Too many invisibles players

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  1. Chainzzz

    In my opinion, I think there are far too many infils in this game. When I started out a couple of years ago, there were not as many infils as there are now, funnily enough the influx in infils seems to around the same time the HA over shield was nerfed, which is funny as it seem that the infil community kept screaming about nerfing the HA.

    God knows I've tried to bring friends to this game, but they give up due to the invisible death, and seem to think the only way to counter an infil is to play an infil.

    The argument that infils have less heath is also a red herring. This game is about map and situational awareness. The infil class is able to dictate when, where and range of the fight, which imo is a big advantage and when you have 4 or 5 of them running around makes for an unfun fight. There's been plenty of times when I am in a 12 v 12 fight and the majority of the player are infils.

    I don't think the Infil class needs a nerf, but something to reduce the current numbers on a map, I would suggest that they should increase the resources to pull an infil to 450 like a max would make a more so specialist class again.
  2. Hegeteus

    Are you comparing infiltrator to a MAX...?

    While I've seen people who fall victim to infils like sheep to a wolf, there are people in this game who are very adept at dealing with infils and exploit every mistake in their approach and weaknesses of the class itself(including cloak optics). If people who complain about infils here had even a fracture of that kind of vigilance, this thread wouldn't need to exist and exaggerated suggestions like these would never surface.

    When it comes to this stuff, there's typically two kinds of players. Player A gets ambushed and instantly takes action against the infil while taking benefit from their surroundings(most popular tactic I've seen is cutting the line of sight and turning tables). Player B on the other hand just gets bamboozled, panics and then whines about it.
    I've personally played a lot as / against infils and it's always the factor of skill that decides the outcome, not class imbalance of any kind.
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  3. DarkStarAnubis

    You can fight infiltrators with their weapons.

    Tower defense - infiltrators love to sneak up and to ambush snipers and other defenders, sometimes dropping mines while running and knifing.

    Just turn Engineer or Infiltrator and drop a couple of AP mines close to the lifts (yellow arrow), change back into HA, pretend to forget the AP mines and be surprised by a long "Bang!" 5-10 minutes later.
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  4. ParakeetLord88

    To stop most infils, stay with a group and don't stop moving.

    When it comes to power knifers, that's a bit more difficult since they can hit you while moving and take out zan dentire group possibly. You will be able to stop them in some cases by using mines (they run into them) but the most important thing you can do is use the advanced shield capacitor - that extra 50 shield makes them need two power knife hits instead of one. You may still die, but it will slow them down and then someone else can kill them. Really, what you need versus them is a revive until you learn to better see them coming.

    Alternately, start driving a sunderer or other vehicle. Then you're immune to knifers. MAXes are also highly resistant to knifers.
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  5. LordKrelas

    The HA shield that is a reactionary counter, and used to block head-shots in combo with the nanoweave.
    Gee wonder why anyone would complain about that.

    That's their problem; Dark-lights are available for most weapons.
    And you sorta failed to tell them about them, if they failed to notice.

    A red herring;
    Target A has 500 Health.
    Target B has 1000 Health.
    If Target A is Engaged by Target B, Target A must deal twice the amount of damage to kill Target B as they need to die.
    If Target B is Engaged by Target A, Target B must simply deal half their own health, having a buffer of 500 health in dealing it.

    Target A, has a Camouflage system, that is able to be seen at closer ranges, but locks their weapons.
    Target A can also be seen by a Light in closer-ranges.
    Target B can deal damage on Target A while Target A is camouflaged.
    Target B still has 500 additional health to work with, granting a buffer to trading blows with Target A.

    Target B can use all but the positions in plain sight.
    Target A can use all positions, and those in plain sight for periods of time.

    Target B can gain the same advantage, but more health to buffer mistakes or superior enemy accuracy.

    Now if Target B had the overshield, the difference would be greater.

    450 nanites, to pull the recon class, killed in singular bullets by a sidearm.
    That requires ambush to use, if not at extreme range.
    That's worse than a Max; As at least a Max overcomes the price when supported.

    Nothing would help with that nanite cost when using an Infiltrator, you die as easy and easier than most infantry.
    And with a 450 price tag? You'd be seeing more cautious infiltrators leading to more truly hard-to-see-coming deaths.
    As they have to make it worth the damn price of using it over a Max, or several vehicles.

  6. BartasRS

    Yesterday I had really great time as a stalker on Hossin. There was a nice, little fight over Gourney Dam and most of the players were Stalkers (on both sides). Guess what? We all had little problems with finding each other. As mentioned above: dildars, darts, silent deaths and hacked terminals are a great way to find "invisible" players even if you can't really see them at first.

    In this game, and all othe games that I've played, if I had problems with some opponents/classes I just played them for a bit to see what are their limitations and weak points. Maybe all those ppl who complain about Snipers/Stalkers should play them for a bit and see it's not all that awesome to properly play an Infil. Sure, it sucks to be instagibbed but you must realise that Infils have to spen A LOT of time to properly position themselves, sneak up to enemy and, usually, have that one kill before they die.

    From my perspective (as Infil main) HAs just spam their guns and medkits and stay alive/kill much more than any infil.
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  7. stalkish

    Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
    Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
    Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
    One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
    In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them,
    In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

    It wasnt the ring of invisiblilty, it was the ring of power.
    It gave him power over the other rings.
    Also grants un-natural long life to the bearer, but with certain drawbacks.

    Fun Fact: Gandalf actualy possessed one of the 3 elven rings during the films, but its never mentioned.
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  8. Halo572

    Always been like this since 2012, always will be like this, worse because they have made them harder to see.

    When I played the only way is to have the darklight attachment on at all times, that shows them up as being everywhere.

    F2P game that will attract 1337 5n1perz trolls who get to use a hack that they would normally have to pay for and chance being banned.

    Quite simply the worst game mechanic in any game, even surpasses one hit kill weapons in trolling.

    Normal player - can't comprehend why anyone would want to play an online game invisible.

    Troll apologist - Not invisible - cloaked. Pwnage. Git gud. Learn 2 play.

    Makes a lot of money for Daybreak, they will be attracted to the weapons specifically designed to troll from behind such as the SMG and will sell a lot of them.

    Move on, if you think that it has only just started you are new and seeing a game not much further on now than in beta in 2012.
  9. MarauderW

    I only have a problem with infils when the background is white or dark. I guess it's a common thing.

    Else I just open them up to my AR.
  10. Inzababa

    "you can not use a weapon while cloaked"





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  11. OldMaster80

    What are you talking about? I haven't seen any.