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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Wolfwood82, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Wolfwood82

    Several suggestions have been posted in other threads, but I wanted to collect the general directions these tools are going in into one place.

    Simply put, if we really want a tool slot for LA, we should probably figure out what these tools should be directed at. There have been many suggestions and almost as many directions for such a slot. But every other class has a set role and their tools are directly geared towards those roles.

    One example is Teamwork: Binoculars or improved spotting and short range telepads/jump pads/zip lines. These types of tools would help the LA be more teamwork oriented.

    Another example might be Implants: Adrenaline Pump would fall into this category, and I'm sure we could come up with more implants to add in as tools rather then "suit modification". However implants would likely be a lone wolf style tool set. This could arguably contribute to teamwork based on how you use it though, so keep that in mind.

    Yet another example might be Gadgets: Such as grappling hooks, tagging devices like the Infiltrator has, radar grenades, or other useful things.

    So post your idea on what type of tool set you would like to see put in, and provide examples. I suggest this because we essentially have an open slate for what we could use. And a tool slot provides us with an opportunity to truly define the direction we as LA want the class to go in.

    Keep in mind that a tool slot should have more then one option in it to provide competitive options for players. It should also be limited to a set role which compliments the LA's other qualities such as it's mobility and versatility.
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  2. Wolfwood82

    My thought was implants.

    Expand on Adrenaline pump with tiers as suggested here. But move this to a separate tool slot marked "Implants".

    Other implants could be:

    Reload Speed: This implant improves your reload speed depending your rank in it from 2% to as much as 10%

    Strafe Speed: This implant allows for faster strafe speed from 1% to 5% and also improves accuracy

    Thermal Optics: Similar to what is found in vehicles, however thermal optics is activated with the F key (this turns it on and off). While on, thermal optics has a reduced visual range compared to vehicles, but is better then the IR/NV range. It doesn't penetrate smoke and blacks out the screen if combined with IR/NV (meaning if you have it on, then switch to ADS with an IR/NV scope, your screen goes black). Increased levels increases the visual range, from 10m to 50m.

    Sound Sensor: This implant picks up on even the most quiet of sounds, picking up on nearby enemies who are sprinting and providing you with location and direction on the map. This sensor can even pick up on suppressed weapons that are fired near you. It's range goes from 2m to 10m based on level of certs. However it can't pick up on cloaked enemies or enemies wearing infiltrator suits even while they are sprinting, due to the specially designed sound absorbing materials used.

    Advanced Targeting Optics (ATO): This implant provides a number of points of information on targets. Such as vehicle occupancy (already available, but will change with 1/30), target health, and range to target. The ATO implant will also supply this information to squaded allies when the target is spotted, as well as indicators on the HUD pointing towards the target.
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  3. Iridar51

    Astonishing. I already feel like we actually are game developers and we're conveneening a metting to discuss Light Assault tool slot matter.
    It's amazing to what levels ignorance and self-importance can jump to if left unchecked. How about we leave game development to specialists?
    Now, It's alright to theroize and have "woudl be nice to have" talks, but what you're doing is just wrong.
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  4. Hawktitan

    I posted this in another thread but I'll repost it here:

    I'd like a light rocket launcher as our tool. The ammo would be the same as the fuel used for our jetpack. Make it do like 1/5 of the damage of the rocket launcher of a HA.

    Give it a couple of cert lines - lock on ground, lock on air, increased armor damage, increased infintry damage, fuel cost reduction. Only one active at a time.

    I'm just tired of looking at a tank/air zerg and just sighing. I want to contribute with my LA without needing to switch to HA.
  5. guiltyspark

    Flares for lighting large dark areas. Both stick flares to throw on the ground and air launched flares that hang in the sky and light a large area. The ground flares can be used in hallways and stuff , as well as markers for landing zones. The air launched flares could signal a mass rush , as well as just light a dark area that you cant see well.
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  6. Wolfwood82

    How so Iridar? As far as I can tell the same statement you just made could be fired right back at you. "I compiled a huge set of standardized operations and guidelines for light assault! I'm special now!" I'm just trying to compile opinions on where the class should go from the players who play the game. Any developer worth his salt knows that the community is an important source of view points for the game, but sifting through the information is more then a little time consuming, particularly when dealing with something like an MMO.

    Now what you just said right there, helps no one. Doesn't help me, doesn't help you, doesn't help the DEVs. It is a demonstration of, how did you describe it? A "level of ignorance and self-importance one can jump to if left unchecked". Yeah I think that's fairly accurate.

    Don't like the discussion? Don't post.
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  7. ritual

    I'll repost what I put in the drifter PSA thread since it probably belongs in this one tbh:

    I do really like the adrenaline pump idea too.
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  8. Minsc

    I support binoculars and adrenaline pump extended (I did suggest them after all:p ).

    Implants are an interesting idea, but would be tough to balance with suit slots. Unless equipping an implant acts as the suit slot. And usually the tool slot is an external item to use. Rockets, repair, heal, darts all effects things outside of player using them.

    The mini rocket launcher is a cool idea, but we have C4 to deal with vehicles and giving us a ranged anti-vehicle tool would make HA a little useless, and C4 more so. What about making it a flamethrower? It would make sense to consume jetpack fuel too, with an option of making it very very concentrated, like a welding torch. So you can do damage to vehicles at close range. We are assaults, our primary role is to attack and kill. Heavies are about killing infantry and vehicles. Lights can be the same or try to make it easier for friendlies via spotting and such.

    I also like the ability to toggle between jump-jet modes.
  9. Caracal

    I support something that will limit enemy mobility. An item which further enhances our own mobility or used to cut off flanking paths for the team.

    something like caltrops.

    It could do damage to anyone that steps on them, every step. It wont be enough to kill someone, but it will be enough to make them think twice about running across. Obvious uses for solo work will be to allow you to get away. But, it will also help team play in that any enemy which tries to flank your group will be weekend before they can even get into firing position on you. Could also be used to transform rooms with multiple entrances into a single entrance room by discouraging anyone from coming in the caltroped entrance. could also be placed on a well trafficked path as a trap or to funnel enemies towards a kill spot. Or it could be placed on the top floor of a tower to keep people away from the side your team is approaching from.
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  10. Iridar51

    What I didn't like is your tone, and I don't like it still.

    "Simply put, if we really want a tool slot for LA, we should probably figure out what these tools should be directed at."
    "So post your idea on what type of tool set you would like to see put in, and provide examples."

    These are not words of a forum member. These are the words of developer, who doesn't even asks for input, he expects it, like it's a work for the rest of us.
    You act like these discussions here can actually result in coming to life some of the ideas described.
    They, might, ofcourse. Possibility is tiny, and yet you act like it's another day in the office for you, where you and your team - us - develops the game, thinks of the ways to make it better.
    This is simply not the case.
    Oh, and I didn't ever said I was special. And your answer to me didn't help anyone either, so don't go all high and mighty.
  11. Minsc

    Iridar, wolfwood, both of you have used less than polite tones at one another, but let's keep this on topic please? A tool is something we really want, and could use too. Let's just throw ideas out there about what we would like to see and discuss viability of those ideas.

    Caracal, fun idea! Could equip/deploy like C4, so the functionality ingame already exists to a degree. An alternative tool would be a slick. Anyone moving faster than a crouch would just keep sliding until they ran into something or were no longer on the slick. It could also reduce the traction of vehicles making it really hard to get up hills.
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  12. Wolfwood82

    You are awesome as usual Minsc. :D

    A flamethrower or cutting torch might be fun. Though it kinda has a "SWTOR Bounty Hunter" feel to it unfortunately.

    The idea behind implants was specifically as a separate tool slot. Things that would provide useful accents to various load outs that you might have as LA. I believe a major piece of reasoning behind LAs having such a limited gear selection is because they need to remain "light". Implants wouldn't really add to hardware or equipment that they carried so they could continue to be light infantry. Implants could also help explain why LA are able to control their jet packs by thought rather then some form of interface as well.

    There were several other features in beta that would be nice as LA implants. Melee booster, Grenade pitching enhancements (combine both distance and speed of throw into a single enhancement).

    Granted some of my suggested enhancements make LA sound far to powerful, like the thermal imaging one.

    TBH these seem like something a Engineer would do instead. Area denial is a huge part of combat engineering and Light Assault isn't really meant to supply that denial in any form. I like the idea, just not so sure it really fits us.

    But to further pursue this particular line of thought, what about something similar to caltrops but not quite so... ancient? Maybe disc that forms a 4 point cross barrier. The barrier doesn't deny movement but enemies passing through it would immediately lose their shields. The HA special shield could protect them from the effect. This doubles it's value as both an area denial piece and something that adds value to HA as "room breachers".

    Well I'm sorry you feel that way but how you feel is pretty much your fault for approaching it with exactly that attitude. How you take someone else's comments says more about your own personality then theirs. I won't take responsibility for how you feel about what I posted because I know my intentions were not the ones you perceived.

    Like I said, don't like it. Don't post. It's that simple Iridar, though I would regret it if you didn't contribute as you do strike me as one of the smarter posters here.
  13. MarcusVitruvius

    Everything in this post is great stuff, the key here is that its not suit/utility slot, but rather tool/passive. I like all of them really.
  14. Wolfwood82

    Continuing with that discussion.

    The problem I see, and it is a problem that applies to having JJs being able to switch between jets (JJ having level 1 DJ and DJ having level 1 JJ, which is something I initially suggested), is that if you have both trees and force players to select one or the other, they are only going to pick one or the other because they can easily adept most tactics to suit what they get as long as they get advantages from both worlds.

    For example someone who selected DJ would never need JJs for anything. They would have a short burst version which would give them every advantage that JJs initially had over DJs. I understand this is exactly the direction you are going with it but bear with me.

    Anyone with JJs would have the ability to take advantage of the DJ's primary use. Fast travel across horizontal space. Even if you limited it to the speed and distance of level 1 DJs, you'd still be giving JJs all the reason they need to never invest in the other cert.

    If we combined the two jets into a single pack, and had each tree affect that particular mode of jet, then we give a reason for players to sink their certs into BOTH trees rather then just learning to live with one or the other, and treating the other as a novelty or convenience rather then an actual asset.

    Right now DJs hold little value except for the creative and unconventional players who enjoy giggling while tossing C4 onto sunderers from 40m up. And JJs hold little value for those creative and unconventional players. This, to me at least, seems like it could use some improvements. But the only way I see it working is by adding a switch between modes for LA, and having each tree impart it's effect onto each mode.
  15. Iridar51

    Well, thanks for the kind words, however, I fail to contribute, as I do not believe anything I'll say will have any impact on the game.
    Besides, I do not really believe we need useless token item to fill up tool slot, like the infiltrators have, it can stay forever empty for all I care.

    Spawning beacons is a single decent idea, more levels of adrenaline pump might be somewhat real, but light rocket launchers and implants are just wishful thinking that'll never become real. Besides, I fail to see the use of an implant to increase some stat by 5%.

    Also, that's the general problem of upgrades in this game, sometimes the difference is so minor that people start to argue that it's not there.
    It would be nice to see real gun and equipment stats, before and after upgrading. I do not understand why we should turn to some datamined spreadsheets to know what exactly our guns do.

    TR carbines could use some love, too, we have, what, six carbines? And yet they all seem alike and feel alike. Is it so hard to adjust a few details so the gun would actually look different? That's a problem will all ingame weaponry, I think. All guns look like one another, with varied barrel lengths and stocks.

    Implementing Spawn Beacons would mean reworking the whole existing mechaninc of spawn beacons being in "command" certs (or whatever they are called), and I don't believe it'll come to that.
    As been said, Light Assault having spawn beacons would make much more sense then any other class.
    There are issues, however, that with spawn beacons at his command any singular Light Assault will become a royal pain in the ****, as he'll just spawn nonstop from a spawn beacon in an obscure location that only other Light Assault will be able to counter.
    Not that any *two* light assaults in a squad can't do it now =\

    I do not think that Light Assault is in a desperate need of anything.
    Some bugs could be fixed, animations adjusted, but what really this game needs is a decent tutorial and better interface.
    My two certs, if you will.
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  16. Wobberjockey

    on behalf of infiltrators everywhere, i would like to offer you the recon detect device so we can actually get our old hacking kits back.

    thank you
  17. Wolfwood82

    No viruses and hacked vehicles were horrible!

    But seriously as it is I'm just jealous you get sniper rifles. But your token toy is admittedly very pointless.

    Your right. Most of what is suggested are things we don't really need. I honestly wouldn't care if we got something or not. However the DEVs have stated that they were looking into adding something to LA. So a number of random threads have formed and this just happens to be one of them. But my goal here wasn't so much "what can we add" as it is "what should LA be directed towards".

    DEVs seem to think LA should be geared towards lone wolf play styles. Personally I'd rather not see us geared towards that because we're already pretty damn good at it. I'd like us to be geared more towards assault and possibly sabotage. "Assault" being we engage enemy positions and taken them down, "sabotage" being we destroy assets behind enemy lines.

    I'm not a fan of the spawn beacon idea because it is a valuable squad leader tool. Even if LA can use it better then anyone else (the same could be said about virtually anything in the game) doesn't mean we should just automatically get it.

    But yes, the Spawn Beacon idea deserves mention here too.
  18. Minsc

    Yeah, the jump jet toggle is a hard problem. Perhaps you have to max both to unlock it? But that's for another thread.

    Wolf, you say you want it to be "tool/passive", but passive is the suit slot. The only class that gets a passive beyond the suit is HA, but it replaces their primary ability. So implants don't quite fit with the current gameplay. And implants are for xp and resources already too. But more unique suit slot item would be fun and make loadouts feel really different.

    Area denial is a bit of a engineer thing, but affecting mobility does fit with us. The torch doesn't have to add much weight. Rocket launchers and LMGs don't slow HA down that much. It also keeps to our assault title.

    Keeping with the assault idea:
    Under-arm grenade launcher of varying types (a light rocket launcher if you will)
    Throw grenades inside of a tank when standing on top of it (stationary tank required)
    Be able to shoot through cockpit glass on planes to kill the pilot
  19. Jack tha Man

    Hello! i got a suggestion for a tool that can either swap with the ifiltrators scan tool or work as a la tool .i posted this in other threads:

    Some kind of a target designator tool to mark targets for bombing... Since u sit in good places to mark vehicles and aircraft's this would be awesome as a teameffort tool... Mark the target and let ppl with lock On weapons deliver the blow.. kinda. Like soflam in bf3? Tell me what ye think.. I would also suggest to increase the fuel of the jetpack since you can almost never get ontop a tower in one go.and since its the future I would think that this should be thought of u know.not a major inc but just some since all you do otherwise is fly As high as u can and stick to the wall of the tower ceiling BTW is that a bug thats gonna get fixed? Hehe I'm typing on my phone so I don't bother making this pretty ../jack

    p.s I don't want ps2 to be turned into bf3 tho some ideas work well here aswell since it's really coming from actual warequippment. And laser designaton is incredibly important for rl ops jack out
  20. Iridar51

    Laser pointing would require too much coordination in a game that has none.
    And we don't *sit* in good places, little cats do. Real men fight and kill. Little cats' gameplay shouldn't be rewarded, we have other classes for that.
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