Top 5 scummiest tactics

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  1. Ronin Oni

    that is scummy...

    surprised he got more than one before he started getting put down though.

    Also, you should set up faction wide KoS for trolls of that magnitude. Get all cooperative outfits to just basically force them off your faction and server.
  2. Thrones

    Motion Detection Trap: Drop motion detector, and two proxy mines nearby. Who ever comes to destroy the motion detector will be gibbed

    Flash/Tank Mines: Drive flash to enemy Sundy, jump off, drop grenade first and as many AV Mines as possible.

    Lazy Sunday: Pull a sundy with Max Scout Radar, Maxed out Kobalt, find an amp station fight.. Just sit back and enjoy the farm.

    Hossin Tree Fort: Grab a friend, form squad, fly to a fight where two enemy factions are fighting, drop into a tree, place beacon, redeploy as snipers, aquire certs

    Sometimes they come back: Find an empty enemy vehicle (not flash)? Drop AV mines under it and walk away.
  3. I play by many names

    1. Zerging
    2. Max spamming
    3. Grenade spamming
    4. vehicle spamming
    5. suicide rushing sundies to end good balanced fights outside of alerts
  4. Sebastien

    The issue with that idea is that there's no reason to use an escalation of force model when you can go straight to the finish and pull a MAX for every fight, or a vehicle to pound infantry.
  5. Leftconsin

    You forgot bullet spam.
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  6. TheRunDown

    Don't you mean

    1. 24/7 MAX
    2. 24/7 ESF Farming
    3. 24/7 Libs bottom feeding on low pop planets
    4. ESF Pilots Redeploying after losing a Dog Fights..
    5. Infiltrators camping spawns at long range with a Harasser, bailing, cloaking and redeploying when they get caught, and repeating that all day..
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  7. Plastikfrosch

    If the enemy comes up in 60%+ strengh and uses a lot of AI-tank-shells i take my beloved crossbow and go to the base where they get the tanks from and yes, i start shooting them from the terminal. If i am lucky the tank vanishes and they lose the nanites to get a new tank in the next minutes and the most important thing is: there are a lot of people who start searching for me instead of getting themselfes a tank at another base --> so, they are waisting time in searching for me, time they could use to help to get the next base but i am binding those resources to me and i am helping my team this way.
    So if there is an infiltrator getting you on the terminal its just your fault and there is a reason why he is doing so (like a big overpop of your people at his base). If i get sniped on a terminal i switch to another base and get me my vehicle there. I dont try it over and over again and let me kill a dozen times (and there are a lot of people who wont learn - my personal record was a lvl100 i killed 10 times in a row because he was not willing to learn that this base and that terminal were not good for him).
  8. Foxirus

    Pulling 6 AI maxes for 3 people guarding a point. I kid ye not, This happened today.
  9. Ballto21

    that is the acceptable time of vehicles posing a very real problem, thus you are stemming the tide

    and i never tank, im usually the camper
  10. 0fly0

  11. CrossFitForLifeBRAH

    - omg. weak

    i can only think of 3 atm
    - people who pull "skill suits" a majority of the time (Max)
    - anyone who primarily farms infantry in a MBT (and does so solo - i can't remember the last time I came across a decent human being that prefered MBT solo, awful people)
    - vehicle minded players in general who shy away from armor v armor fights to inflate K/D targeting infantry; you're not fooling anyone and no one is impressed
  12. LineTrap

    You know how MAX punches are the most annoying grind in the MAX directive tree. Try standing next to enemies who are being revived (from around a corner, or by a revive nade, say) and MAX punch them as soon as they accept the revive. The punch deals 750, and soldiers usually resurrect with 400-500 health. Dirty, but effective.
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  13. CrossFitForLifeBRAH

    I've got another!

    Seeing a player beat their chest as they wave a 1.91 K/D in your friends face.. while they're shooting from the safety of the spawn room, lol. Then when you take a look at their top 100 players killed you see 75 of the 100 with negative K/D's... then compare to it to the top 100 players who killed this spawn-shooting hero and guess what you find? - about 85 of those guys with positive K/D's. LOL... get loud and proud about that K/D ratio you earned against the weakest of the weak while being smashed anytime you run up against competition. P*bbl*st*l* ... it must be hard work searching for that low hanging fruit.

    There's nothing wrong with having stats like this... but, running mouth about that 1.91 K/D with over a year of play time on a toon and having stats skewed in that way... it's both equal parts hilarious and scum-central.
  14. EliteEskimo

    From a Tanker Perspective

    1. Raven Maxes/Lancers shooting you between 400-600 meters away when they aren't rendering. Effectively destroying an otherwise fun open field battle.

    2. People who use an ESF or Valkaries with a C4 fairy load out to C4 you in a way you can't see coming.

    3.people who tank mine vehicle spawn areas well behind enemy lines in areas you can't see.

    4.People who know they are going to die in harasser so they drive straight at you knowing their vehicle debris will likely Instigib your MBT.

    5. People who will pull Hornet ESFs after you kill them to track you down.
  15. andy_m

    In all my 1400 hours of play on Ceres, and now Cobalt, I have never heard anyone whatsoever brag about their K/D. Never.

    I've been taunted in other ways, like being told that I suck, but no one has ever mentioned their K/D.

    Which server do you play on?
  16. Drasilov

    Scummiest tactic has to be firing out of render range but its by no means certain whoever is doing the firing knows he is actually out of render range so I can forgive it really.

    Everything else is fair game IMO.
  17. Liquidrider

    I am not sure what is more amusing this thread or your response. This isn't Hello Kitty Land. It is Planetside 2, & at times it requires strategic thinking.

    1. Sniper camping a vehicle terminal
    Awesome grab a sniper and shoot back. Or grab an ESF and take him out.

    2. Tank mining the vehicle spawn
    Look in front of the spawn before pulling a vehicle....?

    3. Ravens bombarding from 300m+ away
    How DARE the NC use weapons they are given. That is like a VS being shamed for using ZOE. FYI Ravens got nerfed. But if tanks aren't getting through get some air superiority.

    4. ESF infantry farming.
    I laugh every time I see this, as if ESFs were god mode.
    1. Grab a Galaxy ram the esf
    2. Grab a Lib ram the esf.
    3. SHOCKER grab an esf and kill the enemy esf...?
    4. Burster Max and say shew shew 'mosquito' (see what I did there?)
    5. Grab a skyguard and do the same thing as above
    6. Grab a heavy assault with A2G.
    7. SHOOT AT IT?
    8. Throw rocks at it?
    9. I grew tired of adding to this list
    5. C4 fairies
    Aren't they the worse. I mean they spend 90 nanites to throw a brick and try to kill you as if you were the enemy! How shameful

    These threads are very obtuse and do little to help the game. What you should wrote was "Top 5 ways to beat the most common tactics"

    In all honesty I do once in a while throw suggestions / recommendations if I kill a new player. The smartest players will always have the last laugh in this game. (well that or a zerg). And that sir is what makes Planetside 2 epic.
  18. Pelojian

    1) still a scummy tactic, not being a credit to your team (cause you know redeploy to the next base and pull vehicles anyway)

    2) Why should we have to do this every time (even on bases when the pad is nowhere near the terminal) when mine placement allows you to place mines on the auto-drive area.

    3) I'm sorry but ANY AV weapon used beyond the ability to fire back is scummy just as much as ESFs doing the same thing to infantry.

    4) cut this down to save space (see: pull air to kill air) and this is balanced?

    5)c4 attacks are scummy, better then grenades in no way fair to be so effective against both infantry and vehicles.
  19. CrossFitForLifeBRAH

    It was a co-worker of mine actually. He was on the west coast server (connery i guess) at the time I believe and it was a friendly. He sent a hateful tell because my bud killed him off a eng inf turret he had set up inside, behind the spawn area/safe spot, and shooting past one of the doors and had TK'd a couple, including my friend as he was trying to duck into safety for a weapon change or resupply, etc. I guess since my friend's k/d was/is around 1 - .95 to his 1.9 he felt the need to point it out. I looked at the stats again and saw my friends top 100 kills to be something like 46 of his top 100 most killed enemies being above 1 and the top 100 list of players the killed my pal showed all but 6 players were above the 1 mark (with one of those being a friendly in the outfit he's in, lol). But, I think that's because we give each other a hard time if we notice an over abundance of tank farming infantry or continuous max suits being pulled. It forces us to engage enemy targets on an infantry vs infantry level most of the time, and try to fire from inside the spawn room only when we're trying to make breathing room for our faction/ourselves.

    The stat analysis above might seem as though we're real focused on the stats but, I doubt I'd have ever looked at his for more than a glance if this dbag hadn't have started with the name calling and the his v my buds k/d (to which my friend replied with something along the lines of "i'm too old for name calling but, whatever makes you feel good about yourself").

    All in all there was about 6 of us that got a good friday afternoon laugh out of the exchange. It's always funny when someone sends a message to someone else accusing them of being butt hurt about something when it's clear who is mad.

    Also, for what it's worth we only really started messing around in ps2 3 or so months ago, right after Thanksgiving. It's a fun time.

    Exchanges of this nature have not been the norm, far from it. Most players have been solid with the etiquette.

    We DO mute proximity though, due to some of the nonsense coming out of that hot mess. (people playing awful music / people who get handled in a max suit crying for medics when they themselves won't be seen as a medic / or even better some dbag yelling for everyone to push past a choke point while they themselves are comfortable behind those players - i guess they think others logged in to be their personal human shields) Someone referred to muting the prox voice chat as turning on the selfish QQ filter. - Again, this supplied us with yet another good chuckle.

    If there's one thing that none of us can deny, it's that when playing planetside you're guaranteed to have a fair share of laughs.

    We play games to have a good time. Mission accomplished PS2, mission accomplished.
  20. Meeka

    Asset denial is a part of tactical warfare. Preventing the enemy from pulling a vehicle for 15 seconds can change the entire flow of a battle. This isn't CoD, it's also a tactical wargame. Camping doesn't exist.

    See counter point #1.

    I find it funny you complain about the Raven but not the Vortex which is a direct hit at any distance.

    People don't pull enough AA to deal with them, they prefer shooting infantry from spawn rooms to up their KDR.

    You should try the grenade bomber / C4 fairy combination, it's even more lethal!

    Hover above unsuspecting enemies with drifter jets, drop 4 grenades... drop 2 C4... you can wipe out an entire squad and clean up any stragglers with your gun.