too many br 100s!!!!

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  1. zaspacer

    I agree they should allow the options for players to voluntarily segregate themselves players better, but I don't think they should do it by Removing Players' access to the 4 Main Continents. Those Main Continents are the current Heart of the game, and most players don't want to be Forced off them (especially since many feel the Newer Maps are notably worse). Instead, it should look like this:

    Koltyr expanded - 1 to 19
    Battle Islands A - 20 to 59
    Battle Islands B - 60 to 100
    the 4 continents - 5 (maybe 10) to 100 (open to all except New-New Players)

    This allows players to:
    1) play Newbie Zone of Koltyr (if they are Lowbies)
    2) join the full game of the 4 Continents with everyone else (at level 10 or above)
    3) join the Battle Islands A to experience the Mid Level Only Combat (at level 20-59)
    4) join the Battle Islands B to experience the High Level Only Combat (at level 60-100)
  2. Bindlestiff

    I feel you've highlighted the problem in your own words. You don't see any of what is happening to you as a learning experience. Everything that happens in this game is a learning experience, always. It is just a matter of how much, or how little, there is to be gained from it.

    It should. It should teach you to be more aware of your surroundings, be more aware of your opponent, and if needs be switch to a class that gives you an early warning (infiltrator) or height advantage (LA).

    Can a BR2 even get C4? Regardless, getting C4'd by anything should teach you to be more situationally aware next time. There is a reason they were able to approach your vehicle unopposed and detonate.

    It most definitely should. It should teach you to appreciate which fights are worth fighting, and which ones need to be ditched. "No fight was ever won from the Spawn Room".

    It should teach you that some things cannot be avoided no matter how much you prepare for them, and to accept this and move on.

    It should teach you to bring flak armour. It should also teach you to stop putting yourself in a position where grenades keep posing a credible threat.

    If you aren't willing to learn from the lessons that are in front of you every corner you turn, every step you take, every kill you confirm, or every death you face then I don't know what to say. The game is not about how things play out when it is 1v1 at a deserted base. Things are not meant to be fair, this is war.
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  3. Bindlestiff

    I did end up doing it. That is my lesson: read the entire thread before posting.

    Carry on...
  4. Goretzu

    You don't remotely have to be BR100 to know what you are doing, I don't think there's any real difference between your average BR50 and BR100 (other than the BR100 will have earned more certs)......... and if they are alts then BR10s (just enough to get a basic setup certed - and the reality is a BR1 alt that has spend enough DBGcash will be pretty deadly).

    PS2 is harsh on newbies, but that has nothing really to do with "Battle Rank" it is just the game has a very steep and wide inital learning curve, I found it harsh as a Planetside 1 (and many other MMO and FPS) player for the first little while back when there were no BR100s.

    BR in PS2 is essentially meaningless (unlike PS1) and it is certainly no way to "grade" continents, other than the existing newbie one.
  5. Goretzu

    Segregrating actual continents would definately kill the game at this point (and probably would have at any point).

    However I don't honestly think even Battle Islands (if they ever turn up) could take player segregation at this point with the number of players per server PS2 now has.

    I'm unsure Battle Islands are even a good idea at this point, as they may well kill the general continents and then the game entirely with the current server levels (I suppose it depends on how exactly the are implimented)........ as opposed to DBG actually finishing and expanding the core game (continents).
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  6. Moz

    Couldn't agree more...

    Don't know if we have any poker players here but i always use that example:

    Its a lot harder to play poker against someone who doesn't know how to play poker because they are unpredictable.

    Same applies here.... I know where the vets will be from base to base.... its the lowbies that usually kill me because they are in that "why the **** is he even there" place.

    I say there is too many lowbies!! :D
  7. zaspacer

    It really depends how it's done. But given DBG's aptitiude, I agree it is above their ability to orchestrate and would very likely lead to major problems.

    Also, I am not advocating Segregating the Continents. Just advocating (just testing out) opening up smaller, segregated playgrounds for players to be able to romp around on.

    Again, it depends on how you did it.

    If you just opened up more Map space, it would probably just dilute player Pops across the board. But if you made it limited access content, it could sidestep that problem. Consider these options:
    1) run it like Hearthstone Arena where payers accrue tickets they can use to access it, and it's a bonanza rich playground with big payouts
    2) run it like Hearthstone Brawl, where it's open for 1-2 days every week and each week has a crazy set of new rules
    3) run it where the Winner of taking a Continent then launches a set of limited duration Battle Islands (one for each BR group), with a special, short term goal for each Island. Winning the battle on each locks the Islands and that in turn unlocks the next Continent and kicks off an Alert of that Continent.

    You have to consider that PS2 as it exists now is facing a bleak future. And DBG has the chance to reassess their goals and realign the game's resources to build out the game to reach those goals. The idea is NOT to just put stuff in the game and hope it works, or simply copying more PS1 elements into PS2 and hope they work. The idea is to identify and clarify what DBG's goals are (both a modest set and an ambitious set of goals), then build out a plan to use the resources to best meet those goals. Usually that plan(s) starts with identifying the desired player/customer demo, the identity of the PS license/brand, and the bundle of gameplay elements that will best serve both. Also, to identify what staff have aptitude to handle what, and obtain additional needed support to cover those areas that are in doubt (designing a overarcing ecosystem, running the goal and planning development, etc.), from borrowing/budgeting from other Departments (as staff, consultants, etc.), to bringing in a variety of outside (vetted) experts types as needed, to communicating with proven leaders in the field you want to succeed in, etc.

    I have worked with lots of people on lost of projects that follow this blueprint, and it is usually very successful. Even if it just helps a group realize they do not have the resources to achieve what they wanted, and to retarget and maximize with what they do have.
  8. St0mpy

    Alright! So lets take away all the BR61 to 100 ranks, then what? Apart from everyone blaming you for their loss, what do you think would happen to the above?

    Nothing!!! Absolutely nothing. Skilled players will still be skilled, well outfitted players will still be well outfitted, all that will change is you wont actually see BR>60.

    So really you are saying is 'I want to take away thousands of peoples rank so I can hide my head in the sand and feel better about my own ability'??
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  9. Goretzu

    Yeah essentially SOEs and now DBGs problem all along is they seem unable to decide if they are making Planetside 2 or Call of Planetside.

    However I don't honestly see how a long-term F2P game can ever compete with a 18 month "sell a new version" game in the long-term (as they don't have to remotely worry about the long-term, just till the next reset of the franchise) in the contexted of instanced battle maps. Where as the MMO-side has at least more chance of that as it allows (or should allow) more character development and character/game attachment (although PS2 doesn't really do this).
  10. zaspacer

    I agree that the Devs have shown a parade of progressively schizophrenic and confusing development releases and communication since launch. They've also imploded on numerous stretches due to freezing all production to fast track one area, periodic staff hijacked to work on other SOE games, loss of staff from layoff/leaving, change of company ownership, etc.

    The Dev communication to/with the community is also now at an all time low.

    I think PS2 can offer many things to attract and retain players. While I do agree that the general FPS marketplace is crowded and full of games (including big budget AAA fotm/y releases), I don't think this necessarily poses a major issue for Planetside 2: most don't have strong overlap with PS2, and those that do have been sucking wind.

    Specifically PS2 is scifi, F2P, PvP, and MMO. The standard FPS does not overlap heavily in these areas. And the few hyped game releases that did overlap appear to be duds: Eternal Crusade (Scifi, PvP, MMO) is in Closed Alpha limbo, Star Wars Battlefront (Scifi, PvP) is getting very bad reviews, Star Citizen is in scandal and Alpha limbo (Scifi, PvP), etc.

    That doesn't mean that PS2 can't kill itself without any help. That it can't drive off new, former, and current players all on its own, through traditional methods of alienating players. But so far, PS2 have been relatively safe from an overlap peer that can straight up steal their market niche.
  11. DarkStarII

    I'm a high BR player, yet I'm still horrible at the game. :(
  12. Goldmonk

    God, people complaining about a dying playerbase and yet we still have suggestions to segregate them. No, forcing higher BR's to play on a smaller continent just because YOU can't handle being killed by a better player would kill the game in a heartbeat. Also, don't use your rig as an excuse. I play on a crappy Toshiba laptop and I can still play decently. If this was ever implemented, you can kiss PS2 goodbye.
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  13. Laja

    I think it is a good part of the fun, you can get any kind of enemy into your face.

    Moreover - I don't like those games where the veterans are separated. In this proposed separation you would realize around BR 60 that you have acquired the wrong reflexes and tactics. I prefer to realize what is not working earlier - and I can do that only if there are veterans on both sides.
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  14. Savadrin

    Koltyr is already a huge problem for new people because you're allowed to take alts there.

    What's to stop people from just making alts and owning you with a BR 7?

    I think Koltyr for one should only be accessible by one character per account, ever.

    Maybe if people keep having to make new accounts to farm noobs they will reflect on their life choices a little more.
    It teaches you how to knife fight, and how to watch out for people coming with knives, where it's so easy to die it's silly.

    It teaches you to pay more attention to your surroundings and to invest in scout radar.

    It teaches you how to redeploy and mount a counterattack not from the spawn room. And it teaches you who likes cheese.

    It teaches you to watch out for vehicles and that most friendlies give zero ***** if you're standing in the way. More situational awareness.

    I mean, you might have a point here.

    And it's keystrokes, not breath that we are wasting :p
  15. DeadlyPeanutt

    lol, so now BR100s can be BR101's? that's some solution, ducky

    heck, no reason to talk about this, OP.
    DBG isn't paying attention to you, these forums or player feedback in general.
  16. DeadlyPeanutt

    and the rainbow text award goes to... drumroll
  17. GhostAvatar

    Here we go again thinking BR = skill, sigh
  18. Savadrin

    At least it's not the "malcontent who sticks around only to complain" award.
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  19. Moridin6

    br100s should be able to go to K-ville and be invincible, glowing, weapons dont do damage, battle gurus.
    show stuff off, explain how it works/best to use it. answer questions give advice.
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  20. Goretzu

    That is the annoying thing (from the point of view of a player - and I suppose a Dev too) PS2 could definately offer and attract a lot, but then I think it is back to actually finishing the game. Where PS2 is strong is big, BIG battles and tactics (and tactics can only be enhanced with ANTs and full lattice).

    The problem is they haven't even finished off stuff they said was going in like hackable vehicles....... now I understand that with their post-selling tiny Dev team that they don't have resources, but right from the off they've seemed to try to develop 10 ideas and have been lucky to get 1 in-game.

    It reminds me a lot of Warhammer Online, that game could have been amazing with enough resources and resources focused on the right areas, but it was essentially killed by its own companys bad decisions (in fairness SOE didn't make the same mistakes as Mythic/Bioware/EA - as they genuinely tried to develop PS2 post-Beta), and the players leaving it was a result of that, not really the game itself.

    In the old days an MMO of PS2 current age would have had a decent proper expansion by now (maybe even 2), that was how they kept players playing.

    But PS2 isn't (IMO) even really finished yet, never mind having an expansion even in the works.