Top 10 things I miss most from PS1

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RageMasterUK, May 21, 2013.

  1. Metalsheep

    Is that the bridge on Cyssor between Leza and Tore?
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  2. WalrusJones

    Lockers, implants (Including stamina..... Albiet, jumping stamina costs were slightly annoying,) and inventories.
  3. Chambermade

    I kinda expected, no I hoped for threads like this when I came aware of our 6 month free PS playtime ;)

    PS2 is a great game imo and I like it, don't get me wrong, but there are lots of things that could be improved just by looking what PS had years ago. Several of the points mentioned in OP would be of great benefits for PS2, starting with spawn room indoor structure and DOORS.
  4. MarlboroMan-E

    Top ten things I don't miss from PS1:

    1. Guns that felt like they were shooting tiny pillows. You could shoot a dude with a cycler for 20 seconds and watch him run away.

    2. Bases that were designed to create a meat grinder that made plasma spam the weapon de jour ... every day.

    3. The maelstrom and radiator.

    4. 3rd person camping.

    5. Spitfires.

    6. Flying maxes (balance? Whats that?)

    7. Jackhammers

    8. Some irrational belief that something about the game created "metagame" as opposed to the playerbase maturing and creating their own. (10 continents was nice.)

    9. The incredibly absurd notion that inventory somehow added so much to the game. Backpack tetris ... who cares?

    10. Bugs and lag and crappy netcode in 04, 05, 07, 11 and 12 ... basically always.
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  5. Highway_Star

    I thought the same way. Now that PS2 scrubs can experience PS1 for free - they can witness the relative perfection of it. Then bring what they've learnt back here and harass the devs about it. "Why don't we have lodestars in PS2?" "Why does the lightning suck in PS2?" "Why are bases so poorly designed in PS2?" "Why don't we have sacturaries in PS2?".
  6. Torok

    is that.. water? :eek:

    i want it
  7. Nyscha

    Yeah it was that bridge...
    Many years ago it was the scene of brutal battles that went on for hours.
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  8. RageMasterUK

    And by hours, Nyscha means hours.
    You could play for an hour before a work shift, get home on the evening and get back into game seeing exactly the same battle in exactly the same place on occasion, basically a stalemated continent. These long battles really helped drive home the sense of a persistant war.

    Juxtaposed against current PS2 implementation, you get back from a work shift to see the map looks the same, but you know that 100 territories changed hands in between.

    Still remember a particular battle for Gunuku dropship center. Gunuku was on an island. The particular battle I remember was a sandwich 3 way, one holding the base and the other two attemtping to cross the bridges on either side to deploy AMS... ... think that battle lasted for a whole day, maybe more...

    Its battles of this ilk which made eventually taking a base feel like a totally epic achievement.
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  9. Nyscha

    Don't forget the AI turrets made it even more hell.
    You think the bridge was clear and then suddenly you get torn to shreds by turrets and your heavy armor hits anti tank mines and any survivors start being shot at by snipers on the tower.

    TTK may be high in this game but it removes the carelessness you have in PS2 you want to avoid dying at all cost in PS2 if you die there is 100000 ways to instantly get into combat.

    If you die you've possibly got a long run to get back to battle and you lose any special weapons you had in your inventory which you captured from the enemy.
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  10. theo1170

    I'm not sure if anyone made this point yet, not going to read through the whole thread, coding takes time and effort, give it some time and PS2 will start to be more polished.
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  11. Nyscha

    But there is no sense of war in PS2 and this is coming from someone with a lot of play time on PS2.
    Nothing makes me panic like in PS1.

    PS1 has orbital strikes which give you around 1 second to look up and go "Oh Sh##" before you get killed and if you didn't die your probably on your own now.

    Bases aren't bases in PS2 they are just like a scaled up call of duty map.
  12. MarlboroMan-E

    I remember some amazing fights including a Gunuku three way with the base going neutral and flipping 4 or 5 times. Lots of amazing fights in PS1, but there's amazing fights in PS2 as well. The improved shooter mechanics and design make PS2 a game with much more potential. Honestly, there's a lot of things from PS1 they could add to improve PS2, but you can't tell me you missed **** like spitfires laid inside a door so it would explode when you touch it? As if prox mines aren't enough.
  13. Ash87

    There we go: Love, hate, and respectful disagreements.
  14. Stellus

    I'm a PS1 vet - played it for 8 years. The game went through a LOT of pain and anguish to get where it is today. Players experienced a lot of grief in its long journey to "perfection". Everything is nostalgic and reminiscent when comparing PS1 and PS2. However, I'm still baffled as to why SOE didn't sit down and look at everything that worked in PS1 (see OP's list) and say, "Yep, that's going in PS2". Likewise, they didn't sit down and say "Nope, that was horrible in PS1. Not carrying that over to PS2". They learned so many mistakes from PS1, but then forgot all about them when making PS2 (with the exception of BFR's).
  15. Talshere

    Im not sure I want a come back of ANT's. Nothing was more irritating than having to extract myself from an awesome battle to fill up the reserve of some backline base. They were fun to play hide and see with tanks though if you had to fill up a front line base.

    Bridges are a must, until we get major bodies of water back into planetside not only do we not really have seriously contestable terrain but the bonus of the magrider, levitation, is completely wasted. Atm the only difference a track would really make is cosmetic (I know it can strafe, other tanks can turn side on and move forwards and backwards too).

    I think rearming tanks should have a small timer to stop people sitting by point and just shifting between, for example, skyguard and HE, but only like 2 mins or so.

    Otherwise I agree on all points. This game has no strategy atm. One of my fav things in PS1 was getting to the base back door, stacking up a few MAX's and crashing it. On the other side it was also fun to defence those underground tunnels.

    To much time was spend making the bases in PS2 looking visually stunning (which they do) rather than engaging on multiple levels.
  16. WeEdNL

    Lets not forget Experience points that scaled with how large the battles were and how long they lasted, it could range from 500 to 8000+ experience points for a base cap.

    In Ps2 you get stale experience points around a 1000.

    Qonquering a base in Ps1 felt like an accomplishment.
  17. theo1170

    You should go on the road map on the forums more often, SOE made a thread that confirmed orbital strikes, this game is also nothing like CoD, there are zones to capture, you have to really work together as a team to win in this game.