Today at miller the TR formed the biggest tank ever seen!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by chilly154, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. chilly154

    It was just 1 hour ago, at Miller server and the location was at the impact site. 150 tanks were seen there. We Vanu set up road block of mines. It only hurt them a little. So we spammed them with rockets and we hold them off for 1 hour. Blowing up tanks left and right. I never got so many tank kills lol. But they over run us, with there tanks. Even though we killed so many tanks at the Impact site and at the bridge road that goes too the crown, with the 2 turrets at the end of the bridge.

    The biggest tank zerg ever seen my bad.
  2. Tatanka

    Read the title to this and the first thing going through my mind was a bunch of lightnings and prowlers formed together to create Prowlertron, Scourge of Auraxis.
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  3. Zitroxious

    Yeah i was expecting a lol video aswell
  4. t31os

    I was hoping for at least a screenshot, ya know it's only a key press away... :(
  5. Sebastos

    I was expecting this:

    Now I'm disappointed..
  6. Process39

    Let your disappointment be a thing of the past! BEHOLD THE BFR 2.0!

  7. Sebastos

    Is that a walking biolab? Not sure if troll base or actual design?! :eek:
  8. Process39

    Its a bunch of parts from bio labs tech plants amp stations and more all thrown together to kinda look like a robot. Sadly it is not a real design.
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  9. SinerAthin

    Yeah, I saw it.

    I was like: "Mmm... kay, I'll just move my Magrider safely back up ontop of the crown."

    Thank Vanu that it's not!