Tomorrow the release for the optimization patch ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GearsOfWaR, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. GearsOfWaR

    hey guys,
    i heard that tomorrow is the release for the optimization patch is that true ? and if not .
    when is it ?
  2. MrMurdok

    Don't count on it. Looking at the new optimization post, they still "Buttoning everything up and hoping to get it out this week".
  3. GearsOfWaR

    ugh that wasn't the answer that i waited for :'(
    can't wait for it , i get in massive fights like 7-10 FPS and game crashs every 30 mins i just had enough , all i need is 15 FPS and i will be fine.
  4. Halathorn

    Hold out just a bit longer GearsOfWar! You can make it!

    I have the same problem with FPS as you.
    100+ Battles = 5-10 FPS without the patch
    100+ Battles = 35-40 FPS with the Patch! <----- It will be amazing.
  5. Ash87

    No one knows for sure.

    We know yesterday they were working on fixing the hitching issue, and last night there was a Massive playtest on PTS, so we'll see what they say today.
  6. Marsali

    Damn I thought I was in bad shape with my high teens low 20s fps in major battles.
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  7. Lazaruz

    Since they are probably going slip a couple days off the Wednesday deadline, and are trying to avoid releasing major patches just before the weekend (due to past mishaps)...

    My money is on Monday.
  8. Halathorn

    I wish I had 20 FPS in major battles.
    I cannot tell you how amazed I was dropping into the test server and seeing a stable FPS of 35-40 in a large battle. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. :')
  9. SinerAthin

    Hopefully the FPS improvements will bring more players back as well :)

    I got around 40-70 FPS in big battles after I upgraded my computer, and 90-140 at the WG. I wonder if I'll be able to touch 200 come the optimization patch!
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  10. Halathorn

    I know for a fact that it will bring in a lot of players. Every online game I have played has a large influx of players around major patch times (Ex. New Content, Events, OPTIMIZATION).

    The real question is, will they stay?

    With the performance jump that I have had on the test server, I believe it will keep them. A lot of people have left because the performance is so terrible, other's want to play so badly but cannot because of poor performance. I believe this patch will definitely get these people back in the game.