[TOOL RELEASE] ps2ls (Planetside Tools)

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  1. Tearloch

    To all you TF2 fans out there,
  2. U2LN

    What programs are you using? There might be an easier way.
  3. P4nda

    Alright so first off, bump, because this is an amazing tool the community is able to use.

    2 - what are the textures needed? I'm no texture whiz and I need some help. I'm using After Effects and some 3rd party plugins (for instance 3D elements) to plug in the .obj and throw on the textures that I've extracted. The only issue is I have no idea what the textures are used for. I'm using a lite program called DDS Converter that converts the .dds files into .jpegs, and I've extracted the Normal (_N), Specular (_S), and Diffuse (_DS)(or is that occlusion?) and I get some detail on the Galaxy, but that's it. The colors are still way off and I'm so lost.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Where do the grey, black and detail_cube textures go? Here's the texture options I get within this program:

    Image also, it's worth noting the _S and _N files are both the same size, 2048x2048, while the _DS is 512x512, grey is 1 pixel by one pixel, black/glass (im assuming the cockpit) are 218x218 and the detail_cube is 128x128.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated!

    Edit: And if I'm missing any textures, then where are they? And why? I extracted the entire file with textures enabled.
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  4. MasonSTL

    I hope this helps:

    the "C" textures are the ones you should use for the color of the models. The other textures are used in the game engine to apply faction color ("D"), camo ("TM"), ect...

    the tone of the colors might need to be adjusted with in you program. I only work with blender so I might not beable to help you out with that.

    NOTE: A good place for more information is at the PlayerStudio forums. Many there use this tool and others, and you will probably find better info faster than here.
  5. Moukassin

    Hi guys!
    I created this community on google+ to share my passion about Planetside 2, videomaking and 3D!
    It is open for the public, we can discuss any projects on these topics!

    Since I discovered the ps2ls tool I've been able to do animations with the PS2 chars, it is a ton of fun but I had to stop because it was too time consuming.

    But I'm still passionated about it, and I still want to use the PS2 assets for a cool video project if it's worth it someday! For now I'm just sharing my old 3D projects, updates about the game or my channel/
    Feel free to share your projects and/or ask for help/feedback etc... Like what a community does! Just say respectful to the others and don't spam!!

  6. Tyrranis

    Using this tool, I extracted the model for the Vanguard chassis, and had a go at making a new turret model. Specifically, a new anti-vehicle rocket primary weapon.

    You can tell it's not official by it being nowhere near the fidelity of the extracted model. Still, as a proof-of-concept...

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  7. TRSS11

    This is a fantastic tool! Only issue is that it always crashes when you want to view a DomeShield.
  8. TRSS11

  9. U2LN

    Wait this tool does .dme models, right?
  10. TRSS11

    It reads dme and exports obj.
  11. majogl

    Is it possible to somehow get to assets from PS2? Im working on some visual stuff an need to get to the 3D models, mainly of buildings. Is it at all possible/allowed? I managed to get all that data to extract (the .pack0-.pack-255) into real files, but now im left with files that have extensions ive never seen before... Anybody have any idea what can i use to open these/edit/export into more conventional formats (such as .obj etc)?


  12. Mechwolf

    Is it possible to change statistics and possibly add new items by yourself with this? I'd like to see if I can create things, and then post them.
  13. Mechwolf

    It would be nice to potentially create bases or small maps just to see what it's like, I think these links are well passed expired