Today I played for 20m... I have no intentions of playing again until tomorrow.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by DjUnicorn, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Gammit

    I can link you to a hundred different threads where people are saying product x is having issue y with zero relevent data to back up this claim (search for "memory leak" on any MMO tech support website and most of the results will be bs). It doesn't make the claim accurate, only real data does.

    Do you have any real data to show this hypothetical issue?
  2. DjUnicorn

    Sorry, tell me more about how I can provide real data to show the hypothetical issue that is causing the flickering bug, or the game desynchs or problems with logging in or game crashes and so on.

    Am I a developer in this game? Am I getting paid to fix the game? No. I am here trying to report the problems in this game hoping that they get fixed but all I get are people trying to sound smart and all high up because they find it hard to believe that one problem exists in the middle of a ton of problems.

    I even enjoy this little part right here:

    Not even a smarta** with "decades" of IT "professional experience" is absolutely sure about what he says. But he can confirm! Oh internet, thank god I am the almighty Jesus Christ dressed in a pink robe, here we can be anything to make our arguments more believable.

    PS2 community is truly amazing.
  3. Gammit

    I will do my best. Ironically, I am at work QAing a new build of one of my company's software so my bug-finding and troubleshooting portions of my brain may be tired.

    First, I know you're frustrated, but tone down with people who are trying to help. Second, take one issue at a time so it's easier for others to track. For what it's worth, I believe the flickering bug may be related to the game, to video card drives, or the video card itself. The game desynchs could be the game (which given the data I've seen thus far I believe is the source), but it could also be your network connection, network card driver, router, modem, etc. The logging in issues could be 50/50 based on the little information I have thus far. The crashes are also likely 50/50.

    Taking the potential network-related issues first (crashing, logging, de-synching, "network leak"ing), do what I suggested above: try using a different router or plugging your PCs network cable directly into your modem and play for about an hour to observe. If you still get the issues to the same degrees, you have at least eliminated the router as a likely suspect. It still doesn't mean your end is not causing the problem, but at least you have some data to back up this possibility.

    Don't argue if you're here to do whatever and if you're a developer or not, or extend what others are stating to mean something else. I see no evidence of somebody saying a problem does not exist, rather that these problem are more likely caused by something on your end. The arguments are irrelevant; only the data matters. You posted because you're having problems, and others are trying to help you. If you want help, listen to the experts and ask questions instead of ignoring them and/or flaming them. If you don't understand what the IT people are telling you or why it invalidates your claims, just ask. If you want to send me a PM asking questions, feel free. If you don't want help and you just want to rant, then let us know so we can stop trying to help you.
  4. Crator

    DjUnicorn, if you truly would like an answer to your problem, you might just want to open a ticket with SOE support. Doesn't look like they are going to answer it in this thread. So you are going to get the community's help. If you don't want to try some of the things they are suggesting, then just go get help from SOE support directly. SOE support may or may not have you try some of the things suggested here already, or they might already have an answer such as the game software causing the issue that they are aware of and working on resolving.

    EDIT: I however see no problem posting your issue and hoping that SOE support sees it so that they may identify an issue that is occurring due to patches. If they get a count of many complaints after a patch they might investigate further which is a good thing. So just ignore those that are trying to help you if you don't think it is the problem you are having. I don't think them offering help is going to deter SOE support from investigating if they truly see an issue from the updates.
  5. Gammit

    Here I was just trying to help and thus make the PS2 community "truly amazing." Nice attitude.
  6. Crator

    I edited my post with this below after you already posted this:

    I however see no problem posting your issue and hoping that SOE support sees it so that they may identify an issue that is occurring due to patches. If they get a count of many complaints after a patch they might investigate further which is a good thing. So just ignore those that are trying to help you if you don't think it is the problem you are having. I don't think them offering help is going to deter SOE support from investigating if they truly see an issue from the updates.
  7. XStormfire962

    We are having trouble and it does us no good getting pissed off about it. If we want this problem to go away. It would be best for us to help the SOE techs with as much useful information about our problem so they can find a good solution.
  8. DjUnicorn

    I am sure that help such as "its lag" "its your connection" "its a problem on your end" "what you say is impossible to happen" is really good.
  9. DjUnicorn

    Oh wow my question was deleted for no reason at all, way to censor a question that was in no way violating any forum guidelines or rules.

    This forum is really the worst cra* I have ever seen, and this is the community SOE listened too. No wonder they got delayed an entire year, incompetence at its best.

    I give up on this shi*, reporting, feedback, etc. Now I understand why practically no one in my outfit bothers with this anymore, its completely useless.

    Mods you can close this thread or even delete it.
  10. cylon8

    I have had this desync issue since gu04 which has rendered the game unplayable for me. Support keeps referring me to the forum thread regarding cup overclocking which was not enabled on my pc and system monitoring softrware which eeven after being disabled and a full game reinstall still results in this.

  11. Skadi

    Looks like normal mattherson to me... wait that wasn't taken in the middle of a 3 way zerg? oh, nevermind :p
  12. DjUnicorn

    Dont waste your time here or with them, its all a huge ball of chan/reddit redtar*ed mentalities which result in a beyond broken game.
  13. Tallfeather

    I described cases I have seen firsthand as a router firmware engineer where bugs in router firmware can cause the exact problem you and others assume must be a problem in PS2. I am providing an explanation which fits the observed evidence.

    Thank you for providing a bunch of links describing the issue. These threads make be believe even more there are buggy routers causing problems for many, possibly you as well. The fact that ALL devices on one posters network lose network connectivity (even ones not running PS2) does point to a defect external to PS2. Another poster points out a reboot doesn't help him. Something outside the machine again.

    So obviously it cannot be PS2 by itself. PS2 can't block the network while PS2 isn't running, or on devices it isn't even installed. A shared resource (router, modem, or even ISP) seems to have a problem with the access patters PS2 uses, and either throttles badly or seizes up completely.
    In my experience with problems I've seen in router firmware in the past, this is not due to illegal network usage from an app or anything like that, but rather that the router firmware had bugs which are triggered in very specific cases (specific apps' network usage patterns). For example, one router used to lock up in a specific game (I believe Quake3, but memory is a little foggier there) whenever you browsed for a new server. The problem was not in Quake 3, but rather how the router managed it's internal connection tables. Quake3 had specific timing which hit a race condition in the firmware, causing it to lock up for a couple minutes.

    I have inspected the network traffic PS2 initiates and have seen nothing which makes me raise an eyebrow. I don't believe in phantoms, I'm looking at the connections and there just isn't some mysterious "leak" or similar. I must conclude the problem lies elsewhere.

    Am I 100% certain? Of course not. But I am making an educated guess based upon what you and others have written, combined with specific knowledge and experience I have with networking problems. Feel free to listen or disregard this free advice as you see fit, but I'd appreciate civility when I'm spending my own time to attempt to give you some more information to assist you in resolving the problems you're experiencing.

  14. Feyevich

    Tha same problem I saw in Mattherson, little less in Conery, the same with fps lost. It isnt a client problem. This start since GU10. I think dont help people saying its client problem. Im not a beta tester, Im a Premium User paying a product. So i believe that any dev could talk us what really is happening.
    All this stuff comes after GU10 so downgrade the game if its possible test it carefully and the launch it again.

    PD: look another one with the same problem
  15. robearmurry3

    I have been playing all year and I have not had the randomly flying vehicles problem until the release of GU10. Now whether it is a problem with my router or not I am not sure. BUT I am sure it is related to GU10 because I have not had a single issue like this until this week. I am having the same problem as hundreds of others i have read about on here and talked to in game. I am not imagining half my outfid getting dced in a big fight(this is 20ish players mind you). There is a problem and it is GU10. Maybe it does not like my router, maybe it does not like my hardware - but one thing I am sure of it is related to/caused by some addition in GU10. Backgrade to GU9 if you have to - hey sometimes people **** up, the way to make it right is to backtrack and fix it. Now im not going to act like some big shot tool and wave around some IT-Epeen but my rig is easily capable of running this game and my internet is fiber cable in Tokyo. The internet here is some of the best in the world and most reliable(and has been since before GU10).

    Also - The crashes are real and the reddit trolls need to **** of these forums if they won't do anything constructive(go back and spew hate where you belong - reddit). If your not having these problems - good for you now **** this thread unless you have some way of helping us. I have wasted 20 minutes having to scroll through trolling on this thread and derailment about server pop inequality ********(there is a thread about that - go find it and get the **** out of here).
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