Top NC Players' Top Weapons

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  1. RobotNinja

    I posted this a while ago on an outfit forum and realized I never shared it with the official forums, so I thought it might be of interest to players here as well.

    I pulled these statistics (manually) from the Top 100 players on the global leaderboards back in late June. From the Top 100, there were 31 NC players who were sampled at the time of my poll. While it was over a month ago, I don't really think things have really changed drastically since then. These were still relevant at the time, post-a lot of NC nerfs which is of course a routine occurrence.
    This isn't to make a point or debate anything. It's just for informational/interest purposes.

    In order of popularity for 1st most used, 2nd most used and 3rd most used:

    -GD-7F, Mercenary (TIE)
    -Gauss Compact S
    -NC Gauss Saw, Piston, Hacksaw, Bouncing Betty, Tank Mine, Longshot (TIE)
    -GR-22, Cyclone, Anchor, Grinder, Claw (TIE)

    -Gauss Compact S
    -GD-22S, C-4, Carnage BR, AC-X11, NC Gauss Saw S, Grinder, NS-15M, Piston, EM6, Scattercannon, Cyclone, Anchor, Blitz, GR-22, Longshot (TIE)

    -Scattercannon, Piston, Gauss Compact S, NC Gauss Saw, C-4, Tank Mine (TIE)
    -Mattock, Blitz, Claw, Reaper DMR, NS-15M, AC-X11, Carnage BR, NS-11C, Grinder, Cyclone (TIE)

    -Vanguard, Flash (TIE)
    -Lightning, Liberator, Harasser (TIE)

    Summary of Top 3 Weapons by place:
    (i.e. most leaders have these as their #1, #2 and #3 weapons respectively)
    1. EM6
    2. GD-7F
    3. Hacksaw
    Vehicle: Reaver

    Top 3 Weapons Overall by most used:
    (i.e. most leaders have these as one of their top 3 weapons)
    1. Hacksaw
    2. GD-7F
    3. EM6
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  2. Sossen

    More proof that the GD-7F is too good.
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  3. Goretzu

    The problem with both the Hacksaw and the GD-7F is they have both been heavily nerfed (the Hacksaw twice in fact), but that wouldn't show up in historic data.
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  4. Kodaa

  5. BigIronRanger

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  6. Rohnlex

    Really ? it's like any other TR default weapon
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  7. BigIronRanger

    @OP did you get the weapon stats from the top 31 scoring NC or top 31 kills by NC players?

    just curious.
  8. Jaquecz

    GD-7F definitely not as good as the GD-7F I held In my digital arms during beta.
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  9. RobotNinja

    These were from the top 31 NC players taken out of the top 100 players from the global leaderboards in late June. I.E. 31 of the Top 100 were NC. So, top overall not by top kills although, there's probably some overlay.
  10. Blarg20011

    Trust me, me and my TRV know that feeling.

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  11. VSDerp

    NC have good guns. just BAD BAD BAD players.
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  12. Kodaa

    Perhaps you aren't familiar with the simple "score" reply, implying that the quoted post was a troll. Now that I've had to explain my post, it loses all comedic value. Thanks for that.
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  13. JKooL

    Go take a statistics course.
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  14. Benton!

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  15. VSDerp

  16. umbrellapower

    NC have good guns, but TR and VS just have some great guns like the Orion or TAR.
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  17. Benton!

    Pretty much this. I do a bit better with VS and TR weapons.
  18. Kodaa

    I ****ing annihilate every time I switch to VS and break out the Orion or VX6-7. Nothing NC has can compare to them.
  19. ToothpasteEater

    Guns in this game are balanced around TTK, heavy damaging weapons with low ROF ( NC faction trait) are the worst possible option in such situation. NC weapons have overkill problem (if you shoot with 200 dmg weapon at 0m at enemy with maxed NW you'll have 150 overkill), they demand higher accuracy( you'll need to be even more accurate than TR/VS if you want to kill enemy with NW thw same efficiency). At the same time NC weapons give a chance to pop out of cover, deal damage and take cover again, TR weapons are more like lasers, they make a constant stream of damage instead of short bursts of damage as most of the NC guns do.
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  20. Epic High Five

    Eh, we do fine. High damage is great because while it's not as ideal at 0m, it's far MORE ideal at longer ranges due to the higher minimum damage and lower ROF maintaining accuracy. Our average gun has the same minimum damage as the average VS/TR gun does maximum, which is great.

    Plus, we have the Cyclone for 0-20m and that's literally the only gun you need for that bracket and probably the only class of guns that the NC hands-down dominates in.

    I love NC stuff, and I think if the problem of us having the worst AV/AA options (meaning we're preferentially attacked by people wanting to avoid Strikers/Lancers) were fixed, slugs were free with our MAX arms to get more people using them, and the Aegis gave a forward-only speed boost we'd be a much more appealing faction. I mean come on the Gauss Rifle owns so hard that even the Gauss Rifle S is amazing.
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