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  1. Riffix

    This idea and this tool is great and thank you to the people working on it. Is Roy still working on it? I initially came here because I wanted to use Planetside sounds on my phone heh
  2. MFP_TK_01

    Edit: I shall refract my earlier comment. I have been looking for a program specifically like this for a while now.
  3. Airazor

    ARTISTS/ANIMATORS, sound/audio engineers, writers and most importantly fans, help me make some Planetside 2 Machinima! Dead Serious! We have the tools and the know how, we need to get this started.

    I made a post through the "Ideas and Suggestions" section (original post here) and under "Off-Topic Discussion". If you guys would like to help out I could use some good minds with great skills to pull off some truly amazing Planetside 2 Machinima that would do this game justice.

    I'm not talking about simple head bobbing up and down old school red vs blue machinima, I'm talking animated with good camera angles, mo-cap movement and awesome story. I have graduated Graphic Design and have experience in 2d/3d animation, with your help guys, we can pound out some awesome stuff :)

    If your game, let me know.
  4. MFP_TK_01

    Still got a lot of work to do. Think I'm going to break up the mesh some more on the engines and fuselage so I can get more variety of colors in, and I want to show a jet stream coming from the bird. And the Rockets aren't done yet. So more detail in general, but I think I can make something of it. I should have it being chased by several scythes or something.

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  5. Airazor

    Good work man! I'm telling yeah, this can be slammin!
  6. deggy

    Hate to Necro, but I have to point out:

    PS2LS crashes when you use it to view Lumifiber Trim.

    The more you know.
  7. MFP_TK_01

    I'm using an older version of PS2LS because it has the object viewer tab and it likes to crash in general. Sometimes I can view for extended periods of time, sometimes it dumps as I'm typing in a keyword search.
  8. deggy

    I'm downloading the Galaxy mesh for a thread I have going, I'd like some good concept art to go with it.

    HOLY CRAP THERE ARE A LOT OF MESHES. Why are these things not in the game yet?

    ...Would stripping out any of these unnecessary 3D models clear up any performance issues??
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  9. Amundsenkalmah

    Can you extract voice macros?
  10. MFP_TK_01

    Nope, you only render what you see (or what your computer sees to be specific). That latest behind the scenes actually detailed a huge clue into the problem. Each time you step into a new area your pc has to render it and throw it in cache. One thing that they noted was that each floor tile was a separate render all of its own. That means that if a base has 40, 50, 100 floor tiles, you are rendering each one separately. They fixed this by making 3x3 and 9x9 squares act as one which is honestly what I would have done right off the bat.
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  11. Pikachu

    How do I find the textures? :S I got the scythe model out but I would like it's texture and some camo. Extracting the model does not put out the texture as well. Just an obj file.

    I didn't notice the textures. I still would like to find a camo or two though.
  12. Brainwayne

    so true. They call it optimization but i call it "why not doing it in the first place?" They really should optimize their out-of-date graphic engine instead of removing Objects or make a box out of a barrel (like this guy in the latest OMFG Video did)
    This kind of "optimization" is just ridiculous
  13. CrazyChaiGur

    So how would one go about viewing these files or even converting them to other file types?
  14. deggy

    Depends on what you want.

    The model assets are .obj, they can be viewed in 3DS MAX, Blender, and a lot of the other high-tier CAD software.

    Sounds can just be exported and played.

    The XMLs are probably just tables, you could probably just open them in Notepad and get a general idea of the contents.

    And the camos and icons are .dds and .png. DDS files are Direct Draw maps, they're applied in the same CAD programs that you can use to view the models. They're textures for the white vehicle models you get from the .obj file. PNG can be opened in MS Paint or Paint.NET.
  15. deggy

    Also, my playing around with the Galaxy model:

    I have a lot of work to do. Although 3DS seems to import textures nicely.


    I'm trying to add a shield to the front to go with my thread, but I'm running into the typical render issue where translucent items don't render on their own. There's gotta be something behind them for them to render properly.

    Maybe I'll find a "ground" or "rock" texture to stick under it.
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  16. CrazyChaiGur

    all of the files I got are like .dma and .dme I need .obj and .dae is there anyone who would be willing to send me complete buildings?
  17. deggy

    Buildings aren't actually stored complete in most cases. You'll have "windowed wall" and "door wall" and "wall corner" and tile them all together.
  18. CrazyChaiGur

    I noticed in the object viewer that spawn rooms and large vehicle depots are, I was wondering if someone could help me get these in OBJ format as well as the most complete wall pieces they can come across, this is to help me in determining faces of the structures as well as poly information etc.
  19. Scythar

    Could DS file be à displacement file?
    But normaly this is à greyscale file... ,??
  20. Airazor

    If you guys know a good way to find the mesh .DME files and find the matching textures for the mesh models that would be slammin! Please inbox me or reply to this message! [IMG]
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