[Suggestion] Toggle option On/Off - Outfit grief points

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Canaris, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Canaris

    I know, I know yet another thing from Planetside 1 but to be fair it was a great addition to the game, when in an outfit if you had an accidental blue on blue or for that matter red on red and purple on fabulous with one of your outfit mates then you got the warning siren but because you are supposed to be comrades the game never awarded you grief points for it, pretty simples.

    I'd love to see that make a come back into PS2 and I'm sure you've guessed by the title having it as a toggle ability under outfit management then people who don't want it on don't have to :)

    Nothing else really changes, you take the damage or the death stat and the person who does the shooting gets the TK stat but without all the grief.

    It was very helpful for doing outfit training and practice nights and a whole host of other wholesome entertainment back in the original.

    Since the game is rather small atm, 3 "huge" continents ain't really that big enough as we're finding out more and more while trying to do fun social games and team building events.
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  2. Rodinvac

    It would make it easier to have a few rounds of MAX fisticuffs without having to pull your punches to avoid getting weapon locked.
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  3. Canaris

    MAX fight, Queensberry rules! :D
  4. IMTasty

    I would like this as well, see no reason not too, and shouldn't take much time to implement. :)
  5. Canaris

    it would also take our Monday night Madness events to a whole new level of EPICNESS :cool:
  6. IMTasty

    Shhhh, people are not supposed to know! :p
  7. YamiNoTenshi

    This needs to happen, it would make outfit training and general Ops much easier.
  8. Stevil

    Hell yes!!
  9. Hosp

    Squad/Platoon yes. Outfit no.

    Outfit Grief off would allow mates to shoot through and/or blow up each other more w/o repercussion. This would benefit zergfits far to much and turn this into Jihadside. Not cool. Shouldn't have to nerf the requirement of Discipline.
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  10. ScrapyardBob

    It's not a bad idea, but it should only be possible inside of warp-gates or sanctuaries. Alllowing it out into the battlefield would just mean that an outfit/platoon could spam explosives without worrying about TK'ing their own side.
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  11. Zakuak

    Yeah I like this but Scrapyard has a valid point here.
  12. Canaris

    Sorry mate not sure I follow that first part, did you mean outfit members in a squad/platoon or a feature of squad/platoon to turn off grief(pretty sure you don't mean the second one as that's a griefers dream)

    I see what you guys are saying about it sapping some of the skill from the game but to be honest I don't believe it would, you'll still accrue grief from killing non outfit members and if you go around tossing explosives at friends and foes alike you'll just end up hurting your team more. That outfit mate you blew up isn't there to help you or got killed by the enemy cos you blew his face off.
    You think most people will put up TKers or TAers for very long.
    Outfits will self police as they always do.

    I think the benefits this will give outfits in terms of training and social aspects will far outweigh some negatives.
  13. Hosp

    I do mean the second. It's what PS1 had and it WORKED. And when the members of 1 outfit are swarming an area, the small outfit squads are the ones that will suffer. DD, TE and AT aren't getting a free pass. They need to maintain the same discipline everyone else has to or their members face grief lock. Making it limited to platoon limits the amount of people they are allowed to get away with TKing (accidentally or otherwise).
  14. Akyan

    Make it so!
  15. HyperMatrix

    Anyone notice the "Duel Invitation" field in the useroptions.ini file?