Too many infiltrators

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bl4ckVoid, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Bl4ckVoid

    I am fed up royally with the game.

    This just happened:
    I spawn at a base, a vanguard is outside. I get a heavy, try to get into position fire one at the tank, then retreat.
    Going to another position, trying to aim at tank, DING. infiltrator headshot.

    Respawn, this time tank leaves, but point is flipped. I rush to point, kill 1 guy. Then a freaking infiltrator knifes me, but I kill him, only to be gunned down 10 seconds later by another invisible guy.

    This is really tiring and zero fun, just kill us randomly instead.Seriously, I would prefer to be killed tottaly randomly anytime. At least I don't have to be paranoid, it is a fact of the game, you die randomly.

    I know they are partly visible and so on, but I do not want A-D spam all the time, and I do not want to hunt for invisible guys.

    Tired of this totally.
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  2. Dcrd

    Move around more. If you don't want - you deserve it.
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  3. SharpeShooter

    lol l2p!

    Infiltrators have a role to play in battles they are supposed to be unpredictable and come at you from shadows! learn to deal with it or just play infil yourself!
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  4. Nyscha

    So you died from a small group of infiltrators and had to announce it.
    Please tell us more how there is too many infiltrators.
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  5. WinchesterLock

    This guy, he comes in and complains about a class doing it's job. Let's all laugh at him. :cool:

    But in all seriousness, we just had an infiltrator update, so you have people still hyped over new sniper stuff. As such, of course there will be more infiltrators than usual (this will likely drop as sniper hype wears down). Instead of complaining about it, do something about it, pull infiltrator and snipe back at them, shoot sensor darts to find them, use cloak, hunt them down and shoot them, use cover and avoid them, not to mention just going somewhere else to grab air/armor or using it to sneak around and flank the snipers. You have so many options available to you.
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  6. Codex561

    Did this ever cross your mind?
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  7. Captain Kid

    totally agree. Good thing I'm not in command of this game. I would remove all sniper rifles from the game and remove the smg from Infiltrators. In return they could be totally invisible, even while running and no decloak sound. Obviously pistols would get a nerf so they can only kill pre-occupied enemies, like it's supposed to be. (while repairing a turret, behind an AV turret, repairing a lone sunderer, etc.) Hell, they could even spot enemies without sound.
  8. Bl4ckVoid

    My favorite hobby is now to counter-snipe infiltrators with a battle rifle. From the spawn room ;)
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  9. Alarox

    There will always be "too many" of X.
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  10. MurderBunneh

    Don't worry they are nerfing the only class that can reliably kill them next month.
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  11. starlinvf

    The Infil hype is pretty much over already. The new rifles are hard to use, and the stalker cloak requires a different mind set to use effectively, so the "flavor of the month" club has already gone back to their usual playstyles.

    But like most updates of this nature, you have a distilling of an effective sub-set players becoming more survivable, given a tool not used in enough volume for the opposition to forcibly adapt, which gives the illusion of having more of them. If anything, you should blame your empire for not running more Darklight, or just not having better snipers in general. 90% of them are terrible, and I have literally spent upwards of 30min at a time just counter sniping from an off angle. I've died from more AP Mines in last 3 months then I've ever had to a sniper.... and I'm not even that good of a sniper.
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  12. Meeka

    Maybe it was the same Infiltrator just following you around.

    I do that sometimes.

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  13. Bl4ckVoid

    Snipers do no not counter-snipe, because they do not like shooting invisible people. It is better for them to shoot spam everyone who is trying to aim on the battlefield.

    Small scale fights are now terrible, there are always SMG infiltrators around. Darklight is totally unusable. Scout radar was good against them, but that got nerfed (have to occupy vehicle), shooting from Flash = suicide.
    Recon darts + invisibility + hack is OP, they hack terminal and just keep spamming the darts, if there is an I WIN button, than this is it. Yeah, I know, I should blow up terminal, but guess what happens if I start doing that...

    The other OP thing is being invisible on a mountaintop, decloak for half sec and OHK somebody.

    Yet, they nerf the HA shield, because that is OP. o_O

    Large scale open fights are also terrible, hordes of infiltrators and vehicles that can OHK you and you cannot even shoot back or react.

    No wonder biolab fights are so popular even with the stupid spawn room camping. It is still more fun than dying randomly to invisible people.
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  14. VogonPoetMaster

    There are solutions to your problems.

    1. about OHKs: never stand still in the outdoors. Good infils will still kill you but it'll weed out the bads, who are the majority. If you get OHK whilst sprinting and feel like raging just think of all the times you shot people in the back with your bullet hose.
    2. if SMG infils are causing mayhem, equip a crossbow and use the sensor bolts or don't travel solo. Or you can ask your own infils to use sensor darts or motion spotter; I know it's a bit like trying to squeeze water from a rock, but it's worth a try.
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  15. gloowa

    As much as I agree with you OP, we are a minority. Most people like it like that. Just train, train, train and keep alert.

    Also, don't play on low graphic settings. Makes infil cloak completely transparent instead of blurred blob. Use medium settings at minimum.
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  16. Bl4ckVoid

    1. Aiming or ADS is out of the question then. That is just great!
    2. I do not have a crossbow nor do I plan on getting one. I am talking low population areas, where usually there only 2-3 people on the base (or none). EG: Infiltrator is ghostcapping alone.
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  17. Wecomeinpeace

    Two things about this:

    1) They need to fix the cloak on low settings, or at the very least make it consistent on ALL settings. Personally i don't even mind this much, but having graphic options change the gameplay without any warning or explanation is not only inconsistent, but just plain wrong.

    2) Situational awareness + darklight = dead or running infiltrator. I personally have both a Heavy and LA loadout with a darklight outfitted shotgun. Together with the sound the infil makes (and it's not just the cloak, know your surroundings and what surface makes what sound) they are not as invisible as they may think - even on low settings. Also take a look on terminals on the map as they are a prime target for infils and start blinking when one is fiddling around with them.
    Alternatively you can also play cat and mouse with them and go infil yourself. At the very least you should switch to infil once to shoot some recon darts and hopefully get an idea where he might be that way. Then it's Heavy/LA darklight shotty time.

    But that being said when i'm not paying attention and start looking at menues outside of a spawn an infil will get me too - and he should because it's his damn job: Picking off people who don't pay attention and sneaking to objectives.
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  18. Kinan Eldari

    You're not winning. It's frustrating. Everyone here as a "nerf this thing now!" (good gods I hate the NC MAX...) story that they can all share for the world to see. But will that truly fix anything? Nope. You're looking for a game where everyone's got the same amount of health, the same gun and the same movement speed and no jumps.

    Here's the kicker to that idea; a game like that is boring because people will complain there is no diversity. Just look at Shoot Mania ("who?" you say? Exactly). There's diversity and different playstyles for a reason. Crying nerf over something you find hard to defeat only shows where your own weaknesses lie. So if you still feel the need to be angry with anyone or anything, don't look to the outside world and point fingers. Look at yourself, and be angry that you are apparently not good enough. Then calm down, realise how silly and childish you're being, work harder to get better, or find something to do with your time that doesn't make you scream in rage. Hell, that's why I quit LoL.
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  19. VogonPoetMaster

    You can't aim whilst strafing in ADS? It'll stop most snipers from OHKing you at long range.
  20. notyourbuddy

    Yep the decloak, fire, recloak all under a second makes sniping major cheese in this game. Bolt action users are pretty much free to snipe for hours on end without fear of being countered by anything. Really I think this might be the only game I've played that has no true counter-sniping component to it.

    If SOE isn't going to put a realistic decloak/recloak time then they should at least try to find other ways to introduce counter-sniping to the game. Add the ability to see cloaked infiltrators to all the bolt-action and semi-automatic sniper rifle scopes or something (similar to the effect a darklight flashlight has on infiltrators).

    Would put an end to all the cloak behind cover, move outside cover while invisible for 10 seconds to casually pick out a target, decloak, fire, OHK, recloak lameness. Now these guys would be vulnerable to being counter-sniped and since he could see the guy trying to counter-snipe him its a battle of skill and situational awareness.

    Gives snipers something to worry about for a change so they can't just casually pick out and farm all the infantry that are trying to fight each other in a base fight.
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