[TOOL RELEASE] ps2ls (Planetside Tools)

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  1. Satanam

    The 4 cannon Prowler is just hilariously awesome. hahahaha The VS ESF + TR Sunderer too. Nice tool, buddy.

    Wish I could touch those files and do what I have in mind. Pretty simple: a TR Heavy Assault exactly like my character (Mini-chaingun, Zebra Camo, Composite Armor and Illuminated Skull Helmet) shooting at the screen direction, but aiming a bit to the right side of it (instead of shooting the screen itself). Behind it, blown up Magrider or Vanguard, with lots of infantry dead spreaded on the floor. All of it on a bit darkish The Crown (like it would be almost night) and some fire on the blown up tank pieces. I'd mix it and create a 1366x768 image which would be my desktop background forever. lol It would be rambo-ish, I'd pay Station Cash for it. lol
  2. flycatchr

    @ satanam - you do realize that my mod is a working computer :)
  3. Aliasse

    if this is a tree in esamir it hasn't been implemented... cuz there are no trees in esamir... These random files should be removed.
  4. Satanam

    Yep, I saw what you posted before as a link, but I mean it could be reproduced as virtual stuff. :p
  5. Strottinglemon

    Guys, your bases are impressive but I think my megazord takes the cake.


    Coming next update for 9001 certs.
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  6. Blarg20011

  7. Visk

    Anyone having problems with the normal map reconstructor script? It no longer seems to be working for me.
  8. Phrygen


    I WANT
  9. Brainwayne

    lol it got guns for nipples :eek:... me want that
  10. NovaAustralis

    Wow! I want one!
  11. Ztiller

    Could someone write a quick guide, step-by-step, on how to extract objects and then get them into Blender? I have extracted almost 60 packs, but when i try to import to Blender, i can't find anything.

    I want to play around building bases, what objects should i extract?

    Also, if i ever try to extract more than 10 packs at a time, the program crashes.
  12. Brainwayne

    do u have the version ?

    if so, you dont need to extract or whatever. Just open the .pack files in assets folder and export by using model browser.

    if it crashes, try exporting with "bounding boxes" turned off
  13. Brainwayne

    btw how come the preview rendering is sort of greenish ugly like? is this normal or is it an error on my side (i remember the previous version of this tool rendered different)


    Another question:

    How can i open the objects in blender including textures? its all grey and i have no idea how to add the textures to it... Is there any tutorial or something?
  14. ItchySox

    Hey, nice going, thanks for the tool. Time for some serious cosplay development. :cool:
    ****, my K/D is getting worse, might have to hide this soon. :)
  15. TestyVenom

    Will work on this be continuing? It's a great tool.
  16. MangoPunch

    I doubt it, Gelnika left the project to Sir Kane but we haven't heard anything from him in months. Roy Awesome made a few updates to it, but I don't think he's touched it in a while.

  17. TestyVenom

  18. TestyVenom

    Could you provide a step-by-step of how to use that Python code? I'm not familiar with Python at all; only some C++.
  19. Duvenel

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  20. Duvenel

    Actually last time I checked there had been a small update to the original PS2ls before other people(like Roy Awesome), made their own. As far as I'm aware none of them have been updated for a few months, but I believe the source code for the original is open for use if anyone would like to have a crack at taking over?
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