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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Yastin, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Yastin

    Okay, so I played Beta, went cold for a year or so, came back... I've been playing mostly LA and Infil. TR for the most part...

    Anywho, I heard the roklet was scrapped. But I got another idea for an LA "tool".

    Basically, a grappling hook.

    Now, I know what you're thinking! That's what we already do, right? But there's a bit of -extra- utility I'm suggesting with it...

    First off, what if you could hook vehicles? Imagine jetting up and hooking an ESF, reeling in, planting C4 on it, then dropping and blowing them to bits, aye?

    Secondly, secondary fire could hook -team-mates-. Right now LA can't contribute too much besides overwatch and light anti-vehicle, but think of the utility. Your squad is setting up a defense, or taking a flanking route on a base. Usually either a lot of walking and skyrimming ensues, or some glitchy hopping on walls, instead, your LA can jet up onto a ridge/roof and ferry people up one at a time.

    And, of course, you'd be able to climb mountains easier. Jet and latch, instead of the glitchy jet and skyrim-climb.

    Upgrades could improve retract rate and distance. Maybe have a shorter and slower version that can heft a MAX?

    I'd call it the R.A.T. - Rapid Ascent Tool. Or R.A.A.T. - Rapid Assisted Ascent Tool. It gives you a lot of utility, and no firepower beyond what you can drag up with you.

  2. Iridar51


    We have free flight. If flying isn't satisfactory, the sane thing to do is to improve flying, not add unnecessarily convoluted mechanics that ultimately accomplish the same thing.
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  3. Yastin

    Because latching onto walls/vehicles and dragging team-mates to better positions is what we already do? You didn't read, or you aren't addressing the utility and teamwork because you can't immediately dismiss it.
  4. Iridar51

    Fine, I'll munch it down for you.
    • There is no point in posting suggestions on this subforum, developers never visit it. Go to reddit.com/r/planetside if you want that.
    • Both grappling hook and teammate carrying has been suggested multiple times already. You can use the "search" function and revel in hundreds of arguments why those are bad ideas and will never happen. This is something that you should've done before posting.
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