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  1. 4JlEH30CM

    second day i wait my queue on another continent more that 5-10 minutes and in queue 8-15 peoples before me. there wasn't huge battles just 1 little war in amerish. today i just close client after ~10 minutes. hope that you will fix it because i din't wanna to play in game where should wait so long before will start play.

    if this stuff for member account status and increasing your revenue then i'll never pay for queue! but i like to pay in PS2 from time to time.
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  2. Eternaloptimist

    It's your choice of course, but I never wait more than a minute or two in Koltyr. It may also be about the times of day/night that I play and the servers I'm on (EU) rather than just about my being a member. It doesn't seem to be about faction as I play all three with roughly the same result.

    As I have six toons I can also have one of each faction on two servers, which would also give me a choice to swap if I did actually find nyself backed up in a queue.

    Which servers/times/factions do you play?
  3. Magma52

    On Miller, NC queue on Koltyr far more than VS or TR. We have a constant overpop that means we spend an average of 5 minutes queuing during peak times. Sometimes we are 39% and there is just no point logging on. The queue would be about 15 minutes.
  4. infilallday

    Since popping back into this game after a hiatus i have noticed these cash grab strategies. Popping you in a queue while you stare at the membership queue time. i usually just log out and play something else if im going to be waiting longer than 5 mins.
    Locking all continents apart from 1 has worked well imo. Before i left at the end of 2016 it was hard to find any sort of population, which is the main reason i stopped playing.
    Now there are more people on the map at any given point and it has improved the situation considerably. Apart from friggin queues lol
  5. 4JlEH30CM

    26 minutes i was 5th in queue! this is real ****!
    DB i suggest you to do client downloading for 1$ .... or 0.1$ per one login in game....
  6. Scroffel5

    Try the queue saying 45 minutes and you just about give up hope. But then you, being the last person in the queue, somehow get on before the other people?