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  1. OgreMarkX

    What is status of Tokyo server? The Connery server....good lord, the lag wizards on that server.

    It's nice to have additional players but this gets real old.
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  2. adamts01

    Yesterday I saw a squad of valks warping 100m at a time across the map. I asked the other Reaver in my squad if he saw it too, because my internet isn't the best, and yep, lag-wizardry at work.
  3. JadeSinn

    would love to know when its comeing and if there going to do the ping lock or not. becuse connry is tiered of this **** and where loseing good NA players becuse of it. the server is being over run by asians and koreans where loseing the damn base pop of the server that should be all NA players NOT PEOPLE FROM A WHOLE DAMN NOTHER COUNTRY
  4. HippoCryties

    Yeah the situation by the sound of it is out of control on Connery. Roxxly said about 1 month ago they were looking into into it . Maybe he’ll update you Connery guys now?
  5. Klondor

    The problem on Connery is so far out of control right now that in order to reduce or eliminate it, would be to force a move to the tokyo server once it's active. As mean as it is to say, it would be unwise to give them a choice to stay on Connery because if they actually enjoy playing on this server, they will choose not to leave.
    Personally i can't stand them any longer, i don't hate them as a people, but for goodness sake it's difficult just to have them around.

    (This next part is mostly Connery TR related, and how ridiculous the CN playerbase is.)

    • If you speak english, you can't communicate with the vast majority of them, very few even speak minimal english. Leading to a lot of lost alerts through lack of communication and tactical importance. Their main tactic is a massive, uncoordinated human wave that trample over themselves and often lose fights to coordinated counter-assaults, hell even the same fight they overpop.
    • They almost ALWAYS get in front of you when you shoot, like poorly scripted walking XP bots that are programmed just to die to VS/NC farm accounts. (It's unfortunate that those actually exist...jeez.)
    • They do more team damage/killing than the old Meme of NC being highest in team damage. Regularly 100%ing allies for seemingly no reason, or just walking up to you, staring at you, then head-shotting you for 90% of your health while in the spawn room.
    • When they're driving vehicles, you're lucky if you can keep a safe distance because they warp and teleport so often they cause other vehicles to explode. (It's hilarious to watch, but infuriating when it's you they destroy)
    (Back on track)
    i have multiple video clips of me dumping almost whole magazines into these light assaults, engineers, and infils who should only take anywhere from 7 to 10 shots (because TR damage models) without missing a single shot or very little, and they still manage to turn around and kill me. Worse still, i'm getting a lot of moments where i shoot at an actively moving player from HHCN, FPSK, or one of the other CN outfits and i wont even get damage markers, then all of a sudden, they teleport somewhere, my damage catches up and i'm either dead or horribly wounded because they somehow damaged me without actually showing it. Keep in mind, my ping is a stable 80~90 on both server and network.

    On a more comical note, because i keep seeing these instances, i'll be making a funny video on each time i shoot at one of them and they just disappear, or teleport further ahead, and using the DBZ "instant transmission" sound effect.

    Rant over, had to get that out. Really hope that Tokyo server comes soon, and if it does, i'm seriously wishing they just go play there.
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  6. DeadlyOmen

    Racism will not cure one's inability to cope with being unsuccessful.

    Myopic visions gain unintended consequences.

    Briggs is proof of that.

    See you in Tokyo.
  7. Sprant Flere-Imsaho

    If we're not going to see a server on the asian continent, I'd like the option to transfer to another North American server. I'll trade another 50ms to get away.
  8. OgreMarkX

    Culture isn't race. Being an SJW won't change that fact.
  9. OgreMarkX

    Yes. Please. I want out. The warping and the very likely hacking...can't stand it anymore.

    I know this game needs numbers, but not at any price.
  10. Jbeasty

    I would literally shout out in happiness if they made an asian server and merged the rest of connery with emerald. I could play my TR again....

    Please DBG.

    If I stayed playing that connery character, I'd be well over 100 and into ASP. But I restarted as NC on emerald and have only made it to 92 (my connery tr is 87).

    I'd probably pay up to $50 to transfer tbh, lol.
  11. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Unfortunately I don't have an update or ETA outside of we're still working on it and plan to make it happen.
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  12. OgreMarkX

    Thank you Roxxlyy. Makes sense. I imagine that many things go into such a move/set-up.