Tone down HA shields

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  1. VonStalin

    Not much to say, they are making this game not enjoyable.
    I would agree to give away 50% of the power of my jet packs for 50% HA shield nerfs.
    I would agree to give away 50% of the power of my C4s for 50 HA shield nerfs.

    Shield is ridiculously strong.
    Add some desync to the situation and HA is immortal in most of these situations...
  2. Beerbeerbeer

    Yeah you are at a big disadvantage fighting a fully kitted out HA as a light assault, even if you have the jump on them.

    My K/D doubles while playing HA versus LA.

    They need to either buff LA somehow or nerf HA.
  3. RainbowDash9

    i cant begin to count the number of times ive put entire clips into heavies as any other class and die without even damaging their regular shields.
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  4. FieldMarshall

    But then again, you exploited grenades through walls earlier today, while taunting people calling them "noobs".
    So you dont really get to complain about unenjoyable gameplay.

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  5. OldCuban

    I keep seeing all these nerf HA posts, and yet in game whenever I come face to face with one alone, I usually win regardless of what class I chose.

    It gets me quite a few hackusations tbh.

    Aim for the heads boys and girls.....aim...for...the...head!
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  6. Demigan

    I would agree to give 50% extra power to my Jeptacks/stealth/C4 for HA shield increase by 50% as well.

    But I would much rather have a much more intricate system of advantages and disadvantages.
    Most people play very simplistic: They spawn, run up to a fight, blow stuff up, die, repeat. And there is nothing wrong with that.
    They pick the best class for this, which is the HA who has the LMG, rocketlauncher and shield all ready for exactly this kind of play. You see the same in vehicle combat: They take an engineer as it's simply an unparalleled advantage in 95% of the cases. Same as you mostly see infiltrators on a Flash: the stealth is too much of an advantage and getting off to repair as engineer is simply not efficient compared to stealthing and having auto-repair.

    So what if gameplay diversified and gave every class a different approach to combat? And that each type of combat is necessary for winning the game? I'm just going to give some examples that don't necessarily have to work very well so don't look at them too closely, just think of the general increase in playability and meta if this were done right:
    Imagine if Engineers and Medics are the only one's that can overload generators. Suddenly they become important for any assault to get their brethren in. This wouldn't change much to current gameplay as you still need only a handful of medics/engineers and the rest can still be HA's.
    Now you also add Security consoles (SC's). These consoles could each do a different thing: control shields on doorways, increase capture time, create deploy-denial area's for hostile Sunderers, Shield all terminals and turrets from hacking attempts, boost facility turrets with shields and extra firepower and other facility advantages that make these Security Consoles highly useful.
    However, the SC's have health and can be shot with one Carbine magazine from range. LA's and Infiltrators can use their mobility and stealth ability to get to these consoles to destroy them, while the overt HA's will not be able to get there as easily.

    And suddenly the bets are off. HA's are useful for blunt attacks. LA's and Infiltrators can do more than flank, they can attack high-priority targets inside the base (SC's) and Engineers and Medics are required for taking out generators.

    Then you do the same for vehicle combat. For instance, each class gets some kind of advantage when using a vehicle. Engineer's their advantage is obvious: They can repair their tank quickly. HA's could get a low-health rechargeable shield for their vehicle or decrease damage received. LA's could get a speed and acceleration boost when piloting a vehicle. Medics I don't know, maybe a reload reduction?

    Anyway these are just off the top of my head to illustrate my point. These changes would give different advantages to having different classes in any battle, both infantry and vehicle fights. Preferably the "one class fits all" mentality could be destroyed and players can pick and choose based on experience, preference and the type of battle they are in, rather than "class X is simply better".
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  7. DeadlyPeanutt

    at some level, PS2 is a FPS and it sucks
    when an engie, LA or medic fights a 1 on 1 against an HA, the instant win button makes the encounter unfair

    and HAs can whine all they wish, but 1 on 1 encounters do happen in PS2... frequently

    HA instant win shields should be eliminated altogether, not toned down or delayed.
    because they carry heavy weapons, they should move more slowly than other classes, as HAs in every other FPS do

    Kill the instant win shield
    slow movement speed by 50%
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  8. DeadlyPeanutt

    sure you do

    perhaps you're just an HA who doesn't like to be nerfed
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  9. Liewec123

    HA has already been nerfed repeatedly, its the brawler class, they are supposed to have an advantage in 1v1 fights.
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  10. theVelvetAlley

    Just make Heavies cost resources to pull.

    I would say 2/3 of the player base plays HA, simply because, it's free and it has the best advantage over any other class 1v1, even a well played HA can kill a max single handedly.

    I've fought the fever to play HA, after dealing with their bullet absorbing annoyances. Parts of me want to give in and play HA. But, I cannot become one of them, I CANNOT!
  11. Taemien

    Here's a challenge: Make a platoon of all heavies. Now try to win an alert.

    You will fail horribly.

    No one can explain to me why the OP heavy is the least played class in the platoons that actually win (taking alerts, taking continents), eclipsed by Engineers and Medics.

    And the funny thing is, they aren't even good at farming certs or kills. They aren't. The Light Assault beats them at that. The heavy is so prevalent because players are ********. They're not even stupid. They're monitor licking, keyboard humping *******. And then here we are, players getting beat by those same ******* asking for nerfs.

    I'm going to leave it at that.
  12. Imperial Sect

    And yet their advantages don't just stop there.

    Best against all infantry
    Best against maxes
    Best against armor
    Best against air

    Don't get me wrong, I don't really mind the over shield (although when I lose to a heavy its because this one mechanic saved them) the BIGGEST issue with them is medkits. No one should be able to heal (aside from regen implants) other than the medic.
  13. Flashtirade

    It's nice to come back after something like 2 years and see that some things never change.
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  14. Horrida Messor

    I'm 100% agree with this statement, but where is my advantage when I'm flanking and ambushing one with my SMG? oh right, negated by "F U" button.
    As an infiltrator I can deny HA's shield, but that costs nanites and I can carry 4 of thouse "F U"-nades at best (while sacrificing my NWA for that) and HA can carry a friking flashlight on his commish and with good aim oneshot me.... seems not fair if you ask me.
    Also, on the topic of HA's shield - I want my instant full power cloack with ability to shoot while cloacked. On second thought - scrap the idea of shooting while cloacked (both players and devs in planetside are too paranoid about this whole idea) but give me instant deepcloack and instant decloack with reduced sound and increased invisibility and HA's can keep their shield in its current form.
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  15. OldCuban

    Lmao, your logic amuses me. Maybe if you knew me and/or played with me you'd see I don't usually run as a heavy. Hell, you could easily go to the PS2 players website and see what I play the most of.

    But I digress, go ahead and continue your nerf rant. Instead of, I dunno, maybe finding a way to solve your problem without coming onto a public forum and crying like a little *****.
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  16. TheFlamingLemon

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  17. Pelojian

    There's nothing wrong with heavy assault shields, use more skill to win, go for headshots, use specialist grenades against them (concussion/flash/EMP) when they haven't seen you before you fire. if you are a light assault you could drop C4 on them.

    If you can't beat them as non-heavy then fight them as a heavy, the more skilled player will usually win.
  18. Exitus Acta Probat

    You can shoot while cloaked, as soon as you pull the trigger the cloak drops.
  19. Exitus Acta Probat

    HA is supposed to be the main class, the front line fighter, the alpha.

    HA is supposed to be the majority seen class on the battle field, all classes are not meant to be equal in all things and the HA kingdom is front line fighting, they are meant to be the best at this by game design, second to none at front line fighting.

    DISCLAIMER: I almost never pull HA unless I need a rocket launcher, so this isn't a biased statement.
  20. Jubikus

    Unfortunately the Heavy assault shield is like the prowler they are supposed to sacrifice mobility for increased power in some degree. However the current iteration of the game compared to beta when it was desighned mobility is a less useful thing as it take much longer to capture bases and destroy objectives like shield gens and the such.