Toil and Trouble

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Trigga, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Trigga

    Any chance the devs can explain why i was booted out the game for stat padding when i was simply doing their silly haloween directive?
    You have asked me to provide ammo, thats what i was doing.
    You ask for 2500 Xp ticks of ammo supply and boot me after i provide 500 because im stat padding....Im not stat padding, im doing the directive.

    I got to say this is poor programming at its finest, incompetent development can be the only reason this stuff happens.

    Is this PC enough for you Rox?
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  2. blackboemmel

    That's poor customer behaviour at its finest.
    Even though i understand what triggered you, your thread is neither nice nor smart.
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  3. Copperhead

    There's 2 possible explanations.
    1. You're one unlucky SOB
    2. You're throwing down an ammo pack and sitting idle while it ticks. Getting any other source of XP tick should prevent you from getting kicked.
    I completed the tier 2,3 and 4 of the directive without getting kicked once.
  4. Trigga

    I was only receiving ammo XP ticks for the majority of the time, yes.
    But tell me what else im supposed to do when all i need is the toil and trouble?
    At the end of the day its asinine to require us to grind ammo XP ticks, and then kick us for doing it.

    I was not 'inactive' i was map watching during an alert, placing attack and defense requests, talking to friends on proxy and squad chat, replacing ammo packs that were killed by orbital strikes and friendly engineers (seriously i get kicked, but friendly engineers kill my pack and place their own, theyre ok....).
    I was repairing maxs also.
    It was an active fight, i just wasnt killing anything.....

    Let me also add, my SPM was abysmal, crappy, rubbish.
    Id died lots of times without killing anything, what exactly was i padding?
    If anything i was reducing my SPM considerably & reducing my KPM, not sure these devs know what stat padding is tbh.....
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  5. Trigga

    Sorry what?
    Asking a question is being triggered now?

    Did i 'trigger' you by any chance?

    If people dont like criticism, they should endeavour to do a better job, surely?
    If i mess up my job i expect to get grilled by my clients, infact id expect to lose the client all together if i asked them to do something and they then got penalised for doing it.....

    100% viable criticism, if you dont think so youre blinded by fanboism.
    Sorry if i hurt your feelings, i know thats easy to do around here.
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  6. Trigga

    Worst part is i was following the flow, not just sitting in the spawns, i would follow the heavies fighting up to the point dropping ammo on the way as we fought through chokeholds.

    Is this game really just simply, kill or we kick you?
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  7. LegendarySalmonSnake

    Did you receive any notification as to why the first thread got removed? Can't remember it being any less PC than some of the usual complaining at DBG for reason X.
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  8. OgreMarkX

    PC is cancer.

    I applaud automated systems that detect stat padders. When they first went live they had to be tweaked to not kick normal players, Maybe they need to be re-tweaked.

    And again, PC is cancer.
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  9. Trigga

    Apparantly i was trolling and / or personally attacking the devs.....

    Just a generic copy paste message from Rox, kinda lazy imo but eh..
    My choice of words gets under peoples skin sometimes, especially if its very very thin indeed.
  10. chamks

    agree with you 100%. these issues of getting kicked for doing a legal part of the game thing are stupid. thats why games are existed to have fun. if someone having fun by farming ammo packs have fun. if it is by jumping up and down for 10 hours have fun. if it is by playing and contributing for your color and killing the other players have fun. if one wanna run in circles for 2 hours or practice with a weapon have fun. but someone have to get the bans. there are people who acctually deserve the kicks like teamkillers, cheaters, ********, trash curses talkers in chat, people whom their whole goal is to make you sad and ruin your fun. but who cares about you? lets put a system that track you and ban you for ammo padding.
    this is not the solution. thats just an easy ******-up way for someone has to get the bans.

    the firts one i wrote in your first post was not shorter than this one
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  11. chamks

    you didnt disagreed with his opinions, you attacked him personaly for posting his mind. and that is neither nice nor smart
  12. Jbeasty

    Has happened to me before. Was playing purely as support (ammo/repair) to my friend max, not killing anything, got kicked. Didn't even take that long either. Not like my points were anything to gawk at lol. I assure you, I would have had more farming infantry.

    Gotta get dem stat padderz tho.
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  13. Trigga

    So i guess 'No' is the devs answer, i cannot get an explanation.

    Guess i should have posted this on reddit huh.......

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