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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by TomDRV, Mar 21, 2015.

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  1. TomDRV

    Perhaps a pump action, shortened baron? (yes it would be crap in CQB but read on)

    This weapon would give LA a greater ability to assault positions and provide cover/distractions to support friendly troops, can be used as a normal shotgun, but it would be quite crap at it.

    Cert cost: 1000

    - Sights - All that other shotguns have available.
    - Rail - Extended magazine - Laser range finder
    - Ammo - Smoke - Explosive - Flashbang - Slug - Standard/pellets

    Default mag size - 4
    With extended mags - 6

    Ammo types breakdown
    Smoke - Fires a smoke slug which starts releasing a small smoke cloud in a similar manor to the smoke grenade upon impact.

    Explosive - Fires an explosive slug, take 2-3 direct hits/near misses to kill an infantryman. Explodes upon impact.

    Flash-bang/stun - Fires a flash-bang slug, explodes as a mini flash-bang upon impact.

    Tear gas - Slug releases a small, harmless but annoying, gas cloud upon impact. Maybe?? :S

    Slug - Your standard slug round.

    Standard/pellets - Standard pellets.

    Anti-MAX HEAT - HEAT slugs specifically for dealing with MAX units?

    Flare shot - Fires a bright flare, lights up a large area, effective if fired straight up, can also blind enemies using Night vision equipment

    Extended magazine - increases mag size from 4 to 6.

    Laser range finder - ADS at a wall/object and hit T, this locks in the distance between you and the wall/object (e.g 10m) but adds 2-3 metres to it (e.g 12m). Then all slug rounds fired from the weapon will explode at this distance (12m) This mechanic can be used to stun, smoke, and injure enemy troops behind cover. XM25!! (but not as powerful)
    Not useful with standard slugs and pellets
  2. Skiptrace

    Interesting Concept... I kinda like it. but at that point just give us an AI Grenade Launcher tool... Can't damage Vehicles, but hits MAX and Infantry like a truck. Flashbangs, Tear gas (penetrates Shields to damage HP when caught inside also reduces vision), Smoke, would be alternate ammunition types.
  3. Iridar51

    Don't see any point. This doesn't do anything that our other equipment can't.
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  4. TomDRV

    You can only carry a few grenades at the time. This has way more ammo and you can use them at greater range with higher accuracy.
  5. Skiptrace

    And the narrow minded has spoken. This would be a Tool Slot idea, you know? the thing that we don't have! Though, I would think that a Grenade Launcher that only damages Infantry and MAX units would work better, but baby steps i guess...
  6. Iridar51

    What's the point of having a tool that does exactly what other equipment can? We already have grenades, shotguns and smoke.
    LA has certain problems, like lack of team utility, for example. Such a tool would do absolutely nothing to solve those problems.

    It would be merely a toy to play with. I'm looking at the whole picture, you're being narrow minded. "I can haz tool? do want!".
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  7. Skiptrace

    Ok, the tool idea SUPPLEMENTS our current arsenal. Also, I'm not of the opinion that a Shotgun with these weird slugs would be more unique or useful than a Grenade Launcher, which is something no other class has. Grenades have a limited supply and cost nanites, this would use ammo from a regular Ammo Kit, making it more useful than Grenades, though they could be weaker than regular Grenades. Same goes for the Smoke, Tear Gas (a NEW thing) and even if you wanted Flash ammunition options. There's not much else you could give the LA for a GOOD tool idea, This one is close enough to a good one that I would want it purely for the ability to have weaker grenades that can be re-supplied at an Ammo Kit, without forcing me to use the Underbarrel Attatchment from ONE GUN per faction (Gauss Compact S, Trac S, and Solstice SF), If Underbarrels were on more guns (or on ALL LA guns only) I could see it being less useful, but ATM this would be a great solution for people who want the ability to have Nanoweave/ASC, Their Best gun, and more grenade options. I for one would use this with the Claw (Extend Mag OFC), ASC, Medkits, and Tear Gas. Launch Tear Gas into the room, muffle vision and do some HP damage, then jump in head first with the Claw one shotting everyone, and when the gas fades, I would be the victor.

    There's more situations this Grenade Launcher could be used in, It would increase the utility of LA. Hell, if you wanted to you could COMBINE it with the UBGL/UBSL and C4 to create the best Infantry/Vehicle killer loadout! But, again narrow minded...
  8. Iridar51

    Supplementing would be to add things that our current arsenal can't do. This tool doesn't supplement, it's redundant.

    Have you ever considered that there's a reason why grenades cost nanites and are limited in number? It is to limit the explosive spam. There are supposed to be tradeoffs in loadout choices. You just want everything at once.

    Tear gas doesn't seem to offer much difference from flash/smoke grenades. Corezor had an idea that smoke grenades should do a tiny bit of damage to enemies, just enough to make their shields flicker, and make them easier to see through smoke. That idea I like, because it increases LA's team utility. Currently, allies can't take advantage of LA's smoke grenades without HS/NV scope.

    The idea to make underbarrel attachments an LA tool that goes on all guns is actually quite good, and it's also one of the few that Corezor had. Can be quick-fired by pressing F, and reloaded by holding F. That idea I also like, as it makes a lot of sense. More than Light Rocket Launcher, for example.

    It too doesn't really solve anything, but at least it's more cool and usable than pocket shotgun, and fits LA theme. Don't really wanna be fiddling with additional tools while jumping and flying around, so a small launcher strapped directly to the primary weapon would be convenient to use.

    There are lots of other tool ideas:
    • deploayable/throwable radar jammer - disables enemy motion detection systems within certain radius
    • heat vision goggles - enables LA to see enemies through walls
    • personal spawn beacon - allows LA to respawn once after death
    • integrated revival system - allows a player of any class to revive LA by holding "use" key
    • combat insertion system - one-use per resupply, overdrives the jet pack to allow LA to fly very fast at long distances, to get back into the fight quickly by flying from neighboring base.
    These tools actually solve some of LA problems.
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  9. Skiptrace

    Bold Replies.
  10. Iridar51

    No, Light Assaults don't have everything at once. You said yourself, have to choose between a normal weapon, or an inferior one, but with UBGL. Have to choose between additional grenades or nanoweave. Have to choose between normal sidearm or utility of the crossbow.
    All of those are balancing trade-offs that you want removed.

    Radar jammer would be extremely useful, considering that motion spotters are the only direct counter that LA has, it would also add to LA's team utility, and mesh well with LA's motto of being close to the enemy.

    Heat vision goggles - don't necessarily have to be godmode. They're not very different from motion spotter, if you think about it.
    Anything and everything can be balanced.

    The goggles would be short range, 20m effective vision range tops, and don't produce a clear picture - all you would see is some blurred spots, you wouldn't be able to tell enemy's class from the picture.

    Able to operate only for a short time before needing to recharge, say 10 seconds. LA isn't able to use any weapons or equipment while goggles are active, and activating and deactivating them takes around half a second, and have visual clues that LA is using them. With all these restrictions in place, seems at least worth a chance to me.

    "**** NO"? Strong argument.

    ESFs can't be pulled from every base, and cost nanites. Not exactly a go-to solution after each death.
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  11. TomDRV

    Iridar, of you don't like it here keep your mouth shut and don't clutter the thread, you've made your point.

    I for one think the ability to saturate a side of a tower with airbursting stun rounds before jetting up and killing the scattered, confused infantry would be amazing. This is weapon which is intended to be used to soften up positions before attacking. And is far more versatile and effective than hand thrown grenades
  12. Iridar51

    Nice. Very enlightened of you. You sure this is how you wanna play this?

    If you can't handle constructive criticism, you shouldn't be making suggestions in the first place.

    The inefficiency of hand thrown grenades is well known, but I don't see why create a new tool when they can just fix the old one.
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  13. TomDRV

    .You're just saying it's redundant and making your own tool suggestions.
    1. Create your own thread to place them
    2. Saying it's just useless, is not constructive
    3. As far as I'm aware, 7 can't fire mutliple grenades in rapid succession at distant targets, do you? (not useless)
  14. TomDRV

    Please leave, before I pm a mod, you're being outright stubborn.
  15. TomDRV

  16. Iridar51

    I didn't say it's useless, I said it doesn't do anything that our other equipment can't, and don't solve anything that's wrong with LA.

    They are not my own suggestions, and I'm not making them. All of them have been made in the past by various people, and the only reason I posted them as an example of tools/utilities that actually would allow us to do new things and/or fix LA's problems.

    Point number 3 doesn't make any sense. I don't see how being able to fire 7 grenades at a distant target can be effective without being OP. What's to stop 5 LA from perching somewhere and cover entire areas with no-go zones, akin to lolpods? Explosive spam is bad, and there's enough of it already.

    Being stubborn is not a violation, and you can't just forbid someone to post. This is open forum.
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  17. TomDRV

    Yes yes, 'tis constructive
    About the lolpld spam. This would be pump action and and have a pretty small magazine, if you were to try to continually firing on an area you would be pretty inconsistent due to low Rof and high reload time. Giving those you and firing on plenty a chance to fire back or someone else, as you'd have to remain exposed for a while to unload a full mag, you'd probably end up dead. As I said, the idea of this is to aid you with assaulting positions. I think this would make the LA very good at assaulting, which is it's role. As part of a team it's role is to flank and kill, while the support classes support it, not the other way around. How to make LA better in a squad? Give then weapons like this as other players can reap the benefits aswell. They are ASSAULTERS and this lets them do it.
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  18. Iridar51

    How is it so different from hunter crossbow with explosive bolts?
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  19. TomDRV

    1. Higher damage
    2. Higher velocity, greater effective range.
    3. Option for airbursting
    4. Doesn't consume your sidearm
    5. More of them.
    6. Many more types other than explosives availible.
    7. As a result no stealth benefit.
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  20. mondorian69

    How in heck do yo make a forum on this website
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