[TOOL RELEASE] ps2ls (Planetside Tools)

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  1. Duvenel

    I believe the change in rendering is something to do with the different parts of the models, i.e for camos?

    As for your second question it would depend on what file types that blender will accept for textures. I think the textures need to be converted to use in programs like 3DS max, although I can't actually remember what the original file type for the textures are without looking right now.
  2. MangoPunch

    They are in .DDS format, which can be used in 3ds but the channels are all swapped around, which is why they need to be converted. You can probably go about swapping the channels in Photoshop if you don't want to use the python script.
  3. Duvenel

    Hmm, assuming by your post that Photoshop will accept .DDS files natively, or is a plugin needed? Also are the channels always swapped in the same pattern? Only asking because I've not checked yet :)
  4. Brandonium10

    So how would you import these obj files into pepakura viewer 3 to make paper raft of this?
  5. Marn

    A bit late to the party but here is a little fan made render of a prowler thanks to that tool :)
    Just used a scene I made on Maya for another project.
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  6. RoyAwesome

    Sorry, I haven't been watching this thread at all.

    I'm refactoring parts of ps2ls and fixing an export bug. Once this is done, I'll release a version that supports texturing, image exports, and sound listening.

    You can follow the development here, including information on how to make your own changes: https://github.com/RoyAwesome/ps2ls
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  7. Free Man

    Oh please, please ! :)

    That would be a reason to work with my 3D Program again.

    I can build a MAX how I would like to play it.

    Sorry for my english.
  8. AlexS189

  9. Kortan

    Anyone know if there's any way to get the continent terrain meshes?
    There're files in there under names like "Indar_-64_-20.cnk0" that I have a sneaking suspicion might be it, but damned if I know what that file type is or how it's packed.
  10. Kortan

  11. Brainwayne

    maybe in other folder?

    (edit) lol forget that answer
  12. Sir Kane

    Yeah, those are terrain data. They have a small header followed by LZHAM compressed data. I'll update the info for them on Roy's git wiki later (the format changed when they added support for holes).
  13. Kortan

    Thank you, I look forward to it.
  14. trollager

    so for those wondering how to get the changeable camos its not actually based off of an alternate UV set. they used a layered texture and the alpha mask for this is hidden in the normal map file. also to manualy change the normal map channels here is a rough tutorial.

    • remove the channel that only has black and white data (no grey)
    • out of the 3 remaining channels move the channel that is the most different up to the top.
    • convert mode to RGB.
    • have all channels visible but select the bottom channel (now blue).
    • adjust the brightness of the blue channel to max under (brightness and contrast)
    • now you have a working normal map.
    still not sure what the DS.DDS file is for (possibly a weird height map)
    most of the S.DDS file is spec, gloss and possibly a height map.
  15. Sir Kane

    I had totally forgotten about it, but finally updated the info there a couple days.
  16. Kortan

    Thanks! :D
  17. Glaedr304

    what is the file extension i am looking for for all or any vehicle models?
  18. lekousin

    That is an awesome program.
    But could someone explain me what number equals to what information of what vehicle in vehicles.txt ?
    Because I look at the 10th number, which should be the health, but every number for that element are at 0. And I completely don't understand the text files.

    Every image is awesome. The created maps needs to be in the real game.
  19. LHudson

    This tool is awesome, though I am having trouble finding the skeleton rigs to import into Maya :(

    Any help?
  20. trollager

    Currently no Riggs which is a bummer.