono

    Really enjoying the VX29 Polaris + Reflex Sight, the 100 round mag comes in handy.
  12. MartianDiscoFish

    Pulsar LSW is great for mid range, definitely the most versatile of the VS lmgs, the Flare is also a good choice for outdoor and close combat
  13. eff

    I used Pulsar LSW all throughout the beta... I found that it was good for a playstyle that liked to strafe to keep the crosshairs over a target rather than track with mouse alone.

    For release, I found the alpha squad SVA-88 is a great weapon. It has identical stats to the Orion, but comes pre-equipped with high velocity ammunition. It takes a forward grip and a compensator to bring the recoil down to more manageable levels, but then with HV ammo attachment, it's almost like a hit-scan rifle. Very "Vanu Vision" -- the closest to a laser!
  14. moop

    I'm also loving the SVA-88. I hated it at first due to recoil but once I got the grip and compensator it tightened up considerably. With the 6x scope you can plink at targets with single shots and max range (have to compensate for bullet drop). I never kill anything this way but you sure can make them duck and move. It's lethal at medium range. I just got the 2x reflex to use at close range, jury still out on that. Haven't tried high velocity ammo yet. How bad is the recoil increase over standard ammo?

    It seems like it may have received a slight nerf in the last update as the COF seems a bit wider and the recoil greater now.
  15. RichRuzz

    Think I may be going with the flare, just seems like it needs to be certed to be effective so I'll wait until I have the proper cert amount to get all the attachments right away.
  16. Deathrus

    I use the Polaris and lasher myself. I've used the Flare and Orion as well.

    Yes polaris is a CQC gun. However with the Compensater, grip and relex and softpoint it's upgrades with medium to long range as well as still being good close. I want to try when i get the certs striaght hipshot polaris with a silencer laser scope and soft point.

    For CQC I use the lasher, I like it and It's great for supreession since you can shoot and hit enemies behind corners. As in enemey takes cover you can come around the corner still shooting and hit them.
    However my only gripe is 1 vs 1 Versus any player that can aim for headshots will beat you everytime.
  17. Erendil

    For outdoor engagements I'd recommend one of these three:

    Eidolon - My personal favorite. It's a battle rifle so it behaves a bit differently than the others. Basically an M1 Garand w/ a 20-round mag. It's semi-auto only, but the damage per shot is~40-50% higher than any of the LMGs. I believe it kills in 2 headshots or 4 body shots if the target has no armour upgrades. Otherwise it's 3/5. It fires as fast as you can pull the trigger and returns exactly to the initial aim point after each shot if you slow your RoF to ~3/second. Its CoF during hipfire w/ a laser sight is about the same size as the Orion and it recovers completely after every shot, and has tons of attachments available. It has a foregrip available but I don't know if it actually does anything as there's almost no sideways deviation to the Eidolon's shots at all. It also has no scope sway so with a 6x scope it's good at counter-sniping out to maybe 200m, if not more.

    SVA88 - Since they nerfed its RoF to equal the LSW, it's basically the exact same weapon but with more attachments. It's a tiny bit harder to control during aimed fire than the LSW (foregrip fixes this) but it's recoil doesn't lean to the right like the LSW does so it's more n00b friendly. Great at long range plinking w/ a 6x scope available.

    Flare - Highest damage per shot of the automatic LMGs. Slower RoF means it's a little easier to control but suffers from lower damage output on full auto. Still a good weapon tho.

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