[Suggestion] Tools for outfits to herd the masses

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  1. Lamat

    What in your mind, would accomplish this?
  2. LordKrelas

    I'll put this into two parts;

    Part 1, the things that would encourage, but would likely be abused to make it easier to keep them. Or a bit impractical.
    Part 2, the things that wouldn't, but likely aren't as motivating.
    None are thought as a package - so not exactly thought to be paired, nor not paired.

    Part 1:

    • Shorter Spawn-Beacon Recharge
    • Priority One-way Channels for Outfit, for Local, Several nearby regions, Map-wide.
    • Special Long-Range AMS options, allowing greater reinforcement range.
    • Stealth Beacon: One-Man One-Use Beacons, that cost nanites and a terminal trip, Allows a cloaked drop-pod use at the beacon area.(No flare, limited to 2 uses per hour, regardless of available nanites)
    • Special Valkyrie, with limited equipment options such as timed heavy-like shield, or limited cloak, lacks underbelly gun - has mounted manned Turrets on sides instead.
    • Special HA Tool, replaces rocket-launcher to generate a large frontal Barrier, that buffs the user's shield, as it is used to power the barrier - Any bullet that hits the barrier strikes the Heavy's shield, once down, the Barrier is shattered, no longer protecting allies behind it.
    • Target Designation Tool: Highlights target to all allies nearby (squad or not), with the fire-mod determining color of highlight.

    Part 2:
    • Special Player Title, only available \ active while holding the ranking.
    • Special Camo's available only while holding the ranking.
    • Special Helmets, Character Models, while holding the ranking.
    • Specialized Effects.
    • Place on a Server's outfit Leaderboard, with duration of current place held.
    • Special Map-Icons, when sent out by Outfit members, to prioritize their marks.
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  3. Lamat

    We really need incentives that reward/encourage tactical play, I know it's not easy or we'd already have them.

    Another outfit reward might be a "heroic inspiration" effect, a small proximity buff to allies from squad leaders of that outfit. Could be something like reduced COF as the allies hold their weapons more steady.

    Now if you had different rewards for different Outfit leadership categories, that could get really interesting.
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  4. Lucidius134

    Here's my idea:

    Perhaps tie this exp bonus into a major facility and the links attached to it between facility and facility (this can't stack to avoid farming). You could make it so 2 faciliies can be marked per faction. When a "commander" or platpon leader plaves one, its either places 1 or puts a vote to change the nearest marker

    Perhaps tie the choice into other markers?
    Tie exp bonus to progress related events such as base flipping and increase exp based on hex congestion over time?
    Restrict options based on heatmap?

    Additionally, what if other factions got notification and the PMB no deploy was removed for that facility, allowing augmented defense? What if this in turn turned SCU"s into LLU nodes?