Today I played for 20m... I have no intentions of playing again until tomorrow.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by DjUnicorn, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. DjUnicorn

    I asked what disk he had, sdd or hdd, what internet he had which he responded. That was everything that I asked.

    Your comments are becoming non-constructive and derailing this thread, please stop.
  2. PhiladelphiaCollins

    Then you said you had the same drive as him...which you couldn't possibly know.

    Your entire thesis and unwillingness to correct problems on your own end is unconstructive. Whatever, enjoy not playing.
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  3. Shmi

    I have been watching your posts and you are on complete denial. Just because you don't have any issue it doesn't mean that people that have it are in the minority. Everyone I know crashes and crashes and crashes. If you post on a thread with someone complaining, don't hijack it but turning the facts around with nothing constructive "but the problem is on your end".
    I play daily this game and very often I see people in chat complaining about crashes.
    It often happens at least 4-5 times when people are not responding while I am in their vehicle.
    Most of the time I play in platoons and every time there are people crashing. Just in the weekend while in a platoon we had at least 14 people counting (yes that number because it became so obvious that we started number them), THAT in 10 minutes.
    I asked people why are not complaining to the forums and the most time the answer is, why bother, no one is listening there.
    Indeed, the issue on the forums it is quite minimal, but that is it because most people that are posting here are the ones that are bothering to give a **** and make sony aware of the problem.

    On the other side, very true we have all diferent systems, but this does NOT (if you have some computer understanding) mean the hardware is the issue. The game has simply too many memory leaks that are causing the crashing. No one is combining pc hardware with blenders and washing machine parts that lead to a piece of software to crash, that would be understandable. Yes some have drivers errors, some ppl aren't running the latest updates etc, but this is not a reason for a piece of software to crash that often and to prove your statement wrong take my htpc for example: born in 2009 running the same drivers fron 2009, never updated. It runs everyhing except PS2, crashing and behaving in the exact same way as my main pc.
    It makes me think that your knowledge regarding the matter it is very low. Just because this are Sony forums it doesn't mean there aren't other places where this has gone. Take reddit for example. There are massive threads there and by definition if you enter reddit based on negative facts you are f***** pretty bad.
    Ppl like you are really pissing me off. No offence, but as they say: if you have no clue about what you are talking about (ie experiencing crashes and such), shut up and let others take it off their chest.
  4. DjUnicorn

    Yet again, I asked what disk he had, HDD or SSD, he said HDD which is the same as mine which is also equal to the additional information that he gave and I didn't request, it was all I asked.
  5. PhiladelphiaCollins

    My point was always in regards to made up "network leaks." So calm your **** Francis.

    ...and completely irrelevant to your problem.

    In case that wasn't already clear.
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  6. Tallfeather

    Keep in mind PhiladelphiaCollins has asserted he isn't saying there is no issue with PS2, just that the "network leak" explanation is BS.
    I actually have written the firmware for consumer routers, and one I got to rescue once did initially have such a problem which could be called a "network leak". It had an internal routing table which would fill itself up in specific cases, and it caused some very specific things to fail. But it was not the fault of those specific things, it was the router. Consumer grade routers are notorious for having horrible firmware. Such bugs are surprisingly common in a large number of products.

    It does NOT mean there is no problem in PS2 by any stretch of the imagination. There are certainly issues in PS2, and it would be nuts to say otherwise. Having said that, I agree with PC and don't a "network leak" is one of them, although PS2 may exacerbate a problem elsewhere in the system and thus make it seem like PS2 is the problem.
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  7. PhiladelphiaCollins

    ty for saying it better than I could.

    My oxy is wearing off and my busted wrist is ******* yeah, a little angry...your post has calmed me down though.
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  8. DjUnicorn

    I reported a problem that started occuring again exactly after GU10 was released (this occurs at random GUs, 9 for example had absolutely 0 disconnections/network leaks), a problem that I already showed to happen to others in the past, a unique problem that is unbelievable to exist in a online game, yet this all falls into deaf ears because "i dont have it so you are wrong, heres my IT certeficate to prove that I am the king here, get lost or get better internet".

    You know what would be really great? Getting a dev to come here and tell me that I am lying, that there was never a network leak and that there isn't one present at the current GU.

    Until then refrain from your pointless arguments of people that are trying to show their internet bad boy badge, I showed that the problem already occured before exactly the same way it happens now, you guys showed me nothing except words.

    EDIT: Here for your professional knowledge, have a blast.

    Another thread reporting network leak, after GU2 back in february.

    And another from november

    And this one from May

    Here we have one more from february

    And one more from december

    One more

    And so on. Yeah, I am clearly making this up.
  9. PhiladelphiaCollins

    Aside from the "2mbps ADSL" and then items with absolutely no troubleshooting steps listed or responses...the problems most people are experiencing are exactly what I and TallFeather are trying to describe to you.

    Pointless indeed. It's like talking to a brick wall.

    I gave my "qualifications" to show you where I am coming from, not to prove I am better. I even said that in the same damn line.

    Maybe the lack of any SOE response is a good indication that they are not responsible...that's usually the case with developers. Most of the time they tend to own up to issues.
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  10. DjUnicorn

    Translation: By pure coincidence my modem decides to behave really bad right when certain Game Updates are released and last for as long as an hotix comes out or a GU that does not contain the problem with absolutely no direct relation whatsoever. The game is perfect as it is and no problems exist, especially the ones that are hard to believe because hey, I have them and you don't so that settles it.

    Another thread drowned in ignorance and ignored by devs, no wonder the game is still so broken after 1 year.

    This community, 5 stars.
  11. gregfox89

    I was playing in an outfit platoon that was public, and some random was promoted to platoon lead because the previous leader disconnected. This guy wouldn't respond to anyone so we had to make another platoon.
  12. Skadi

    Clearly he just stays up till 3AM takes SS's, as that's the time the VS poplation is most prominent.
  13. TheHelios

    Haha, this is very much Mattherson after 12 AM every night. I play TR and at this time of night, it's either ghost capping or completely getting zerged by the VS. My outfit just jacks around (random harrasser squads, Galaxy chicken, etc.) since neither of the two previous situations are fun.
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  14. DjUnicorn

    Psst... I know this will be a surprise to you, but... there are EU players in Mattherson!

    :eek: It's a shock, I know.
  15. Sawbones

    I knew he was on drugs.......
  16. Dovahkiin

    Played today for 20 minutes, got fed up of either being forced by the lattice to fight and get farmed or move over to sparsely populated territory and find virtually no fights due to low server pop, don't intend to to play until my server isn't overpoped by TR. My server is Miller.
  17. Crator

    Over population does suck, I can agree with that. Perhaps the addition of more continents and a inter-continental lattice will help ease some of this pain though. Will give more options for low-pop empires to disrupt other empire's on continents they are not on. Which in turn would split some of them up from their zerg to try and defend owned land on a continent they aren't on. Which would balance the pops across continents then.
  18. Gammit

    As another IT professional with decades of working with hardware, networks, software, supporting software, coding, and enterprise-level software, I can confirm what the other guy is telling you is likely accurate and you are likely not correct. It also doesn't look like you're listening at all; your arguments sound similar to some of my past clients when I did software support. It usually took only a few minutes of real support/troubleshooting to prove them wrong. Until you go through those steps, your arguments have no real basis (yet) while this other individual's does.

    If you are truly interested in solving the problem and not just freaking out, try using a different router for an hour, or directly plug your PC into your modem, if possible. If you are still experiencing this "network leak" (which I'm pretty sure neither you or the other individual to whom you linked can properly define), then continue troubleshooting with other possibilities.

    It is likely the software has issues; all software does. What you're experiencing might even be INdirectly caused by a flaw in the software. But at the moment is sounds to me more like a hardware or network issue on your end that may or may not be exacerbated by the software. But until you begin eliminating variables such as your PC, your router, your connection, etc. in a very systematic way nobody will really get anywhere in helping you fix the problem.

    To save you the response: Yes, I read the entire thread.
  19. Gammit

    I ask because I truly don't know: do you know what a memory leak is, what it does, how to detect it, how this software is showing symptoms of this, etc?

    I ask because this phrase is often thrown around on MMO tech support forums with zero clue.

    Ironically, the other guy is likely correct and has more computer understanding than you, based on everything that has been written thus far. I really have no idea what you're trying to claim with "and by definition if you enter reddit based on negative facts..." What was your purpose of even writing this irrational statement?
  20. Gammit