Too many heavy assaults

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by VonStalin, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. VonStalin

    Population of heavy assaults is too big.
    Hit F to win is too strong.
    Reducing shield HP by 25% might be just perfect.
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  2. andy_m

  3. LibertyRevolution

    So the majority of the fighting force seems to choose the class designed for fighting, working as intended.
    Don't want to lose to a heavy, don't fight them head up, or play heavy if you want to fight head up.

    I used to complain too.. but then people explained to me that heavy assault is meant to win 1v1, that is their ability.
    That it is not supposed to be a fair fight, that if you are not heavy the game is designed for you to lose the fight.

    Seemed unfair to me... Then I just switched to playing heavy, now everything seems fine.
    I do miss my jump jets, but I don't miss shooting some guy in the back only to have him press F and turn around and pwn me..
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  4. VonStalin

    I agree. But when you start shooting him from the back in the head, he turns on the shield, turns around and kills you when you have emptied half of your clip already is a bit ridiculous...
    It is noob friendly class, that is ok. But when veterans start playing it - it is different story..
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  5. HadesR

    ^ This TBH is one of the biggest issues .. How the dodgy hit detection and lag multiplies how good the shield is ..

    And sadly if they can't guarantee a 100% perfect hit detection lag free game then compromises have to be made to the shield side IMO.
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  6. Xasapis

    What you described is not a problem with the heavy. Nothing survives half a clip to the head, shield or otherwise. So either you grossly exaggerated, missed or suffered hit detection issues.

    There are weapons in this game that suffer from body shot issues (not enough DPS in the clip), but nothing can survive headshots. Three people can take down a MAX with headshots in under 2 seconds.

    The population of the heavy is due to two reasons:
    • Most familiar class for people coming from other shooters.
    • Loners class for the vast amount of people who lone wolf in this game.
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  7. Redshift

    That's your bad aim, ttk with headshots is lower than ping/reaction time, if you lose in that situation you missed most of your shots
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  8. WarmasterRaptor

    This title can also be read as : Too many default/standard/general troops!!

    Are armies in whatsoever universe/game normally and logically composed only of equally divided specialized units or there is one mass of troops that stands out by it's sheer number?

    And the shield is not that "invincible/i-win" either. There is a lot going on weirdly with the hit detection with the servers being completely drunk or something.

    Also, recently I went bad to my first love, the medic, and the shield isn't so much of an issue when you can start to regenerate in-fight and have a more accurate weapon...
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  9. OldMaster80

    Either you have a bad aim or this is the hit detection bug again because what you said shouldn't happen (and for me it doesn't actually).

    Then you make it seem like the shield is what makes HA superior in combat, while it's a mix of shield and weaponry.

    But imho HA are ok as they are.
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  10. K2k4

    I hate this argument. Heavy assault is not the only class meant for fighting. Medics, engineers, maxes, smg infils, and even light assaults have a place on the front lines of battle in this game. This does not justify your argument for the heavy being fine as OP.

    Honestly the problems I have with the heavy is the class gets too many good things. Rocket launchers would be awesome on any class. Lmgs would be good on any class. Shield would be good on any class. But these things are all on one class and are exclusive to that class. That is what bothers me about heavy assault.

    Engineers and la share carbines. Medics get assault rifles which are half way between carbine and smg. But heavy lmgs are varied between double magazine size carbines and 100-200 round magazine monsters. Honestly if I had the option to use them on any class it would be lmg all day.

    Rocket launchers are the only reliable free av in the game.

    lastly the shield gives the HA an edge in most fights. Its like icing on the cake.
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  11. Kociboss

    Problem is, VS Heavies are the best (0.75 ads)

    This is the only balance issue. Other than that I dont have a problem losing against HA 1v1 as for example engineer.

    I don't really fancy TR LMGs (Even the butcher is meh imo)
  12. JudgeNu

    It is either remove it altogether or leave it be.
    A nerf is pointless imo.
  13. Thrones

    I like to play as an infiltrator, but it is very rare that I do. Our class trait is invis, but yesterday a heavy, which I had spotted on radar, walked down a mountain, walked right up to my face, and one shot me with a jackhammer. /tell I saw your shimmer, lulz.

    Make RLs Main weapon slots and decrease reload time
    Decrease movement speed by %15 - cause cardio kills gains.
    or buff other classes to the level of the Swiss Army Soldier.

    Also, wtf is up with SMG vs carbine and LMGs. In every situation it is better to take the later, unless i am mistaken.
  14. Rovertoo

    I've pointed it out before: The reason the HA is OP isn't because of the shield itself (the shield is just a frustrating mechanic), the HA is OP because it has little to no downsides. Just like how the PPA was OP because it had no downside other than no AV damage, while the other guns had range or drop issues as well as no AV damage. Of course the PPA may now have too many downsides, but that's another discussion.

    So the HA is OP because it doesn't shoulder any downsides. This is why everyone plays it and it just flat out dominates the field. Just about the only thing that HA players have to overcome to use the class is the movement debuff when the shield's active.

    Usage of shield reduces movement speed

    Compare that to a class like the LA. The downsides an LA player has to overcome are:

    Limited primary weapon options
    No tool of any sort
    Usage of jetpack effectively disables weapons
    Jetpack flight speed is slow and buggy

    The sheer disparity between the drawbacks between the HA and all the other classes is what makes the class itself OP. Say what you want about it being a 'front line fighter' (...and back line LMG support, and rear guarding defense, and mid range AV hunter...), but the HA outclasses the other classes. I don't think this is balanced or fair to anyone.
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  15. LibertyRevolution

    The other classes can fight, but the heavy assault is designed to win the fight.

    Heavy assault are the front line attack class.
    Light assaults is your flanking attack class.
    Medics, Engineers, and Infiltrators are support classes.
    Maxes are pure cheese.

    If you are on the front line as a support class and you are not playing support, then you should have just pulled a heavy.
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  16. Rovertoo

    I would point out that Infiltrators are combat classes. Engineers are too (mostly), but more defensive. Repair is an aside to their fortifications with turrets and the like, at least that's how I feel.

    The biggest problem with this is that it is, again, unequal. The HA is so much more effective at his supposed 'front line' role than the Light Assault is at his supposed flanking role or the Infiltrator at his supposed stealth-killing role. Light Assaults can get a good flank (after several minutes of traveling and planning mind you) and nab a few kills, a good amount possibly. But most likely will be spotted by a Heavy Assault or something and be killed promptly. But a Heavy Assault gets the same amount of kills or vehicle destructions on a regular basis, be it squishing someone 1v1 or just general fighting. Little risk, great reward.
    It is possible for the classes to have different roles and still have one be too powerful.
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  17. LibertyRevolution

    Infiltrators are a support class, as support classes have tools designed to help their team.
    Infiltrators main role is to hack terminals/turrets and to provider radar.
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  18. Klypto

    If you are interested in just the infantry combat, there is no reason whatsoever to play anything other than HA.
  19. Saool

    So last 1/4.
  20. ATRA_Wampa-One

    There are a tone of VS Heavies because outside of the Terminus, VX6-7, and Pulcar C our Carbines and AR's suck.
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