tool for Light Assault: "gravity lift"

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Camycamera, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Camycamera

    remember Halo 3's mini grav lift thingy that you can throw down to get onto higher ground or flip vehicles? well, for the light assault class, i have thought of an object that can make the LA more teamwork-based.

    basically this is a tiny gravity lift that can lift other classes other than light assault (because they have the jetpack) to high ground. for example, to help an infiltrator get on top of a rock that a light assault can only get up on, the light assault can throw down a gravity lift near the rock, and it will lift the infiltrator on top of the rock when the infiltrator runs into it. and maybe when the infiltrator wants to come down, instead of having to deal with fall damage, he/she could simply walk back at the grav lift, and it will take him down automatically.

    also the LA will get say 5 xp per lift (every time someone runs into the grav lift). also, this lift will help with other classes with flanking, especially when trying to take over places that have courtyards that are surrounded by buildings that only the LA class can get up on top of. imagine it; engees setting up their turrets to gun down the unsuspecting from above, same as the MAXes, infiltrators and HA etc. it would give the LA more of a teamwork purpose instead of a straight up flying infantry killer. what do you guys think?
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  2. Sturmwaffles

    This is the best idea ever. This is an amazing thing for Light Assault to become a support role, and an assault class. Currently, we miss a squad utility. This would be AMAZING. :D.
  3. Camycamera

    thanks for feedback :D
  4. Iridar51

    Also the oldest one
  5. Camycamera

    are you sure it has been mentioned on the forums before? even so, IT SHOULD be added...
  6. Teykila

    would be cool but... with all those Heavy assaults... i can't see what the game will looks like if they can bypass the wall of an amp station or jump on the 1st floor of a tower (or even on every roof in this game :s)
  7. Camycamera

    yeah well that's the point, to help the other classes get to higher points on the map that the LA could previously only do. it would be interesting to see what tactics could be implemented if this is implemented.
  8. RD1349

    Take my money!
  9. LibertyRevolution

    No.. it would be OP..

    No other class can give its ability to other classes..

    How many of these threads with this exact suggestion do I have to read.

    All you people who think this is a great idea need to think about it more..
    Do you really want maxes and snipers with the mobility of LA?
  10. Camycamera

    but they dont have the mobility of an LA WITHOUT an LA..... and plus it would add more teamwork to the game. AND ofc it wouldn't be on demand, so they wouldn't have the mobility of an LA. i haven't had any threads with this exact same suggestion...
  11. Oakwalker

    How about a gravity grenade that when you throw it into a group of friendlies, they get thrown up and they can kinda angle their landing over a wall or something, but if thrown against enemies, it throws them up and they are affected by fall damage
  12. Camycamera

    nah, wouldn't work; it would be too random, it should be like the ammo box where you can see it and run up to it etc; it would be like a grenade that exploded and gave pepole ammo :? and that grenade can lead to some serious griefing. it would require heavy communication as well, and is not as convenient as an ammo box. what i suggested would be more convenient; and i dont see it being OP
  13. Dignity

    If you want to do it like this you should make it something like a jumping pad that can only be used for as long as the LA is actually standing there using it, so that when he moves away the gravity lift goes away. If you don't it'd be too OP.
  14. Yothiel

    Sure it has. And that probably wasn't even the first occurrence.

    As for being OP... I think this is a fair level of OPness which every class should be brought to (so that it wouldn't actually be "OP"ness). And you can tweak it for example by making it cost 100-200 ressource and being destroyable, and by limiting its userate so that one pad it doesn't weight too much when used by zergs, and so on.
  15. HerpTheDerp

    Considering it took SOE two months to fix jump pads to not randomly kill you I'd rather not see this in the game
  16. JackD

    Good idea, a bit like a mobile jump pad.
  17. Dignity

    gravity lift, not jump pad
  18. CraftKing

    Implement that and the LA that deploys it will be immobile indefinitely until the jump pads are destroyed or the LA got killed.

    Or put a weight limit or limit the number of people that can jump on it, but the jump pads costs 300 resources to deploy. And only lasts for 5 minutes or less.

    It's a one way jump pad and LA can only deploy one!

    And, whichever is implemented as described above, if LA is not immobile, LA will not have HIS JETPACK! So he's just a walking normal foot soldier! Of course when he dies, the jump pad will be remove as well.

    I personally don't like this idea. Walls on the techplants, towers and other high level ground/area would be so pointless if this has been implemented. This will only favors zergs on the offensive side, well, most of the time.
  19. Oakwalker

    Everything about this is unfair to the the LA class and you should be ashamed.
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  20. Kogmaw

    The distance it lifted other classes would have to be relatively small, otherwise youre taking away from the thing that makes a LA just that.
    personally, im not big on it, and i think it would add more complications than fun. but, given the opportunity, i would certainly abuse it