Top Player Kills: Mostly VS/TR and Faction most Killed: NC

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  1. CorporalClegg

    NC have literally no farming weapons. VS believe they are skilled because lancers and PPA's scale far better with coordination than anything else.

    TR get by via prowler and banshee farming despite being otherwise neutered. SOE has literally cut off TR 's testicles.

    NC are completely useless and designed to be the shotgun/close range faction. In other words cannon fodder.
  2. FocusLight

    To me, the majority of fights end up being towards NC. This is not something I chose; I hate everyone equally. However it's about 60-40% NC/VS on my kill-board and frankly, I don't overly care whom I kill so long as they die, and it seems to me NC and VS die equally easy - that is, it's not usually to easy.

    However, consider these facts.

    Across the board, NC has the biggest number of players. They are the "Good guys" of PS2 according to some very thick-headed players who refuse to read lore that seem to contradict this, and add placement SOE does universally favor NC, they are the faction that without fail get the most attention in SOE's media.

    So most players who start to play PS2 join NC, naturally most who stay remain NC as well, it's a natural side-effect. Add to this the "culture" of the factions. Across the board TR and VS has very many outfits that favor military discipline / organized group efforts, far more than NC. NC is more vague and unspecific and their "faction culture" is far more pliable to a group of individuals.

    It seems to me TR and to some degree VS gravitate towards ordered chaos, team-play more than individuals running around doing ****, and they are far more team-spirited as well in my experience. I have no idea how many times I've been killed by NC as NC, perhaps more than my NC toon has killed TR and VS, I get run over practically all the time. Hell, VANGUARD KILL MY NC more than FREAKIN MAGRIDERS squash my VS. That's bad, tbh. Top of that if I get accidentally killed when I play TR I can usually rely on a swift revive and a V8, if not a proxy "I'm sorry, didn't mean to do that." NC don't seem to know what politeness or rectifying a mistake is more than half the time.

    Consequently most high-end outfits who mesh well together and get stuff done, are found in these two, while because NC has the biggest pop, followed by TR some distance behind and VS barely behind TR - and on some servers, ahead of them - NC tend to get hit the most simply because there are more of them, and more often than not if you run into stiff resistance that force you out, to go attack elsewhere... it's usually TR pushing out VS or vice versa. Add to THAT again the fact that NC tend to be the one's that can't take a base unless they have A) one of their few well-organized outfits on the job or B) overwhelming numbers, something it's easier for them to achieve or even C) both of the above at the same time.

    Well, everyone may have organized outfits and zergs going around with huge numbers, but NC seem to have less of the former more of the latter in general. This drags their overall performance down.

    Personally as TR on Cobalt I can't recall having ever held a base with my outfit and ever lose it to NC with equal pop unless a noticeably capable and organized outfit hits us. Even then it's usually a very tight fight and we more often than not come out on top, though sometimes only barely. This is not even bragging; the only NC that worries me in any way are members of a select few outfits, other than that it's usually not a big issue, and the disorganized mob don't offer much of a danger unless they hit critical mass - usually 2:1 odds against us - and then we can start worrying.

    VS is mostly the same, but have more noticeable outfits and less random folks who all happen to be in the same area.
  3. FocusLight

    Try to not break your wrists patting yourself on the back this furiously.

    As I see it, if I wanted easy-mode guns, I'd go join the NC. You have the most diverse arsenal in the whole game, and if your are going to contest that, well I'll be having fun tearing you a new rectum, you won't.

    I don't play TR for the guns. I play it because the faction suits me the best. There is nothing wrong with your arsenal. Prove me wrong on that.
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  4. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Well, NC has highest pop, clear color scheme and models
  5. FocusLight

    Be careful about that. My outfit had zero issues adjusting to NC weapons when we played against Connery - Connery was VS.

    I'm absolutely positive that if my outfit was not busy doing stuff that entertained them rather than amuse your little fantasy, we would go together and pull NC for a month or so just to prove you wrong.

    Perhaps we should, it would deprive people like you of these silly arguments.
  6. MuNrOe

    You have maxs that are good for breaching and within 3 m of a target. Nothing long range to lock down areas. That means they are ALWAYS in C4 range always also limited on holds and strategic situations where a long range dmg dealing would be of massive benefit. .
    You have an empire specific weapon that is outclassed and damaged by every shotgun in the game.Also since the last patch with this weapon getting hit at all will prevent even 1 of your rounds from hitting (thanks SOE).

    You have a weapon that requires allot of skill to be equally matched against the other 2 empires guns as a starting weapon.
    You have an aircraft that flys like a brick and can easily be outmatched by equal pilot skills in the other 2 ESF's every time.

    Im not patting myself on the back either just pointing out that the argument of skill and tactics used in this forum as justification for statistical results is utter BS.

    If it was up to me allot of the traits from PS1 weapons would be reintroduced into the game instead of this whole Counter Strike (Thanks Wisenhunt) instagib festival. This way faction traits would stand out and being the shotgun empire (which clearly means nothing atm due to TTK) would be more apparent and have more meaning.

    Also factional history or players it draws simply has nothing to do with this at all. There are players of equal skills across all empires. No more or less either way just people shooting guns in a video game. The results directly reflect weapon balance trying to say anything otherwise is not only flawed but opinionated and stupid.
  7. DHT#

    Because most fights in this game happen at longer ranges than 5 meters, and less than 5 meters is the only range where NC guns are actually decent.
  8. EGuardian1

    NC starter guns are not friendly to people who are used to the frantic nature of other FPS and reward higher aim with quick TTK and longer range accuracy.

    I play all three factions at times, but I main NC. I ADORE the Gauss SAW. Why? Because I slap a 3.4x scope on that thing and go to TOWN. Get a good position and I may as well extend a bipod. In CQC, it does so much damage per bullet I just need to keep my aim decent for a quick kill, though it's only acceptable there.

    The Orion rips apart medium range targets with ease, but has trouble with sustained fire and targets at range. Even short range it feels more like an AR.

    The CARV is just a nightmare right now in the right hands (Yes yes. PRAISE MALORN and all that). I hadn't played TR seriously in months, and I was getting 10 kill streaks in CQC/Medium range with that thing.

    Both the Orion and CARV are easier to get used to than the Gauss SAW, but the Gauss SAW is overall a better weapon in skilled hands IMO. Same goes for pretty much all the starter weapons - hard to learn, undeniably better when mastered. The only exception I can really justify is the MAX. Scat cannon is great, but give me Cosmos and it's over. Falcon is a slow firing slow velocity sniper rifle, while the Comet is almost as good and travels a heck of a lot faster. Pounders splash does seriously put a crimp on infantry as well.

    NC Isn't "hard mode" in the sense that the difficulty of enemies is higher, it's just that our weapons take longer to get used to and for the most part are harder to control, We can cert into various modifications. (i'm partial to the GD-7F but the AC-X11 is my best stat Caribe I think) but there's a huge difference between what we have access to, and what the majority of players spend their certs on when they just start the game. Forget about all the extras we've ggotten, start out with NOTHING, what faction will be easier for them to get used to quicker?
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  9. Paragon Exile

    Did you seriously just call the ScatMAX, Jackhammer and Reaver bad?

    This sort of invalidates everything you say, sorry bud.
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  10. Bhudda V1

    just have to say 1 thing, if this guy says the jack hammer is bad it does have some weight to not saying anything i just feel i have to point this out because i don't know if you know.!/5428010618015297153/weapons
  11. xDesideratus

    Hey this "MuNrOe" guy is a high BR, he's probably an authority on NC weapons and balance, lemme just look to see what he...


    Oh. Oh, wow. 0.14 IVI KDR? I mean wow, that's uh...
    He must just be a dedicated support player! Yeah, that must be it!


    oh nooooooooooooooo
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  12. Kidou

    That site looks neat. What is it?
  13. xDesideratus
    It's the best PS2 site out there because it grades you based on how you compare to normal players, and just generally has a ton of very particular grades and divisions of stats. It requires an account but that's free, and all it's data is pulled off the PS2 API, same as the official site.

    Only real downside is that the DA site can be slower to update compared to the actual PS2 stats thingie, but that's a technical issue with crawling through the API for data.
  14. Rovertoo

    And it calls NC the 'noob conglomerate' for really no good reason :confused:. Aren't stats supposed to be unbiased?
  15. Tasp

    Oh I get it, you play TR because you find it the easiest? Funny how that works....

    Totally a great measurement of skill and competence in a game that is supposedly about taking directives and holding bases. Does it track that you've successfully removed the enemy sunderers and thereby removed their ability to assault a base? Does it track that you've gone behind the lines and diverted the zerg so the rest of your empire can push up? No? Hmmmm interesting.

    The KDR = Skill argument is and always has been bullsh*t in relation to this game. Good for you, you can kill 10 people without dying. I can bust a sundy and stop an entire assault on a base. Your KDR is 10+ mine is .9.

    You should be playing counterstrike, all you care about is your epeen.

    I should be playing Planetside, all I care about is moving the team forward.
  16. xDesideratus

    The stats (The numbers you see there) ARE unbiased, they're just pulled right from the API. The people that make/maintain the site put in amusing banners like that (Reload the page, theres a ton of them!) for their own amusement, you only see stuff like that in the banners.

    I, and most good players I'd imagine, agree that KDR is not the most important statistic, and just one of many that indicate overall performance. So hey, I guess it's a good thing that it also tracks all those other stats, right?
  17. Tasp

    It does? I'm about to eat my words it seems. Where's the stats for sunderers removed that resulted in the end of a base assault? I must have missed it...
  18. TheShrapnelKing

    I'd like to propose my own Godwin's Law rip off, Shrap's Law: As a discussion about first person shooters continues, the probability of player statistics being used to put down one's opponent approaches 1. Once invoked, by internet convention, you have lost the argument.
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  19. MuNrOe

    Keep looking kid you will find what you are looking for. Try shotguns. Try being the first person who leaves a camped spawn room. The first person who charges into a room. The person who you know chases objectives rather than sitting somewhere plinking someone from behind a spawn shield and maintaining a K/D of 2. All done without a ranged weapon too. But that's cool your MLG so keeping thinking your statistics in any way represent your skill level in this game.

    What they do represent is empire weapon balance. Any decent player will agree with that. Because over such a LARGE base of individuals the avg shows allot more than any 1 persons could ever do. I knew for certain that when I posted this the typical forum try hards would pop their heads up and start carrying on like they always do.

    I usaully dont get into debates on this manner but when someone calls out an entire empire based on statistics and says its because they are bad I pipe up and say enough is enough. Call a spade a ***** spade. Enough is enough stop filling these forums with empire specific rhetoric and call it like it is for a change.

    I have been here since day dot helping the devs both develop this game and work to make it better. I never liked wisenhunt or his method of balance I also disagreed with allot of the development decisions made by sony. But I along with my outfit stuck through it all. Allot of the PS1 vets know me and my fight to bring this game to glory like its original.

    I have only ever used the Jackhammer on the premise of it being the only thing from the original game brought forward that had any sort of standing. Keeping that alive was a personal goal of mine within this game. To see some people come on here and literally sht on the NC like they have is flat out disgraceful.
  20. Sir.Rip Yo Fezz Off

    Of course the NC doesent need a buff, they have the best stuff alredy. The only reason why the NC is not winning is the leadership, the lack of teamwork. NC guns are easy mode, especially the SAW. That's one of the very reasons i joined the faction in the first place. If NC would have anywhere near the teamwork of VS, i'd swap in a heartbeat. I play this game to work as a team, not to get a headache because the people around me want to be farmed and play lone wolf than to actually do something.