Today I Finally Fought 'THOSE' Guys

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Trebb, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. P1GG

    Well now you done it. The bulldog is sure to get a nerf if Higby sees that video.
  2. iller

    didn't even have to expand the video to know it would be derping as usual, N.C. :rolleyes:
    If it wasn't for Metrics, the NC would be the most consistently nerfed faction ever
  3. flyingaxe1

    Ah this bring me back to the release of the game when people didn't know what was what but sadly you are just fighting gormless NC horde. I try not to think about it when i play on NC alt or i get heart burn.
  4. FLHuk

    A fine video backing up what Matti was wittering on about... Experience leads to positioning leads to farming.
  5. Gorganov

    You can't fix stupid.
  6. BIllyGG

    It's against the NC...That's pretty normal for them to get farmed and it's the least bit suprising

    Where has this guy been?
  7. Diilicious

    any weapon in the game would do the same if people just blatantly ignored you while you are busy murdering them.

    even a Xiphos turret could..... okay maybe not.
  8. Yuukikun

    Farming low BR players, best way to keep them playing :rolleyes:
  9. MajiinBuu

    I've killed a bunch of vehicles with the Xiphos turret. Most were unoccupied, but still.
  10. Diilicious

    well there are three parts of this quote which basically outline the very problem with the Xiphos anti infantry turret.

    put simply its, Killed Unoccupied Vehicles, lol. thats pretty much all you will be doing with a xiphos turret unless the enemies are less than 10 meters from you or perfectly stationary
  11. MAXArmar

    Anti-infantry? Is it?
  12. Selrahc4040

    None of them tried, though. Not a rocket was fired, no ravens launched, not even a BR 2 firing his LMG. Only two Light Assaults, only one of whom managed to land C4 on him, and only one brick at that.
  13. Auzor

    Yesterday I was on NC,
    defend one base, and before the zerg leaves there is a /yell message from another NC:
    "dear NC Trusted Companion, don't go to _cant_remember_ (on esamir), it can't be capped".
    Moving up with the zerg, cleaning up remnants, and guess where the zerg goes?

    I yell
    "and we did go to _xx_; lattice system is OP! Pls nerf XD";
    several TR start yelling
    "wth are you doing here NC? Can't cap the base"
    NC start yelling back: "give us the base now!"
    "stop yelling, get to A point"
    "give up TR"

    (I took the turn to the nearby biolab, a lot of zerg went straight ahead..into the base connected to the well-defended, TR biolab. Some reinforcements would have been quite nice to have)

    Also: gaming was extremely unfun this weekend, friday the freezes, this weekend morons on all factions, but also teleporting, sudden movements of infantry with the wron animation (-> which direction is he running..),
    IMO hit registration is sometimes worse than ever (for infantry.. vehicles I didn't notice "non-hits"), sudden lag, render issues: move forward and at 20m suddenly infantry is rendered.. auwch... I must look like an idiot too in those big fights.

    KDR was of course, atrocious, oh well.

    Did have some fun saturday (I think.. or friday) getting killed by a vanu infiltrator; after 3 times getting head-shot I get a tell "you move like hell.. couldn't get a shot of on you".. well.. in that case, what has he been doing against the straight-runners?? :eek:
    switched to infiltrator myself, realized after a few times getting spanked that the default loadout isn't a great idea to go hunting with :oops: , switched to NS7 PDW when I remembered I had it :rolleyes: ; at least I got a few kills back, still got killed more. But even then I wasn't playing "well" by my standards; but that was fun; enemies didn't suddenly appear on screen etc.
    Even there: I serpentine around sniper rounds towards a rock on indar. What does the rest of infantry do? Most simply ignore the rock (which the sniper has a comfy home on). Even running past it. One goes to full stop, taking aim, and looking, looking -> Brilliant move against a sniper-infiltrator that just cloaked. I don't think I need to explain how that ended.

    I also had a "derp" moment where I just ran at him:
    if I ctrl-shift or alt-shift or something, my keyboard switches to querty. in addition, it tends to make me move forward, unless I press 'backward'. Yeah.. I had just managed to switch to querty by accident, moving forward when I see him cloaked coming at me. I was cloaked too, I think.. even querty I can take him now! Sniper rifle useless, switch to pistol! -> wrong button, switch to spotter pistol... Derpyness ensues, he kills me with the spiker whilst I panic-cycle equipment, slowly walking forward by him
    I... didn't get a shot off . Auwch.. sent a tell "that one doesn't count. Had my keyboard on querty" :p
  14. CNR4806

    Stop calling for C4 buffs, what these people need is situation awar--

    .... I totally didn't just take the standard rebuttal to C4 nerf calls and change the word "nerf" to "buff", I swear!
  15. DrPapaPenguin

    I have a theory on why this happened - you had the default enemy colour. They were red, and through red they were implanted with TR mentality. Because I could have only expected this from a TR crowd :p

    Either that, or Lag God loves you.
  16. uhlan

    I don't think the round travel is rendering for the troops on the deck; I've seen this before.

    They can't see the Gal firing and are assuming their deaths are coming from another direction.

    It might also be an issue where the colors and markings dont render as well.

    I've played since beta and it took me a death to figure out what was happening during my experience.

    Once I got closer I could see clearly that the Gal was firing and that it had enemy markings.

    Add in the low BR of the players and you have a bad combination.
  17. JudgeNu

    To be fair, there weren't too many repeat kills.
    As for them, sigh.

    Any of them realizing and maybe going LA, possibly even two doing it, is rare from my exp (NC ofc) to C4 it.
    The possibility they would have been killed is high.

    I am sure you could have gone back, did you?

    You said it yourself, it was cheesy kills but meh.

    No need for a nerf.
    It was clear NC did not have the resources to take that biolab at that time.

    And if I die from a Gal, I check radar to see where they are, and how many air threats present, to whether or not I pull burster max.
    A couple engies and a burster max just peeking in and out would have moved you from your perch.
  18. TheShrapnelKing

    This is why this image still applies, at least on Emerald.
    And it's not because of balance, it's because of the difficulty in fighting as each faction. As NC, there are some TR who are oblivious like that, but there are virtually no VS that are, so it is inherently harder to fight. So it's not that I suck, it's that my opposition is more difficult than your opposition, so your stats end up higher because it's easier.
  19. NinjaTurtle

    Just how?

    Why do people like to role play a cabbage?