[TOOL RELEASE] ps2ls (Planetside Tools)

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  1. Visk

    In the model viewer, if you click the extract button, you'll get the option to export everything you need in the same folder
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  2. SpaceKing

    and now we need someone to rig them for Garry's mod...
  3. Airazor

    I hit extract on said item of need and I can export it to .obj. There is a section called "Normals" checked and below that is "texture coordinates" however I unchecked normals and try to check on texture coordinates but its greyed out and unclickable. Any tips and tricks?

    I found out if you type in "FParmor" you can get the detached arms of all classes. Is there any other correct spelling or way to get the bodies of characters and or fast ways to group up specific things like heads or bodies intact?

    Searching through these game files gives me a headache on it's own. Especially if the "texture coordinate" button will not function.

    It would be nice if there was a guide to know what matches and how to find the files simply. There must be something I am doing wrong! :)

    I have a team willing to make some amazing machinima, I need more 3D artists haha
  4. HlllBllly

    being that this thread predates the Commissioner, is it known if the NS44 Commissioner Pistol is in this group of models?
  5. MFP_TK_01

    Any and all models that are located in the game can be found in those files. And there are even models in the files that aren't in game.
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  6. Ecelon

    I hate to BUMP an apparently dead thread, but anyways...

    Is there anyway to export certain layers from a .dme file?

    I'm ripping the models from Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. At the moment I'm trying to get Darth Maul whom is "Mesh 3" of the .dme file. I can extract the .dme, no problem, but the converter I use can't read layers, so only "Mesh 0" appears. I've tried to .obj extract on 3 computers. The app says the file was successfully extracted but it's not in the selected directory.

    Thanks in advance for helping!
  7. Scythar

    Render in DAZ Studio, after importing and tweaking the textures in photoshop to make them ready for Carrara and DAZ Studio.
    Character is not PS2, just used for correct scaling.
    Greetz, Patrick aka Scythar, Scarhino or Scarmory...
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  8. Scythar

    Real urban combat :)
    Would love this !
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  9. NovaAustralis

    O.M.G! :eek:
    This truly is a glimpse of the potential awesomeness that PS2 could provide.
    'Capital city continent' anyone? ;)

    All those detailed buildings and indoors areas = dat (low) FPS tho... :(
    (like a billion occluders would be mandatory)
  10. legozcrazy

    hello. i have been using this to pull the model of the commissioner.


    although i can not find the texture for the NS-44p. I am attempting to make a model then a replica irl. If anyone can tell me the location or email it to me i would be very thankful.
  11. Aleã


    But it didn't work and now I deleted it =(
    How to change it back (except for re-installing the game)?
  12. libbmaster

    You would love it.

    But your CPU would not. :eek:
  13. Bonom Denej

    Holy effing ****. This looks awesome. PlanetSide 2 in 2018.
  14. McFail

    Bump. It would be a crime to let this thread sink into obscurity.

    Got the model and textures for the Zenith carbine working in Blender, here's a quick render:
    [IMG]Next I'm planning on decking it out with attachments, and maybe rendering a scene behind it. If any other Blender users are interested in how I got it to work, just ask and I'll post my node setup.
  15. Krayus_Korianis

    We need MEGABLOCKS!
  16. McFail

    Added some attachments (Yes, I know you can't have an ALS and forward grip on at the same time, STOP RIDICULING ME STEVE).


    Also, you may notice that the forward grip is not attached to the part of the gun that actually looks like it is meant to hold it. Its not an oversight, I swear. If you attach a forward grip to the Zenith in-game, you'll see that they just jam it on right where I have it.

    Also, funny story, the file name of the carbine's battery is 'banana'. No joke.
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  17. Sniffler

    So can this program also be used for sound assets? I want to extract some sounds and use them in a flash animation. And if so, which .pack files have the sounds?
  18. Iridar51

    Why don't you just try it? It's gonna be faster than waiting on the author of a 2 y.o. thread :rolleyes:

    You can browse and search inside of pack files without extracting.
  19. Sniffler

    Ah okay, thought I just needed to extract them, before I could see what it was, and I thought that would take a really long time, thanks!
  20. Tearloch

    From Blue Monkeys to Purple Lizards
    Idk the name to give the TR. Perhaps "Red Dawn"? Red Cave man didnt seem creative.
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